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How to get rid of acne once and for all

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At each of us at least once in a life jumped up spots on the face or as they scientifically call - acne. They always appear at the wrong time, as if they feel that you are about to have an important interview, negotiations at work, a birthday or worse - a first date. What to do in this case? Do not go anywhere and stay at home? And here not. You can enter into a fight with them.

How to get rid of acne? Why do they arise and what kinds exist? And most importantly - how to deal with them? On these and many other questions you will find the answers on our website.

Types of Acne

Виды прыщей Before you decide on the causes of occurrence, you need to know what kinds of species exist and what their nature is. So, the types of acne are as follows:

1. Not inflamed

  • White eel is a nodule in the form of balls, painted in white. They appear due to the formation of a plug in the duct of the sebaceous glands.
  • Pimples of white color
  • Black dots are deeply occluded ducts. Often they jump out on the chin and nose. They consist of dead cells of the epidermis and secretions of the sebaceous glands. Dark color these inflammations do not get from dust, dirt, as many might have thought, but because of the introduction of a chemical reaction of oxygen and tyrosine. As a result, the dots are painted black.

2. Inflamed

  • Acne red or papule is a swollen reddening of the skin, about 5 mm in size.
  • Pustule (a bubble with pus) is due to the multiplication of bacteria, infection under the skin, resulting in ulcers, which include dead leukocytes and bacteria.

The main reasons for the appearance

Основные причины появления прыщей Teenage

Often, blackheads appear in adolescents during their puberty, that is, around 14-17 years. In this difficult period for them under the influence of hormones, the sebaceous glands begin to work most actively. As a result, the skin pores become clogged and a sebum or scientifically formed comedon is formed. Just in it live and multiply the bacteria that cause inflammation. With bacteria, leukocytes begin to fight, but die. As a result, you can find on your skin an inflamed abscess. Agree that it is not pleasant in this.

Acne in adults

But how then can one explain why acne also occurs in adults who have long since experienced the process of puberty? Here the reasons can be different, and they can be covered much deeper, as it seems to you at first glance. So, the reasons for the appearance of acne can be as follows:

  • Wrong food, causing a real revolution in your stomach - one of the most common causes of their occurrence. If you have an uncountable number of pimples on your chin, face or other parts of your body, then maybe it's time to think about it, but do you eat right? Flour, spicy, fatty foods, caffeine, sweets, alcohol - all this affects their appearance. Therefore, if you want your skin to become clean and beautiful, you should change the diet for a while: replace coffee and tea with freshly squeezed vegetable juices (carrot, beet, tomato). It is necessary to eat more cereals, fruits, vegetables, containing fiber. Of course, do not forget about the proteins - chicken, meat.
  • Stresses, experiences. With them we have to face every day: at work, studying, at home. And of course, our body reacts to all negative emotions. When we experience stress, the sebaceous glands begin to work much more actively, and this helps to clog pores, and as a result - the appearance of acne.
  • Sun rays. Do not be surprised. Sometimes it happens. On some people, ultraviolet influences quite beneficially: dries acne and as a result the skin looks very beautiful, even and healthy, and on others the sun's rays have a negative effect. To avoid the harmful effects of sunlight, it is necessary to use special sunscreen. This will save you from sunburn, unpleasant dry skin, and prevent the appearance of new acne.
  • We do not take care of the skin properly. Usually, acne and wen are due to the fact that a person does not care for his skin or does it wrong. Let's start with the fact that it is necessary to take care of it not only when there are problems, but regularly, every day, so take it as a rule every morning and evening to clean the skin with a tonic without alcohol. This must be done, because for the whole day on the surface of our skin accumulates a large number of keratinized particles of the epidermis, dust, dirt, microbes. And if you do not clean it regularly, there is a so-called clogging of pores. As a result, all sorts of inflammation and skin diseases occur.

Most acne appears in places where there are many sebaceous glands, namely: on the forehead, nose, chin and even on the back, chest and shoulders.

We go out to fight acne

Many of us firmly believe that to get rid of acne it is necessary to squeeze them regularly. But have you ever thought that when we mercilessly squeeze them out, we are causing irreparable harm to our skin, injuring it? Hardly. In addition, if you still decided to squeeze out, you need to remember that this is an extreme measure and you need to do it right.

Как избавится от прыщей Firstly, it is possible to squeeze out only ripe eels, with the already visible white head, and which do not hurt when you press them. And secondly, before this procedure you need to wash your hands, burn the eel with hydrogen peroxide or alcohol. This must be done in order to avoid getting bacteria that cause many health and life-threatening diseases.

Usually acne occurs when we stop taking daily care of the skin. Therefore, we recommend that you first determine what type of skin you have, and then you should go to the store and buy specialized products from acne .

Of course, you can buy those funds shown on TV in advertising or, which you recommend girlfriends. But do not forget about the fact that each person has his own individual characteristics. The funds that have helped one person, you may not be suitable, and only exacerbate the situation. Therefore, to go out to fight acne, the best option will be to seek help from professionals in the beauty salon or the polyclinic, where you will be consulted on all the issues of interest and will advise which preparations are best for you.

Some more useful tips

To get rid of acne, you have to follow a few simple rules:

  • Stick to personal hygiene. Rigid towel replace with paper towels. When you wash, first wash yourself with warm water, and then with cold water (contrast shower). During the day, try not to touch your face with dirty hands.
  • Eat more foods containing zinc (helping in healing wounds) and vitamin A (increases the rate of cell regeneration and strengthens the immune system).
  • For facial skin care , use alcohol-free products and neutral pH. Change the simple, familiar soap for cleansing milk.
  • Moisturize the skin.
  • Use physiotherapy. You can see a positive result in a few days. This period will depend on how serious the inflammation is.
  • Clean your face with masked films, clay masks, masks with honey. This should be done a couple of times a week.

Quick way

If you need to urgently get rid of acne, then you can achieve this as follows:

  • Do a deep cleansing of the face, prepare a thin needle. Disinfect the needle and pimple with alcohol.
  • Carefully insert the needle into the papule from the side to the middle and make a small puncture.
  • Remove pus with fleece or cotton pad.
  • Be sure to treat the resulting wound with hydrogen peroxide and wait until it dries.

All is ready. You can go to a party, a date, a corporate at work and nothing can stop and ruin an important event. Now the main thing is not to allow the appearance of new rashes. But we hope that now you know how to do it.

And remember that it is better to prevent the appearance of acne, than to fight them. And if still you did not manage to prevent their occurrence, then you need to approach this problem in a complex way in order to get rid of acne in a short time and never again to remember them even in a terrible dream.

On our site you will find recommendations and recipes that will allow you to get rid of any type of rash in the minimum period and with minimal cash costs.

In the relevant sections, you will be able to familiarize yourself with folk methods of treatment, which in many cases are much more effective than various ointments and drugs sold in pharmacies.

For those who do not trust folk medicine, we have a lot of reviews of the most modern and popular medicines, for example, such as Innoskin , Proactive or Quotlan , as well as feedback about them left by our users.

You will find answers to such frequently asked questions: whether it is possible to squeeze out acne, how to get rid of them at home, whether it is possible to overcome acne in one day. Discuss these and other questions you can in our forum, there you can share your experience, and read the stories of people who have already got rid of this problem.

Finally, I want to note that the solution of problems related to the skin is under the power of everyone, it is enough just to choose a drug that is right for you and strictly adhere to recommendations for its use.

We wish you a clean, beautiful, well-groomed and healthy skin without acne, redness and all sorts of inflammations!

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