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Базирон All medicines are given detailed annotations. But sometimes it's hard enough to "wade through" all these medical terms. Our article articulates the personal opinion of a person who used the drug "Baziron" against acne, and his impressions of the treatment with this drug. In addition, the author of the article gives useful advice, from an everyday, not a medical point of view, which will be superfluous to apply in practice. However, it is worth remembering that the action of any medical product is purely individual.

Зинерит Zinerite is a very good and effective remedy for the treatment of acne. But he has one minus: it contains an antibiotic, with prolonged use of which there is an addiction to it and the effectiveness of the lotion falls. Therefore, Zinerit is recommended for basic treatment, until the skin has become accustomed to it, and then in complex treatment with other cosmetic and medicinal products, as well as in conjunction with the observance of personal hygiene and the principles of rational nutrition.

Бепантен The article tells about Bepantene - an assistant in the fight against pimples and acne. Bepanten is a medicament ideally suited for moisturizing problematic skin, which is often overdried because of the effects of drugs for the treatment of acne. The article describes the various forms of release of Bepantin and provides recommendations on what is best to use - cream, ointment or lotion. You can also learn how to properly apply Bepanten after other means, frequency of admission and tips for maintaining skin health.

Running and pimples In this article, we will not talk about a variety of medicines, but how the body can help us fight acne. It is necessary only in turn to help the body. Have you ever thought that running will help get rid of acne? Yes, in fact - it is. After all, physical activity activates metabolic processes, and their violation often provokes the appearance of acne. Therefore, read our article, and try to literally "run away" from acne.

Bodybuilding and acne Bodybuilding is not suitable for those people who suffer from acne or have a tendency to it. The thing is, what kind of food is used by bodybuilders. As a rule, their diet consists of high-calorie foods, and in very large quantities. Excess nutrients, formed with such a diet in the body, leads to the appearance of acne or aggravation of the situation in the case of already existing rashes. Important in this case and the reception of various drugs that help build muscle mass and affect the hormonal background. Since the work of the sebaceous glands depends on the activity of hormones, a violation in the work of hormones, can cause acne. Advice to those who do bodybuilding and suffer with acne: think your diet in such a way that it does not provoke the appearance of acne and at the same time helped to build the body.

Types of cosmetic clays The author of the article tells about his experience in choosing therapeutic clay. Possessing oily skin of the face, he tested several varieties of clay of different colors, and on what stopped as a result, you can find in the article. Three types of cosmetic clay are described - blue, white and black, which are used as masks in the treatment of acne and for drying too oily skin. In addition, you can read what other colors are cosmetic clay, because in fact there are a lot of them, and each color gives its effects.

Masks made of cosmetic clay The article describes the therapeutic effect on the skin of the face of white and blue clay. Due to a number of properties that have a health-improving effect on the face, clay is a widely used remedy for combating acne and comedones. The described mask recipe is based on the author's personal experience, which describes in detail the procedure for its application and gives recommendations on the combination of clay with sea salt. This combination allows you to more deeply affect the skin, cleaning it and drying pimples.

Causes of Acne In this article we will talk about the causes of acne. Earlier, there were considered such reasons as hormonal imbalance, malnutrition, and as a consequence - poor gastrointestinal function. In this part, the second one, the author will talk about how stresses, wrong way of life and improperly selected cosmetics affect the appearance of various types of acne.

Factors of acne appearance The article was written to warn against the appearance of acne. The genetic predisposition, hormonal failures of the body, malnutrition, and the gastrointestinal tract, which sometimes can not cope with their work, are considered. The author will offer tips that can be applied quite easily, and health can improve significantly, and at all levels - from the stomach and ending with the skin.

personal hygiene and acne Once I had to take tests for possible allergies, as a result it turned out that I was allergic to pillows stuffed with down. I had to replace the down pillow with a synthepone pillow. After a while I noticed that the rash on the skin was less, so everyone who leads the fight with pimples, I advise you to replace fluff on sintepon. I also recommend not forgetting about the basic hygienic aspects that can help and when treating acne with the most modern means. These are simple things like changing pillow cases every two days, daily washing several times a day with funds designed specifically for your skin type and your problem.

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