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Skin diseases

Dermatologist The skin is a good indicator of the health of the whole organism. It acts as a defensive barrier against pathogens and viruses. But often, in the work of this barrier, failures occur, as indicated by various dermatological diseases, such as acne, warts, papillomas and the like. How to cope with these diseases and what you need to know before going to the dermatologist.

Pocess Pocessi is a chronic relapsing skin disease in which disseminated rashes appear in the form of small nodules on the skin of the limbs and trunk. They are accompanied by very severe itching, which is why the disease got its name. Disease (in other words - prurigo) is mostly affected by small children, but this trouble also happens in adults. The main reasons for the appearance of prurigo may be violations of the gastroenterological or endocrinological systems, as well as allergy and diathesis. In addition to external and internal methods of treatment, nutrition of the patient is essential.

Lentigo Lentigo is a patch of light brown or black hue. As a rule, it occurs as a result of sunburn or hereditary factors. Differentiate this disease can a specialist who also prescribes appropriate treatment.

Xantelasm of the century The name of such a disease as xantelism will not tell people of young age, because to him are mostly elderly ladies exposed. Men this defect of the skin is much less common, and it is associated with a violation of metabolic processes. Expressed in clusters in the corners of the eyelids and around the eyes of white or yellowish plaques, which at first glance can be taken as a wen. If you suddenly had something similar, then after reading our article, you will learn everything about this disease and the methods of treatment.

Colloidal (keloid) scar A colloid scar is a growth on the surface of the skin, formed by the proliferation of connective tissue. Treatment is necessary at an early stage, the nature of this process is not fully understood. Scars appear spontaneously, without obvious causes, or as a result of complications of skin problems. For timely diagnosis of colloids, for any scar it is necessary to observe and if it is red, it hurts, itches, has increased in size - urgently to the doctor! On the solarium, forget the sauna. Self-medication is contraindicated!

Follicular hyperkeratosis photo Follicular hyperkeratosis or "goosebumps", a disease of the skin that is often confused with the usual eruptions in the form of acne. In fact, a lack of vitamins, hereditary factors, malnutrition or just a reaction to a shower gel lead to excessive densification of the epidermis, accumulation of secretion of the sebaceous glands beneath it, and inflammation of the hair follicles. To cope with this problem will help good moisturizers, baths from medicinal herbs.

Vascular asterisks on the face A beautiful face is the dream of any girl. But on the way to the ideal bad ecology, stress, inadequate nutrition, age-related changes are constantly hampered. Another "rejuvenated problem" that comes with colds is couperose or vascular asterisks. Hide such a flaw in a foundation cream, but without complex treatment, the problem can not be solved. Green diet, parsley, celery, vitamins, ice wiping will strengthen the blood vessels. If the situation is started, modern medicine will help.

Molluscum contagiosum on the skin photo Small oval vesicles, the number of which is constantly increasing, most often in the groin, on the buttocks. It is a molluscum contagiosum, an infection that is transmitted sexually or at a household level. The disease is chronic, it does not respond to treatment, but removing neoplasms and systematically undergoing a medical examination, it is possible to completely exclude relapse. For prevention, it is enough to remember the basic rules of personal hygiene and to monitor the skin condition.

Treatment of subcutaneous demodex mite Demodex. Unpleasant painful rashes on the skin, the reason for that is a subcutaneous mite. Treatment lasts from 4 to 6 months. In an organism afflicted with a mite, immunity decreases, so taking immunosuppressive medications will be the first help. But a full treatment can appoint a gynecologist, endocrinologist, neurologist. Contraindicated prolonged work at the computer, tanning, fatty cosmetics. Proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are mandatory.

Seborrhea on the face Seborrhea or dandruff, damage to the scalp as a result of a malfunction in the sebaceous glands, when the hormonal balance is broken. On the face of this disease appears in the form of red spots, pimples. Testosterone, a male hormone, the restoration of its level in the blood, often completely eliminates the problem. The cause of seborrhea can also be heredity, disruption of the digestive tract, excessive consumption of sweet, acute. In this case, treatment of seborrhea is administered individually.

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