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Good afternoon! I am glad to welcome you to my site dedicated to the treatment of acne and other common and not very dermatological diseases. My name is Andrey Kovalenko and I am a certified dermatologist (graduated from the First St. Petersburg State Medical University named after Pavlov, Department of Dermatovenereology). Here I will lay out my recommendations and recipes for the treatment of acne, which I tried on myself. I myself suffered a long time from acne, but I managed to defeat this disease. I decided to create this site to help my readers cope with this problem.

There is a huge variety of different medicines (both traditional and folk) aimed at treating acne or on scientific acne. Some funds help, and others, on the contrary, only aggravate the skin condition. About all these tools, I'll tell you in detail on the pages of my blog, and you can supplement my articles with your comments and share with each other your experience of getting rid of various ailments.
In the "Question to the doctor" section you can ask a question to a professional dermatologist, who will give you detailed advice and advice if possible. And to be aware of new articles, I advise you to subscribe to updates or join our Vkontakte group.

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