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The application for smartphones from Fujitsu for the treatment of acne

Fujitsu против прыщей Recently, the staff of the well-known company Fujitsu Laboratories simply shocked consumers with its novelty. In the near future, some cosmetic brands will be able to hold promotions using smartphones . The fact is that for mobile phones an application has been created that is able to recognize and then track what changes occur with the skin of the face over time.

To use this innovation, one application installed on a mobile phone is not enough. You also need a special device that looks like a card with a color wheel. This miracle-device will help to determine the shades on different parts of the skin even with the worst lightening. Thus, at any time of the day, the consumer can see what changes have occurred to his skin. After the photos of the skin have been obtained, a special program treats them, and then recognizes the location of the inflammatory foci, dry areas, enlarged pores. The program is also able to identify the number of problem formations.

It is very convenient that the program remembers what your skin was in all the pictures. Thus, it becomes possible to analyze all the changes that occur with the skin during different periods. The developers claim that this application is simply necessary for distributors and manufacturers of cosmetics , since it will show the result of the action of the drug on the skin.

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