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All you need to know about molluscum contagiosum: ways of infection, symptoms, treatment

Molluscum contagiosum on the skin photo Contagious mollusc is classified as one of the forms of cutaneous dermatosis. Molluscs on the skin are considered a viral parasitic disease , which is characterized as a local eruption, and a general rash on the surface of the skin and mucous membranes, in the form of small spherical vesicles that have a central depression. It was first described by Beterman almost 200 years ago.

First, it is an infection that is chronic. Causing skin damage, the infection can last from several months to several years, but more often, rashes can be seen from six months to nine months.

Secondly, contagious dermatosis is a purely human disease, no animals tolerate it, and infection comes from contact (where from the name) of an already infected person with a healthy one.

Thirdly, the causative agent is a virus that belongs to smallpox viruses. Reproduction of the virus occurs in the cytoplasm of the cell. The shape is oval or rectangular.

Ways of infection

  1. Touching the skin, sexual partners transmit each other disease, but the sexual act itself is not a path of infection, therefore in many countries the molluscum contagiosum is not considered an infection transmitted sexually. In this situation, the area of ​​infection is localized on the inner side of the hips, in the groin, on the stomach.
  2. The second way of infection is domestic. Using the things of a sick person you can get an infection, but in this case there will be no local rashes, and a rash can appear in any places, mostly it appears on the hands and face.
  3. Children's groups. Here, the determining factor is crowding and close contacts, which in turn can lead to an epidemic.

Symptoms of molluscum contagiosum

After infection, the incubation period can last from two weeks to a couple of months, and it is sometimes problematic to establish the source of infection. After the clinical manifestations in the form of single bubbles of spherical shape, without seals and skin changes, a gradual process of self-infection begins. The number of bubbles increases, and they increase in size, from a small millet grains to medium peas. As the disease progresses, the vesicles can merge, forming giant hemispherical papules with a depression in the center. It is the papules that are the main sign of the disease, and their localization indicates the place where the infection occurred. In adults, the genital area, the abdomen, the inner side of the thighs. Children - limbs, face, trunk. For papules it is characteristic:

  1. Itching;
  2. Dense, flesh-colored, have the form of a hemisphere and small sizes;
  3. The core is white, waxlike;
  4. With the passage of time, the papules soften.

After the first stage of infection and the appearance of the first bubbles, the second stage begins, when self-infection constantly occurs through the hands, so the bubbles cover most of the body in a chaotic order, and their number can be counted in hundreds. Permanent scratching increases the amount of rashes. By accidentally hitting or injuring a vial, a whitish, cough-like mass consisting of lymphocytes and keratinized cells is seen, in the form of mollusc bodies, from which the name appeared.

Existing symptoms of atypical forms of molluscum contagiosum may not show the concave form of nodules, and the nodules themselves are very small. Profuse form of the disease, as a rule, is observed in children suffering from leukemia, atopic dermatitis, immunodeficiency and HIV.


Data can be diagnosed by laboratory tests and the clinical picture of the disease. If there is any doubt in the diagnosis, the contents of the nodules are examined. Contagious mollusc must necessarily differentiate with warts, basalioma, chickenpox, syringoma, pustular syphilis, hydrocystoma, keratoacanthoma.


The skin clam, as a rule, is not treated. About half a year it will be necessary for a healthy organism to overcome the infection. This is what dermatovenerologists are accentuating, so as not to overload the body with medications. But to speed up recovery, the following treatment methods are used, which are selected individually for each patient:

  1. Cauterization or diathermocoagulation.
  2. Scraping or squeezing of knots with iodine treatment.
  3. Use of antiviral ointments.
  4. Abundant rashes and discharge of vesicles require treatment with antibiotics, which are prescribed by the doctor.

Treatment at home is dangerous

Treatment of a shellfish on the skin without an established diagnosis and at home is dangerous , and this is caused by:

  1. There is a danger of missing a serious skin disease, such as malignant or benign neoplasms on the skin;
  2. Certain forms of molluscum contagiosum occur in conjunction with AIDS, so in such cases special forms of treatment are required.

A molluscum contagiosum, like a virus that has DNA, causes difficulties in the treatment. The level of medicine, to date, it is not possible to completely get rid of the disease. But to avoid relapses is quite possible, despite the fact that this disease has a chronic form of flow. For this, it is necessary to regularly see a doctor and conduct a permanent therapy, which consists in general strengthening of immunity. With the right approach to treatment, it is possible to achieve a stable remission and a favorable prognosis.


Prevention of molluscum contagiosum is mainly to exclude the cause of the disease :

  • Personal hygiene and hygiene of the home. At occurrence of the first signs, with the patient it is necessary to limit contacts, to allocate personal things of hygiene, daily to change the bed linen and bed linen.
  • Visiting of baths, saunas and pools. Be sure after visiting the public baths and swimming pools, you need to carefully monitor the skin condition, and at the first suspicions, immediately consult a doctor!
  • School and pre-school institutions. Kindergartens are especially dangerous, in the sense that the distribution of the skin clam in children's groups occurs very quickly, covering almost the entire group. Therefore, the baby should be inspected regularly.
  • Legibility in sexual relations.

Observing simple recommendations, you can almost completely protect yourself from molluscum contagiosum.

  1. Irena 03/23/2013 08:51

    My daughter has such a molluscum contagiosum on her chin. Suggested to remove surgically.
    Unfortunately, it is necessary to treat molluscum for a long time and in a complex way. First of all, you need to strengthen the immune system to defeat the virus from the inside. Outwardly, it came to us - natural tea tree oil. And of course compliance with all hygiene measures.

  2. Natalie 08/01/2013 16:55

    I have such clams, what should I do? They removed it with tweezers, but they reappeared. Has handed over a blood on a HIV. Tell me, if RMP is negative, can there be HIV positive?

    • The Anonymous author 09-17-2013 21:33

      No, he can not.

      • enter your name on 05/23/2016 21:07

        I left them more I do not have

  3. Аноним 11.03.2014 08:46

    Just need to find out how you got rid of your boy from this infection. My daughter and I were tormented for two summer months and that we just did not try, and most importantly, during vacation restrictions and in swimming pools and trips to the sea. For a child, this is suffering.

  4. The Anonymous user 13.03.2014 17:07

    At my daughter have found molluscs on a skin, tell or say please as to treat?

  5. valentine 11/04/2014 04:16

    My daughter had a mollusk since a month ... A young pediatrician was surprised at the birthmark on her lower back, and I with her. Until a year the mollusk became more and more ... And only when the surgeon examined, in a year, then we learned that it is a molluscum ... at that time it was already with a match head and near it appeared small bubbles. We were sent to a dermatologist, and from that moment on we began to pluck out tweezers and burn with iodine from the moment ... The hands dropped when the vesicles appeared all over the body. The dermatologist said that the child is plump, and for the mollusk this is a good habitat ... In two years my daughter began to lose weight, moved more and whether it was a coincidence or not, but the shellfish stopped pouring out. pah, pah, pah ...

  6. Marinka 15.04.2014 17:13

    We have been cured for a year. On the body burned super celandine, and on the face and in the ciliary series sex gel epigen! Just need a long time to apply gel 5 times a day, but we withered in the morning and evening and for 6 months! I advise everyone!!!

    • The Anonymous 05/03/2016 08:54

      Hello. this gel is suitable for children. I also suffer. How to treat a daughter from this?

  7. The Anonymous author 04.24.2014 08:05

    My daughter is 4 years old, I also tried everything I knew, but it did not help!

  8. Katya 05/05/2014 09:58

    Tell me, do they darken when you start to lubricate them with some ointment?
    Thank you

  9. Maxim (42 years) 10/19/2014 5:51 PM

    I solved this problem 2 times myself. I just burned myself at home with a red-hot nail on the gas stove. a few seconds - and there is no problem! has already passed 6 years and everything is fine. just need courage and determination.

    • 24.05.2011 01:26

      Just a method for treating a 5-year-old child)

    • Svetlana 07/01/2016 10:09

      For a 7-year-old child, the method without options

  10. Irina 06/01/2015 10:38

    Her daughter was on her face. Appeared in 4 years. Jump pryshchiki on the cheeks, chin - I immediately noticed that after bathing pulled out with tweezers and burned with iodine - such quickly and without a trace healed. And one mollusk was in the upper eyelid in the ciliary row - it grew somewhere about the size of a millet seed - so it was removed at 5 years in the eye hospital - by a laser. After the operation, we did not see more clams. Doctors said that it would outgrow, in the summer the sea and the sun rose immunity and mollusks gave up :))) since that time, 2.5 years have passed. At the same time, we went to the kindergarten, no quarantine was announced, and no one in the family had any rashes.

  11. Irina 06/01/2015 10:42

    I to a daughter as soon as there was a pimple removed a forceps and prizhigala with an iodine. Passed without a trace. For a century they removed the laser

  12. Andrew 01/14/2015 00:16

    Hello caught a shellfish a month ago, I thought that the usual allergy, but when the bubbles became more decided to go to the dermatologist. he diagnosed, said that there are 3 ways: remove them with tweezers, nitrogen or a laser. But since nitrogen and laser is quite an expensive treat, I decided to remove it with tweezers. has passed or has taken place 2 days, new rashes while is not present I hope and will not be. total counted 80 bubbles on two arms and neck.

  13. Roman 05/06/2015 23:11

    I had a similar problem about two months ago in the form of two pimples, thought or a wart what or something else that something similar was before the girl but she did not really say what it was, but she had thrown all her back, but it was a long time before my infection, she said that some nonsense, the doctor said to blow it out and treat it with iodine and it all went away and did not appear for a long time, so I do not think that it could have gotten from her otherwise it would probably have climbed a year ago. So I decided not knowing it yet to take it and blow it out, so I made and processed peroxide with cologne and everything, but after a few weeks I noticed that they were many times out of the lower abdomen and back at the bottom of the back, I do not know yet or there are no priests in the area, and there is a strong itch there, just painfully ...., decided today to go to the veno-dermatologist, he looked in the magnifying glass and said it was a mollusk and said to come to take a syringe and donate blood for analysis in the laboratory, I came home to read in Inet about this infection and a little it scared me, I thought nonsense what kind of Oh, just warts, or pimples what, but it turns out to be a serious infection unfortunately ...
    can anyone tell me why I was asked to take blood for analysis and from a vein, if I read, I realized that the doctor visually determines it, or if he can not determine that he takes a pimple sample and lab tests, but I do not understand why to take blood from a vein on analysis, is this rubbish also found in the blood ????
    and can someone tell me how it can be effectively overcome and think better at home, or do I need to delete it out-patient?
    Thank you in advance for any answer and advice!
    With respect, Roman.

    • The Anonymous user 01/22/2016 14:59

      Blood is taken for HIV, a common problem for HIV infected. The best solution is to see a doctor. A efficient method of nitrogen burning

    • Ivan February 15, 2016 16:10

      The blood was taken for a simple check for HIV, then the laser is removed. Literally today I went to the doctors but unfortunately I did not have enough money!
      I do not know what to do

  14. D 24.06.2015 11:58

    It can be chronic, so blood is asked for analysis. But the best option after removal, garlic wipe it because it is a viral infection, and garlic is a super remedy.

  15. Zika 16.09.2015 14:52

    Good afternoon! Son 1.5 years, back in March, got out two mollusks, treated with epigen spray, oxolin ointment smeared and acyclovir, a month like that. Did not help. Descended or went to the dermatologist, have told or said to squeeze out them and Iodine to process. They passed. A month ago a few pieces came out again, now generally horror. The belly and the back look like goosebumps ... they are still growing in size. Another dermatologist prescribed to lubricate them for two weeks. There is no sense

  16. di 29.12.2015 16:54

    I met a guy for almost a year, then I noticed from him these things .. after half a year I noticed in my inner thighs .. I went to the hospital in a year, told the mollusks .. I passed the analyzes, they said good .. drugs were not prescribed, just type to remove tweezers. should have been 8 months ago go to the procedure, but it's terrible ... and even more, why I have less of them? first on my arm myself removed, sick .. did not go out .. and yet, it hurt to remove forceps with tweezers ?

  17. Anna 02/20/2016 11:50

    We are currently treating the son. A terrible abomination, it is so difficult to be deduced. We were discharged liquid, we burn it. Helps, but come out new.

    • Alla 02/22/2016 8:41 PM

      Anna, it's better not to burn. This is what you will be treating for so long. Self-infection occurs. They multiply from each other. And you can get infected. It is better to tweeze everything with tweezers and burn a couple of days of iodine from them. If something comes out, immediately delete it. The procedure, of course, is not very pleasant, especially for the child. But it's fast. And while he has clams on his body, the child is contagious. They are very easily transmitted. Of course, with such a disease, visit the kindergarten and the school to exclude.

  18. Alla 02/22/2016 8:31 PM

    My daughter at 3 years found mollusks. The dermatologist has told or said it is possible to cauterize with nitrogen. But better and cheaper than tweezers. She was straight so fast they all pulled. And she said that if they still get out, or go to her, but it's better not to wait. I still removed a couple of pieces later. These, apparently, are those that have not been seen yet. There were 30 pieces. Removing each fee. There are already 14 daughters and since then nothing like this has happened.

  19. Аноним 02/23/2016 20:50

    First I had one shellfish, but I did not pay attention to it, and then I look somewhere in a couple of months there were a couple more, then I was worried, I went to the doctor, he told me straight away, go for an HIV test and I passed the analysis negative, then I started treatment and thank God for 1-2 months I was cured and right now, even the spots do not remain.

  20. Natalia 04/06/2016 11:01 PM

    We molested the mollusk with oxalic ointment 3%. There were no traces and scars left. Everything went smoothly for the baby and mom's nerves.

    • Inna 10.04.2016 23:51

      Tell me, how long have you "burned" oxolin? We are excruciated by molluscum, began to multiply, and to us only 1 year and 4 ... We were advised to squeeze out and cauterize with iodine ... Something does not really help ...

    • Anna 10/10/2016 11:57

      Tell me please, where did you get 3% of oxolin? I live in Chelyabinsk, I can not find a single pharmacy! Everything is rerun, even pharmacies with delivery in Russia ...

  21. Nursaule 04/17/2016 13:56

    Hello. my daughter has clams on her face and on her hand. How can you get rid of this disease? daughter 3 years old

  22. Julia 06/13/2016 22:22

    Hello my daughter for 2 years, we have not much of them 1 pc on the right side and a few on the pope, I was told to smear them every evening with soap and in 7 days they will not be, tell me please, who ever heard about this? I want to try

    • The Anonymous user 06/16/2016 16:29

      I did not hear, but I also had this problem when she was 5 years old when this infection appeared on the nose, I was told to delete removed, and after 3 weeks she again appeared to go to the same center, but to another doctor he deleted, and I can not say what was not, then they began to appear on my face, on my hands. When I was 9 years old they again appeared, and all this time they were not, I completely refused to delete them, and then my mother deleted them myself AS? Very simple. She grabbed a needle with her alcohol, pierced the middle of this garbage, then squeezed it out with tweezers, then when everything was squeezed out it must be greased with greens after a few days so 5 when the wound has dried, you have to rip it off. And it turns out that it comes out with the rest of the foundation that is not squeezed out. And I can say then that there is not something. The method helps, I recommend.

    • The Anonymous user 06.28.2016 14:05

      No household soap is needed. Better pull out and prizhigite with iodine. And quickly and efficiently. And without a return.

  23. Vitalina 06/27/2016 08:40

    To me of 20 years, here recently began to notice blisters on a genital two on upper lips and one on a leg or foot, one very red and two others white, I do not know as to treat, and the question children at this infection will be?

  24. Arthur 06/29/2016 16:22

    Today he burned 10 pcs. Do the doctor with nitrogen. No tests. 50 r. for one thing. Said to strengthen immunity. Also has written out two ointments, to smear round them that would not extend.

  25. Ulbosyn Wednesday, 08 August 2016 18:30

    Hello! My son was 2.5 years old. We had this sore and we barely got rid of it. Attention, the usual oxalic ointment, which from the flu, smeared twice a day. Before that, I also burned iodine and tried everything with green tea. Almost half a year smeared with an oxalinka and only it has helped or assisted. And now I have appeared on my face, I will now be treated with oxalic.

  26. Karina 08/24/2016 09:25

    Hello, my son's the same thing, how do you think to remove nine pieces at once, it's very painful ?? he is 3 years old, just the first time when I tried to hold him, I could not cry, kicked from pain

    • The Anonymous 08/28/2016 00:22

      Karina, could not remain silent and did not answer you, tk. at the very smallest child. The pain of the child - the pain of the mother! - (responded) In our chat on the product and the results of the Club "Alpha-Era" yesterday posted this review: "T. Matusevich, N. Tahil, masseur. This result: she did a facial massage for 1 girl with our ERAKOND and at that already with 1 session began to "go out" malusks, which, according to the masseuse, are not displayed in any way. It took only 3 sessions and the face is clean! "After this review, someone threw off the link to this article ... And the last question, a request for help, is your ... Rashes on the skin is already an effect. Consequence of a decrease in immunity. "Erakond" can be used from birth to old age. However, it is recommended, first of all, inside, and smear it again (this is a separate ointment under the same name). It spreads through a network company (used to be in pharmacies ...) I will not hide: the product is expensive, But - just ask at least - the results are amazing! In the contact there are excellent (most importantly, accessible for perception) lectures of the full-time doctor of the company Amelina L.I. Find there "Doctor-Amelina L.I. Erakond and children. " AVAILABLE educational video for mom! My son will soon be 4. The issue of raising immunity in itself is the most acute (autoimmune disease). The product is consumed by the whole family. The results are palpable from the first bottle already. We only go to the pharmacy for Hematogen :) (instead of candy)

  27. Sergey 08/29/2016 19:54

    Dear Parents! No need to be tricky. There is a specific drug "Moluystin", by the way domestic, which is intended for the treatment of molluscum contagiosum. But do not forget that this is a viral disease and for complete recovery it is necessary to increase immunity. During the treatment of his son, we strengthened his immunity with immunomodulators, added vegetables and fruits to the daily diet. At the same time, twice a day, the problem areas of the skin were treated with "Molyustin." After 8 days, everything passed. I advise everyone.

    • Pauline 09/13/2016 19:20

      Prompt and how many days particularly smeared, what in 8 days already all has passed or has taken place?

      • The anonymous author 09.29.2016 07:28

        We smeared twice a day and actively raised immunity. 12 days were treated

      • Sergey 09/23/2016 10:22 PM

        Did everything according to the instructions. Yes, 8 days and all has passed. As I understand, the timing of treatment is individual, depends on the reaction of your skin to the drug or its ability to heal (somehow so).

  28. Bibs 08/29/2016 21:55

    To the child 3 years. Half a year ago, I noticed a small vial on my son's neck. During the year the number of bubbles increased. About 30 pieces on the neck and 4 already on the face. Descended or went to the dermatologist, have told or said delete mechanically, by squeezing out, and procedure paid. They said that you can squeeze out your own home with tweezers. So removed 6 things. Every day, remove 3-4 pieces. from September 1 to the kindergarten, but we were banned from visiting the garden, because They said it was contagious. And in the internet read that this infection and that is contagious, and that is transmitted. But I can not understand? I have 2 more children and I and my husband do not suffer this infection, although the children take a bath together, we were not transferred. Why only one child? Why and from where did he get these clams? Why can not go to the kindergarten, if he constantly contacts with all the houses and no one has these bubbles

  29. Liya 09/11/2016 22:46

    Good day. please tell me how accurately and quickly it will get rid of shellfish. already there are no forces, on an intimate zone, they burned with nitrogen, like dry up and fall off and there and then new jumps out. even scary to look and wash! please tell me the right way!

  30. Natalia 10/03/2016 16:48

    What should I take in?

    • Elena 08.11.2016 19:04

      Groprinosin, 2 tab. 3 times a day

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