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Treatment of a grease on the head with folk remedies is all for and against

липома на голове Sometimes it turns out that the fat cell grows, taking the form of a tumor, which can be of different sizes. Such an education is called a zherovik or lipoma, and it can appear in any part of the body, and more often on the head . If its composition includes nerve endings, it can hurt, but more often the tumor is painless.

The grease on the head can be soft (if it includes only fat tissue) and dense (if there is also connective tissue). The most dangerous form of lipoma, when the fat content is connected to the circulatory system. Then serious complications are possible. Determine the species can only be a qualified doctor (by the method of palpation and by the appointment of special studies).

The cessation of growth and resorption of the tumor is a very real task, and the main way to treat a wen on the head is surgical intervention . Therefore, in no case do not neglect the consultation with a specialist and before any independent actions to treat or remove a wen , and even more so on the head. Be sure to consult a doctor! The point is that any lipoma contains a dense shell, which must be completely removed - to stop the growth of the tumor. Removal is by scraping, sometimes under general anesthesia, if the tumor is large.

There are folk remedies for lipid treatment, but they must be applied with great care . There is a possibility of inflammation of the internal contents, and the capsule may not completely disappear. Therefore, act very carefully and still consult a doctor beforehand.

Folk methods of treatment of adipocytes on the head

  1. Mother and stepmother. It is necessary to apply the leaf of this plant with the face side for a week.
  2. Kalanchoe. Cut a fresh sheet and attach it to the wen. Fix the band-aid and change every day. Repeat the week.
  3. Red clay. Make a gruel made of red clay , ordinary kefir and a pinch of salt . Put on your head, put on a plastic cap, leave it overnight. Repeat 10 days.
  4. Take a teaspoon of mutton fat, melt. In hot form, apply to the wen, you can massage a little (10 minutes). Repeat a few days, then take a break for a day or two. If it starts to decrease, then you need to continue the procedure. Perform them until the tumor completely disappears.

The latter method is quite effective, but with negligent use of fat you can get a burn, so be extremely careful.

  1. Scrag 16.02.2012 13:46

    I'm very tired of this problem. I read the article and was surprised. Mother-and-stepmother treat, this is something new, never heard, it is necessary to try. But now the snow, you have to wait and use other means ... Be sure to take advice. Thank you.

  2. Galina 16.02.2012 20:11

    I, as a doctor, would not recommend taking any action with any volumetric education on the human body. The described recipes, in one way or another, are aggressive and can provoke tissue growth and degeneration.

  3. kolyavas18 02/27/2012 05:19 AM

    I had on my head in the occipital region a lipoma of 2 to 2. Last year it was removed, but this year there were already three of them, but already in the frontal. To the doctor? Already afraid. I'll try to use the Kalanchoe while in spring it's already possible for mother-and-stepmother. Will it help?

  4. Andrew 28.02.2012 17:28

    I am not a supporter of traditional medicine, especially if it can provoke a lipoma for further development. My personal opinion is definitely to the doctor. They will be given a qualified consultation and will say how best to proceed.

  5. Galina 28.06.2015 23:47

    Already on the head, 10 fatteners were surgically removed. Anyway, 11 wen began to grow. I never used the folk method. I do not believe in it. Probably this is the wrong metabolism in the body. The last grease I smear with calendula ointment: although it does not grow.

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