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New remedy for acne Innoskin

Инноскин To date, the market of cosmetics aimed at combating acne has been replenished with one more complex. Innoskin is an environmentally friendly drug, with a fundamentally new system of action on the problem skin.

Forms of the preparation

The complex includes several medicinal forms that complement each other, allow you to achieve maximum effect:

  • Gel cleansing ultra-soft;
  • Tonic soothing;
  • Organic lotion;

Each of these dosage forms has a specific effect on the affected area. Only the cumulative work of the whole complex makes it possible to guarantee a complete cure and, as a consequence, the disappearance of acne.

Composition of preparations

The main distinguishing feature of the Innoskin series is its 100% naturalness. All ingredients are ecologically clean and grown without the use of pesticides and herbicides. Thus, the possibility of an allergic reaction to chemicals is completely excluded.

  • Spring water, part of the soothing tonic, saturates the skin with the most important microelements, providing maximum nutrition and strengthening, moisturizing and toning.
  • Certified gel, produced on the basis of aloe vera. It removes the inflammatory reaction, increases the regenerative function of the epidermis, while actively contributing to healing.
  • Sodium cocosulphate, cocamide betaine, as well as potassium cocoate. These components are derived from the coconut kernel nut, they are soft foaming agents that very carefully and gently cleanse the skin, and in view of hypoallergenic qualities are perfectly suited even for very sensitive skin.

Organic Gel Innoskin

Organic gel has a complex effect on the skin. Of course, the main function is purification. However, thanks to a unique formula, it was possible to combine nutrition and hydration.

Oil obtained from wheat germ stimulates the process of rejuvenation and cell renewal, contributing to the improvement of the appearance of the skin. Toning of the skin, normalization of the cellular metabolism, increased production of collagen is achieved due to the content of the gel extract extracts of dogrose. Rosemary and a complex of antioxidants have a counter-toxic effect. Sage, extract of olive leaves and oregano promote the acceleration of the process of wound healing, as well as have pronounced antiseptic, bacteriostatic and antioxidant properties.

Glycerin of vegetable origin and vitamin C make the skin more elastic and prevent the loss of cellular water. That's why it remains so smooth and there is no feeling of dryness. Also, in addition to the rest, no less important components are worth noting that the gel contains hyaluronic acid. It is her gel Innoskin due to the absence of cicatricial growths after healing. Hyaluronic acid nourishes the inner layers of the epidermis and slightly dries the upper layers.

It is also worth mentioning colloidal minerals having an increased level of oxidation-reduction potential necessary for normal vital activity and tissue functioning. It should be noted that they take part in many enzymatic reactions, being the catalysts of the process.

Soothing tonic

This form of the drug has a very pronounced antimicrobial effect, and it also has an immunomodulating, wound-healing effect, while stimulating the regenerating properties of the skin. Regulation of the sebaceous glands is also controlled, thanks to the substances in the tonic.

The tonic of vitamin C significantly reduces the negative impact on the skin of ultraviolet rays and protects the DNA of cells from damage, reduces the concentration in the skin of melanin, making the skin tint more uniform. Coenzyme Q10 prevents cells from free radicals and promotes saturation of tissues with oxygen. Extract of grape seeds allows to increase the speed of healing processes and moisten tissues, just do not forget about its pronounced antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.

Dimethylaminoethanol promotes instant skin lifting, reduces the degree of concentration in tissues, lipofuscin, the membrane-stimulating effect protects against the action of hydroxyl radical, stimulating active inhibition of the cytokines responsible for the primary immune response. It also increases the thickness of the skin, retains the life-giving moisture inside them.

Lipoic acid enhances cellular metabolism, preventing the breakdown of the structure and integrity of DNA, protects the cell membrane. It is also worth noting the decrease in erythema due to damage by ultraviolet rays.


The main focus of the lotion is to protect the skin from broad-spectrum bacteria, adjust the level of hydration of the epidermis, restore damaged cells.

Xanthan gum promotes rapid wrinkle smoothing, as well as increases the skin's elasticity and narrows the pores. A natural mixture of vitamin E and ascorbyl palmitate is a very powerful natural antioxidant complex, preventing the possibility of skin damage, which causes ultraviolet rays and pollution. As a result of the effect of this complex, the immunity of the skin is strengthened, more collagen is produced, and the loss of moisture by the cells through the epidermis layer also decreases.

A wide range of antibacterial protection is achieved due to the presence of silver citrate in the formulation. Coriander contributes to moisturizing, while at the same time exerting an inhibitory effect on fungi and microorganisms. The zinc included in the lotion dries the upper layer of the epidermis, removing simultaneously the surplus secretion of the sebaceous glands. As a result, throughout the day the face remains dull without a greasy shine.

The appearance of comedones is inhibited by the sulfur present in the lotion. Extract of cinnamon tree is a universally recognized effective tool for caring for problem skin. The excellent result is due to antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulating and antispasmodic properties. Also it is impossible not to note the antiviral and antioxidant activity of the ingredient.

Application of the Innoskin Complex from Acne

To successfully and effectively combat the signs of skin inflammation, comedones and acne, it is necessary to use all three of its components: gel, lotion and tonic.

Purification of the face should be done twice a day: in the morning after sleeping and before applying makeup, and also in the evening, after returning home. After washing, it is necessary to apply a soothing tonic without using creams. The use of lotion is designed to complete the course of skin care, prone to the appearance of acne.

Contra-indications and reviews about the Cosmetic Complex Innoskin

Given the lack of chemical ingredients, an allergic reaction is possible only on the plant components of the Innoskin complex.

All the reviews testify to the undoubted effectiveness of the drug. Reduction of inflammation, acne and comedones is observed already in the first week of use, and by the end of the month of use, there is not only acne, but also scars after their disappearance. The price of the drug is about 7,000 rubles per month of use. You can order Innoskin on the official website.

  1. Fatma 08.21.2013 06:19

    When I first read about the system from pimples Innoskin, I did not really believe in the declared result. But still decided to buy a try, as an experiment. As it turned out, I paid money for good reason. Since the system is without chemicals, it therefore has a pleasant enough aroma, and because of the presence of silver it turns out that new acne does not appear. And in general, the condition of the skin improved significantly, and fat content decreased.

  2. Ulyana 08/31/2013 19:33

    I tried many popular drugs to treat acne, but they either did not help, or they helped for a very short time. My friend advised me Innoskin. Of course, in the first week nothing has changed (already managed to get upset, I wanted to throw out), but continued to use and my skin became better !! I still use it, I see a gradual improvement and I'm happy))

  3. Костя 08/27/2013 19:44

    After a long illness the skin began to look frightening - acne and acne just made me mad. Mom bought me Innoskin. I've never used such things, but I agreed to one hundred things. Relief came about 3 days later somewhere. At first new acne ceased to appear, and then the old ones started to pass. Now I have a practically clean face.

  4. Vladimir Gusev 08.28.2013 03:31

    My daughter is 14 years old, and she suffers from acne for about two years, constantly crying because of this. We tried to get out and using folk remedies, and various ointments, nothing helped. I got her an Innoskin a month ago and a miracle happened! Acne began to disappear right before our eyes, and now they are almost gone! Thank you for this wonderful product!

  5. Valera 08/28/2013 07:14

    I still had problems with my skin from school, pimples popped up at the most inopportune moment. I tried various drugs, medical and folk, but there was almost no effect. Recently I bought Innoskin and after a few weeks I felt that my skin looked better, the amount of pimples decreased. Very satisfied with this tool.

  6. Xenia August 28, 2013 10:45 AM

    Used during the month - morning and evening gel, morning tonic, evening lotion. Acne was on the forehead, nose, chin and neck. Of course, a full course is expensive, but it's worth it. Acne at me have disappeared not at once, and gradually, the fat content of a skin, especially on a forehead has decreased. All three products have a good composition, the components are chosen well (but still check your skin with a dermatologist, suddenly an allergy will occur to any component). Perfect for getting rid of pimples and adolescence!

  7. Victoria August 28, 2013 15:38

    Acne troubled me as a teenager. It is for this period that my experiments with a huge number of various means, including natural components, occur. No noticeable result, except for irritation and reddening of the skin (my skin is hypersensitive), I was not able to achieve. I came across an innocent by accident. At first I was skeptical (I tried that much, but there's no point!), But still decided to try it. The first thing that surprised me pleasantly was that there was no skin irritation! And after 2 weeks of use, acne started to go away. For me Innoskin is a real discovery! I continue to use and recommend to everyone I know.

  8. Irina 08.28.2013 17:06

    Recently I learned about the anti-acne medication Innoskin. Since my skin is problematic, I was very interested in the new remedy. I bought Innoskin and after a couple of applications already noticed the result.

  9. Tatiana Ivanova August 30, 2013 16:32

    The new remedy for acne Innoskin decided to first try on her problem skin of the face. The result surpassed all expectations. My skin, really, has freshened up and disappeared unpleasant pryshchiki from the face. Has appeared
    a feeling of comfort on the face, the skin moistened, acquired a tone and a youthful look. I advise everyone this tool!

  10. Eugene 08/30/2013 17:52

    I spent a lot of money on acne, some of them were either ineffective or just did not have any effect. Recently tried Innoxin - the result was excellent, compared with previous drugs. Pryshchiki somewhere all simply disappeared. If someone has this problem, try this tool, do not regret it!

  11. Inna 09/01/2013 15:34

    All my life I have the same problem - pimples on my face. I tried a lot of different drugs, ranging from well-known, to drug. Nothing helped. Has tried "Innoskin", has involved in it that it consists of a complex: tonic, lotion and gel. The drug has a mild but effective result, which can be seen almost immediately. Now my face is clean.

  12. vlad31972 01.09.2013 16:29

    The problem with acne persecuted me constantly. I did not know what to do, I tried a lot of various drugs. Good did not help. The cosmetologist advised Innoskin - a complex of acne. Literally a week later there were shifts for the better. And after a lapse of two weeks, acne completely gone. The main thing is no redness of the skin and allergic reactions were not.

  13. Elena 01.09.2013 18:35

    For a long time I doubted whether to buy or not buy this set of funds, since the price, let's say, is not the lowest, but the desire to get rid of pimples still won. I did not regret a bit. The remedy is simply unique, lasts for a long time, the effect is visible in 2-3 days. Thanks to the manufacturers.

    • 1 12/15/2015 09:19

      Yeah of course

  14. Tatiana 09/03/2013 18:47

    For a long time she suffered from acne. I did not want to go to the doctor at all, but other means helped me only superficially. About Innoskin learned at the cosmetology forum, I decided to try - the result was not the first 10 days, but then the pimples began to noticeably decrease in size and quantity. I am very happy about this acquisition!)

  15. Anonymous on 10/18/2013 18:12

    I want to order this remedy, because other means are useless at all ... Is it worth it to buy Innoskin, who will say?

  16. Tatiana 11/15/2013 11:06

    And he helps with internal pimples ???

  17. Alexandr 28.12.2013 13:07

    Will it help with acne?

  18. The anonym 02.01.2014 09:39

    And how much is the price then say ???

  19. Natalie 03/19/2014 08:48

    I was tortured for a long time with a choice, to buy or not. As a result, I bought and very satisfied! Acne foolish disappeared and the main skin became somehow healthy in color and externally in general)) As a result, it is satisfied

  20. flower1 08/16/2014 06:55

    I also used Innoskin, at first the result was noticeable, the skin became better. But unfortunately, the course will end and everything, I again have pimples to appear, but not as before. I hope they will pass)

  21. Julia 14.09.2014 06:37

    All that appears on the face is the result of what we eat and how we care for the skin, all the cosmetic means, if they give that temporary result, and the meaning then overpay? There are ordinary folk remedies and inexpensive ones that can really help and without much harm, aspirin can be crushed and mixed with Vodice and spread on dryers, dries and treats, add tonic and cream for 10-15 drops of lavender oil or juniper to face lotion and every 10-15 drops of lavender oil or juniper, and each day you use, or you can mix another half a glass of water with 15 drops of lavender oil, and go through the face every morning and evening (clean face of course) and the result and the skin will thank you. And to buy and spend money on incomprehensible means that can only make it worse .... Not worth it

  22. Tamilla 12/17/2014 22:09

    how can I order this drug?

  23. Anastasia 01/21/2015 11:36

    Hello, friends! I write not the first time, delete my record! I suffer from acne for more than 10 years, tried many things, decided to order an Innoskin system and was very disappointed !!! After the application, the skin tightened, the itch started, used the month, I thought for another month to appear the result until the skin gets used, it turned out to be worse, the whole face turned into solid acne, even where there was never any. I decided to stop, and turned to the beautician, underwent a course of mesotherapy, barely recovered the skin, now I use Israeli cosmetics! Friends, I do not recommend, even for such money, I think clean scam (the money was not returned to me as stated on the site). Beware of products that you can order only on the site, and you can not buy in stores, pharmacies or salons! All good luck in the fight with pimples!

  24. irina 01.02.2015 22:24

    Very good tool! The pimples are gone, the face is clean! Gone are the complexes. Confidence that tomorrow there will be clean skin! I work with people. It is very important for me. Order for a month is about 5000 rubles. It was enough for two months. I am grateful to this remedy. I order every two months.

  25. Erkin 20.04.2015 16:12

    I have pimples and oily skin, help me please! write

  26. Adviser June 15, 2015 18:48

    Not really helped

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