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Acne treatment with laser is a modern method of getting rid of acne!

Acne Treatment with Laser If you suffer from any form of acne, do not despair and let the situation run its course. Before deciding on cosmetology procedures, check the body "from within". Very often, the intestines and pimples on the face are interrelated, since slagging of the gastrointestinal tract is reflected on the skin, causing inflammation, a bad complexion, subcutaneous pimples . You may need to visit a qualified nutritionist to form a proper diet and cleanse the intestines.

To the laser. Try a lot, the right way is one!

Surely you've already tried a lot of cosmetic products, which are widely advertised as a miraculous way to get rid of acne in one week. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to get rid of acne by applying anti-inflammatory drugs alone. Do not waste your money in vain, tackle a thorough treatment of acne, and dermatologists will help you get rid of acne.

To date, the most effective method of getting rid of blackheads is laser therapy. Thanks to this method, thousands of people around the world have safely disposed of the acne lesions of the epidermis and now can boast of an excellent skin condition. The experience of successful laser application is clinically confirmed, and you can use it to restore health to your skin.

Trying acne laser treatment, in addition to the aesthetic problem, you solve the problem of self-doubt.

Why is laser treatment of acne so effective?

The advantage of this method over other methods of treating skin diseases is explained by the following reasons:

  • Contactlessness. The laser beam from the special tip acts on the skin gently, at a distance. At the same time, maximum sterility is maintained.
  • Security. During the procedure, the laser acts only on small areas affected by acne, and directly on the acne itself.
  • Painless. The procedure is quite comfortable and almost does not cause pain.
  • Rapidity. Positive results are noticeable, starting with the first laser therapy sessions.
  • In addition to getting rid of existing acne, the laser will relieve you of post acne , scars , dilated pores and other unpleasant consequences.
  • Laser light positively affects all layers of the skin and increases its immunity.
  • The duration of the positive result. Having passed the necessary course of laser cleansing of the face from acne, you can be sure that the acne in the old form will not resume.

The beam affects all types of acne at any stage, and a favorable effect occurs after the first session. With each new session, the positive effect is fixed.

After the procedure, the skin will turn a little red, but after a couple of days you will notice a significant improvement, because the laser does not have any damaging effects.

As a result, the pores become narrower, the skin relief is smoothed out, the root cause of the appearance of acne is eliminated - clogging of pores and reproduction of bacteria and fungal organisms.

Cells that lining the surface of the duct of the sebaceous gland begin to work in normal mode, and sterile conditions are created in the duct itself.

Aesthetic treatment of acne with a laser by improving the general condition of the skin becomes noticeable, starting from the first week.

Laser application in cosmetology

The leading cosmetic clinics of the world have been successfully using laser therapy for the treatment of acne. Clinical studies have shown that this innovative method is by far the most effective.

For the treatment of acne, installations with an ultraviolet wavelength of a certain range are used. This is either ultraviolet or infrared radiation, which has a directional effect on the eels and inflamed tissues. Due to this, the laser beam penetrates deep into the dermis precisely at the distance on which the inner cavity of eels is located.

The photolight nature of the laser action makes it possible to work ozdoravlivayusche on all layers of the epidermis, and gradually from acne does not remain a trace in the literal sense of the word.

The thermal action of the laser causes a rush of blood to the skin, so that harmful products of acne are carried away by the flow of blood.

How is laser treated with acne?

You lay down in a comfortable pose on the couch, and our expert works on the skin with a laser device through a thin tube with a special tip. Flashes of comfortable heat for you affect the acne for a few seconds.

Inflammatory process decreases, the contents of the pore begins to resolve. The antibacterial effect of the laser is clinically proven. Also, the natural process of tissue regeneration is stimulated, the production of sebum is normalized.

This unpleasant consequence of inflammation, like pigment spots, is also eliminated by laser acne treatment. The number of sessions for each patient individually, depending on the degree and area of ​​the lesion, the characteristics of acne.

In addition, you may need a comprehensive treatment, because acne is rarely found as an independent disease. In most cases, acne is accompanied by various diseases of the internal organs.

In addition, cosmetologists can offer you to enhance the effect of such procedures as face cleaning, peeling for problem skin, applying special therapeutic masks.


Like any treatment, laser therapy has contraindications:

Also, you should refrain from the procedure while taking photosensitizing drugs, herpes rashes in the acute stage and after sunburn.

Acne treatment with laser can be used at any age. The most frequent patients of laser cosmetology are teenagers, because at this age they very painfully perceive the shortcomings of their appearance. The effect of such treatment persists for 6 months.

Having passed the necessary course, you will become much more confident and attractive, because your skin will become smooth and fresh.


  • It is forbidden to sunbathe for 5 days before and after the course.
  • It is not recommended to visit saunas, baths and other procedures related to body overheating
  • During the course and after it, use sunscreens with a protective factor of at least 45

During laser cleansing of the face from acne there is a chance of side effects: redness, peeling, inflammation of hair bulbs. In order to reduce the manifestation of these effects, it is necessary to avoid direct sunlight. You should use an umbrella or a hat if you need to go out under the scorching sun. On the possibility of using sunscreen is better to consult a specialist who is doing the procedure.

Since the main location of acne is the face, chest , back and shoulders , it is necessary to influence these areas. Having trusted competent experts, you will make the right choice. The doctor, from whom you decide to do the procedure, will explain and explain all the available nuances of treatment.

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