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Azelik gel - a powerful remedy for acne based on azelaic acid

Azelix gel Gel Azelik differs bacteriostatic activity in relation to Propioni bacterium acne and Staphylococcus epidermidis. Has an overwhelming effect on the growth of abnormal skin cells - melanocytes. In addition to anti-acne action, the drug eliminates unwanted pigmentation, affects the process of keratinization of epidermal cells, improving exfoliation. The drug refers to antiseptic agents, has in the active substance known under the name - azelaic acid. The gel is available in tubes of 5, 15 or 30 g., Can have a different name - skinoren .

The drug is used for:

  • treatment of blackheads and unpleasant black dots ;
  • opening and cleaning of clogged pores;
  • elimination of unaesthetic gloss of oily skin;
  • removal of inflammation;
  • smoothing of the hilly relief of the skin;
  • getting rid of post-inflammatory pigmentation.

Apparently, he is able to cope with several skin problems.

Instructions for use

For treatment of the initial stage of acne, it can be used as an independent drug. Use it is recommended daily in the morning and in the evening for 1 to 5 months.

In severe cases, it is prescribed in conjunction with other medications. You can not use azelik from acne along with other antibacterial agents without consulting a dermatologist. Mixing of funds will not only increase the effect, but will weaken it, leading to such undesirable consequences as an allergic reaction in the form of a rash or peeling.

The gel is applied to a cleanly washed and dried face, with a small layer. Movement - slightly rubbing. To apply to the surface of the entire face a small amount of funds. This is another of its plus - economy.

The first noticeable effect from the application becomes apparent already at the 4th week of use.

After application to the skin, it penetrates deeply into its layers.

The drug is excreted through the kidneys, partly in unchanged form, and partly in the form of dicarboxylic acids.

Analogues and price

The drug has medicines - synonyms having the same active ingredient, but bearing a different name, it: skinoren gel, and cream, azelik gel and derm gel.

Also there are preparations - analogues, similar in mechanism of influence and belonging to one pharmacological subgroup: Clenzite-C , Klindes cream, Curiosin , Resorcin solution (alcohol).

The price of Azelik in Russia was set at 250-300 rubles. for a tube of 30 g, which is about 2 times cheaper than skinnoren.

be careful

Like any other medical product, it has contraindications to the use and can give side effects when used.

Take care that the product does not get into the eyes and mucous membranes.

Azelik may be irritating to sensitive skin at the beginning of the application. It can be expressed in burning, flaking, itching or flushing. In such cases, you should try to apply the gel in the first weeks of treatment once a day. Subsequently, these symptoms usually go away.
During treatment, direct sunlight should be avoided.

If you are pregnant , or breastfeed your baby - be sure to consult a doctor. Do not risk your baby's health. But usually the remedy can be used by future mothers.

Keep the drug as any other medicine away from children. Do not freeze it, and do not expose it to temperatures above 25 ° C.

Several undeniable advantages and erroneous opinions

When you have problems with your skin, and you start treatment, you often have to give up using cosmetics. If for some it seems insignificant, then for some it can turn into a kind of tragedy. With Azelik you do not have to sacrifice yourself, as it can be applied to cosmetics and it will not interfere with even a foundation.

From some people, you can hear the opinion that wrinkles arise from this gel on your face. This is a completely wrong opinion. It's just that some people can experience dry skin as a side effect. This problem is solved simply trivial - the use of a moisturizing cream will completely rid you of it.

Some people have doubts about the fact that this gel eliminates black spots. Azelic acid - copes with black dots, in addition, brightens the skin of the face.

Azelik effectively eliminates any, even the heaviest form of acne, and helps to forget about comedones forever. Be healthy and beautiful. And Azelik will help you to have always an impeccable look and perfect skin.

  1. Eminjon 09/01/2015 21:56

    Apply and immediately rub it?

  2. anja 02/06/2015 14:58

    action is temporary or it is worth to undergo a course of treatment with this gel and acne will not come any more?

  3. The Anonymous user 07/30/2015 15:55

    Does it help at all ???

    • The anonym 21.08.2015 21:47

      It helps while you smear, it helps very well, I am smeared 1 time a day, the tube will end, I stop, as again the problems will begin, I am again smeared

      • anon 02.11.2015 00:11

        And how much does a gel at all cost?

        • Alexander 03.11.2015 23:00

          Written the same 200-300 rubles

    • Pauline 10/31/2016 00:06

      Yes, it really helps. Only take at least 1.5 months. First, even more drying will appear. Type all the evil spirits, he displays outside, and then the skin comes back to normal, that's only a little skill was going, removing kremka)

  4. Anonymous :) 11/05/2015 15:39

    Yes! Gel is undoubtedly good! But, to my great regret, he does not want to clean up the pimples completely. :(
    Long used Zinerite, about 2 years, very well kept all the pimples in their bed, on their face was the minimum amount. Then there was an addiction, I decided to go to a dermatologist. After unsuccessful attempts to cure acne completely, only everything got worse, and I blossomed !!! : DD All in these reptiles ...
    Then he appointed me this Azelik, I was desperate, but in the morning after Azelik the skin looked calm, reddening became smaller, inflamed pimples left. Everything was gone from the nose and the cheeks, a little left on the forehead and a whole thicket of pimples on the chin around the mouth! They are not cleaned, I do not know what to do! On the Internet, I read about the "acne map", they say, if acne gathers on the chin, then this digestive system is not in order ... It seems, so I have it.
    I used to have no worries about it, pimples and pimples, and now I want to cry ...
    I hope we all get these subcutaneous assholes :)

    • The Anonymous user 22.04.2016 11:10

      Just wash your face for the night with simple soap

    • The Anonymous author 09-19-2016 20:41

      Check the work of the intestines and pass the analysis on scraping demodex

  5. Anastasia 29.11.2015 13:14

    And where did you see Azelik with such a price for 30 g? This is the price for 5 grams

    • The Anonymous user 12.07.2016 01:16

      30 g - 700 rubles

  6. Masha 07.12.2015 13:24

    For 5g - 300rubley

    • The anonymous author 05.02.2016 06:08

      I also used Azelik, he costs about 700 rubles for 35gr, but the desired effect was not achieved

  7. Catherine 10/04/2016 10:08

    Miracle gel. Helps in front of eyes
    Just delighted with him

  8. Julia 13.07.2016 20:31

    Girls and so need to pinch and must, first time smeared ????

    • Anonymous, July 22, 2016 14:00

      It's even good! :) At me the pinch then ceased.

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