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How to get rid of a wen on your back?

жировик на спине Zhirovik, or, as doctors say, lipoma is the most frequent benign tumor. It develops from fiber, located under the skin and is characterized by a lobed structure.

The grease on the back looks like a knot of a soft consistency, a bit agile. This formation grows slowly, but if the disease is started, it can reach 10 cm. Often, people who have a new adipose, sit on a strict diet , in the hope that this will help in his treatment. But, unfortunately, they often appear in lean people too - a pair of cells from adipose tissue are enough to form a lipoma.

The problem is also that only a specialist with extensive experience can distinguish a lipoma from other similar formations. Therefore, if you notice any formation on your back, immediately consult a doctor . He will help diagnose the tumor and choose a method of treating the lipoma.

Folk remedies also exist, but home experiences may end fraught. Wen is a treacherous thing, if not completely removed, the remains of the capsule (the shell into which it is enclosed) can cause inflammation and give life to a new lipoma. Therefore, before any experiments, consult an experienced doctor, if there is such an opportunity.

Recipes for remedies against wen on the back

    • Take a piece of plaster, cut out a hole in it and seal the tumor so that this hole is located above the middle of the growth.
    • Very carefully take a few crystals of manganese (in gloves!), Dilute in a few drops of water and put in the hole.
    • Paste all the band-aid. Manganese corrodes the capsule and promotes the release of the contents.
    • In the process, use a disinfectant, for example, furacilin.

    The most important thing in this procedure is sterility. If you are not sure that you can ensure complete cleanliness and observe all the conditions of antiseptic, do not take it any better - it is possible to enter the infection.

  1. Grind the wheat grains to a gruel-like condition. Wrap them in sterile gauze and attach to the tumor (like a compress). Top with polyethylene. Wear a few days, then change the bandage. A few days later a small hole should appear in the zhirovik, liquid will flow through it. Wheat should be applied until complete healing.
  2. Take a clove of garlic, crush in a mortar until the gruel. Mix it with vegetable oil (about half a teaspoon). You should get an ointment - rub it gently, with massaging movements. This should be repeated every day for a month. During this time, the adipose should dissolve.

While carrying out these manipulations, make sure that the hands and the objects that you are using are clean. Everything should be absolutely clean. If the neoplasm can not be removed by yourself - be sure to contact a specialist, you may need an operation to remove it.

  1. Boniel 02/16/2012 12:51 PM

    I saw the photo of the zhirovik and was frightened, I did not think that they grow to such huge sizes! My brother also recently had a wen on his back, but so far he's small! I'll show him this article! I hope he will get rid of it quickly!

  2. Peter 21.02.2012 10:04

    In the photo of the nightmarish size of the wen, the listed recipes will not help, immediately to the doctor!

  3. Alex 21.02.2012 10:16

    That Peter. Really started some sort of a worm, but the methods grandmother what is indicated, to the surgeon and cut.

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