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Acupuncture - a new way of facelift without surgeon intervention

Acupuncture of face
"The procedure for inserting small needles at certain points in your face will allow you to look 5-10 years younger," claim adherents of traditional Chinese medicine.
"The session of acupuncture can be compared with going to the gym. There are muscles of the body and there are facial muscles. Acupuncture is the only procedure that forces facial muscles to work , restoring microcirculation of blood and lymphatic vessels, "New York Acupuncturist Shelley Goldstein said in the Good Morning America television program.

Despite the fact that the therapeutic effect of acupuncture has no serious scientific evidence, the facial rejuvenation procedure is very popular. The acupuncture session costs from 150 to 200 dollars. According to the doctor, the improvement of the skin condition will become noticeable after the tenth procedure. While the results of plastic surgery may look unnatural, the rejuvenating effect of acupuncture sessions is achieved without surgical intervention and is not inferior in quality to injections of botox and fillers.

Miss Goldstein says:

We work with the energy of your body, which, in turn, forces the muscles of your face to work. All this contributes to improving the tone of facial muscles, smoothing wrinkles , improving the complexion. Your skin shines with natural beauty and freshness, and you look much younger.

Acupuncture is an alternative medicine, rooted in ancient China. The main method of treatment is as follows: sterile needles made of stainless steel are injected into special acupuncture points, of which the human body is more than six hundred. Acupuncture points are places located along meridians (energy channels of the body). Each point is responsible for the functioning of an individual organ, tissue or emotion.

35-year-old Alison Holter decided to hold rejuvenating acupuncture therapy, noting that after pregnancy and childbirth her skin began to look flabby and older. At the time of recording the television program, Alison passed 9 of the 10 scheduled sessions. The woman is more than satisfied with the results:

My skin has become smooth, looks more elastic, especially the line of the chin . Bags under the eyes practically disappeared. I began to use makeup less often.

Alison also added that the acupuncture procedure is virtually painless:

It looks like an easy pin prick. After the procedure, I fall asleep very easily.

Dahlia Karella has already passed the 50-year mark. To maintain the beauty and youth of the skin helps her acupuncture. According to Dalia, acupuncture allows her to look and feel for 30 years.

The first session of rejuvenating acupuncture lasts about two hours and includes a therapeutic examination. The duration and frequency of follow-up sessions is one hour two times a week for an intensive program and once a week for a standard one.

Dr. Gabriel Francis has been working with Miss Carell for more than 3 years and claims that the general well-being of a person plays an important role in achieving the maximum result from acupuncture procedures. The better the overall health of the client, the faster and more noticeable will be the result of the rejuvenating program.

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