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Laser nano-perforation - guarding your youth and beauty

Nano-perforation of the face Contrary to its complex name, the principle of laser facial nano-perforation is extremely simple. With the help of a special nozzle, the laser beam is divided into a set of active nano-beams, which intensively stimulate the work of the underlying tissues of the skin (with the top layer practically intact). The result of this effect is an increased production of collagen and elastin, responsible for maintaining smoothness and elasticity. The universality of the presented method of regeneration consists in the possibility of its application to any type of skin, as well as on all areas of the face and body (including a gentle zone around the eyes, neck, décolleté, etc.).

In its target orientation, nanoperforation is often compared with another cosmetic technique - laser polishing . However, professionals argue that the latter technique does not have such an obvious efficiency, and its sessions are more painful and protracted.

The duration of the course is determined individually, taking into account the characteristics of the patient's skin. In most cases, the fulfillment of a given goal is noted after 2-3 sessions, conducted at an interval of 1 month. Studies have shown that the effect achieved in combination with the proper observance of the rules of subsequent care shows stability within 4-5 years.

Indications for the procedure

The primary signs of skin aging are found at the age of 25-28. According to experts, it is from this moment you can begin to get acquainted with the methods of laser rejuvenation.

The main purpose of nanoproforation are:

  • improvement and smoothing of complexion;
  • restoration of skin structure, contour lines (non-operating lifting);
  • elimination of wrinkles (both small and mimic);
  • getting rid of stretch marks, scars, scars (including the long-term effects of chicken pox and acne);
  • skin rejuvenation ;
  • narrowing of pores .

Please note that after 55 years of the procedure is not appropriate, since the regeneration course can not only not meet expectations, but also aggravate the situation, provoking the appearance of vascular reticulums.

Important notes:

  1. Despite the declared painlessness of laser nanoporphyring, we recommend consulting with a professional about the need for anesthetic. The fact is that during the session some patients do not really feel pain, while others face a sharp tingling and burning.
  2. At the end of the procedure, there is no need to worry about the intense redness of the skin. Such a reaction is a natural effect, which is caused by the expansion of capillaries under conditions of active heating and directly indicates the beginning of the process of beneficial changes in the epidermis. In addition, on the second day after the session reddened skin will begin to peel off. Be patient and systematically treat the damaged surface with means to enhance regeneration ( Bepanten , Sicalfat, etc.). The long-awaited results of remodeling of the skin will become visible after 3-4 weeks of gentle care, the reviews also confirm this.
  3. In the first 2 weeks after the session, you should protect the treated skin from ultraviolet light: limit the time spent in the sun, use protective creams with a UV-filter. In addition, temporarily refrain from using decorative cosmetics.

Contraindications, side effects

Despite the extreme temptation of the results of facial nano perforation, it should be remembered that the decision on the necessity of the procedure implies the study of its contraindications. We would like to note in advance that nanoperforation is confidently included in the number of the safest cosmetic techniques, despite a decent cost. The price of the procedure can reach up to 20 thousand rubles (depending on the venue, qualification of the specialist and other factors).

The list of restrictions still exists:

  • During pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • Skin diseases (including herpetic infection);
  • hepatitis;
  • diabetes;
  • decreased blood coagulability;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases.

If these conditions are met, the laser rejuvenation course does not cause significant complications and side effects. Therefore, the procedure should be agreed with a specialist who carefully assesses the patient's current health status.

In conclusion, we note that the preservation of beauty and youth is a hard work that involves not only visiting the cosmetology room, but also a proper diet, sports loads, positive thinking and a full sleep. Live in harmony with yourself and be beautiful!

  1. Masha 06/26/2015 1:08 PM

    For many years I was embarrassed to wear blouses and dresses with a deep neckline, because the skin in the decollete area was strongly pigmented. I did not want to show my spot to anyone. My friend prompted me to go to the clinic. There I was offered laser nano-perforation on the décolleté area to even the skin color. I was very pleased with the result - after the first procedure, after the skin at the site of exposure to the laser peeled off, the spots became noticeably brightened and the color became more even. In total I needed three procedures in order to completely level the color of the skin and get rid of pigmentation. I am very pleased!

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