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Folk remedies for treating fatty acids that really help

Folk methods of lipoma treatment Emerging and rapidly growing lipoma can not please its owner. Firstly, it gives certain inconveniences of a purely mechanical nature; secondly, the presence of such a cone on the face , back or other parts of the body creates a cosmetic defect; in the third, it is in any case a neoplasm that requires treatment. As a result, modern medicine offers several methods of dealing with them, one of which is the treatment of adipose folk remedies.

Benefits of treating lipoma with folk remedies

The main reasons why a person chooses non-traditional medicine:

  • Lack of surgical intervention;
  • Ability to avoid anesthesia;
  • Absence of postoperative scars and scars;
  • No need to stay in a medical institution;
  • The ability to maintain a normal lifestyle throughout the course of therapy.

What you need to know before using folk remedies?

A person is inclined to resort to traditional medicine in those cases when fear of surgical intervention is too great or there is an allergy to medicinal preparations. Fear of surgical intervention is common to all patients. However, before deciding to use non-traditional methods, it is still worthwhile to undergo a medical examination, the purpose of which will be:

  • Clarification of the diagnosis;
  • Determination of the degree of growth of the wen;
  • Taking a puncture;
  • Conduct an ultrasound examination.

And already based on the results of all the data obtained during the survey, you can decide on the possibility of treatment at home.

Recipes of traditional medicine

  1. Take a large onion and wash it, bake for a quarter of an hour in the oven. After cooling, clean and grind in a meat grinder. Grate on a fine grater a piece of laundry soap, approximately equal in weight to the previously cooked onion. Mix the two ingredients and, after preparing the materials for the compress, apply until the swelling becomes softer and begins to dissolve.
  2. A very effective agent for the treatment of lipoma is celandine . Prepare a strong decoction of celandine and cool it to room temperature, apply in the form of a compress until the moment the neoplasm opens and its content does not flow out on its own.
  3. The rapid dissolving of the lipoma is promoted by the application of the Kalanchoe juice. There are two options for using the plant. In the first case, you can squeeze out the juice and, impregnating them with a cotton-gauze dressing, apply as a compress. In the second case, it is possible to apply not juice to the neoplasm, but the cut leaf of the Kalanchoe cut off by the skin.
  4. Fresh beetroot is recommended to be applied, after having rubbed on the grater, to the wenroot for the night. Top should be covered with a packet and fasten the bandage with adhesive plaster. The undeniable minus of this method is the staining of the beetroot skin. Therefore, it is applicable either on weekends, or when the lipoma is located on those parts of the body where the colored skin will be less visible.
  5. Another effective way is offered to us by folk medicine. It consists in using a plant called a golden mustache. A mashed fresh sheet should be applied to the clean surface of the wen, and then a polyethylene film should be applied from above, which should be somewhat larger than the size of the treated area. Over the film you need to impose a cotton cloth, fixing it around the edges with adhesive plaster. Such a compress is recommended to be changed every ten to twelve hours. The therapeutic effect occurs on the fifteenth - twentieth day.
  6. Pre-cleaned fresh clove of medium-sized garlic should be crushed in a mortar to the state of gruel. Then, adding an equal amount of vegetable oil, mix the two ingredients and lightly massage the resulting mush into the lipoma. Repeat this procedure several times a day.
  7. Recommend mixing the ammonia and ordinary water in equal parts, moisten the cotton swab and apply to the tumor 2-3 times a day. After the cheesy mass begins to appear on the site of the growth, a compress must be applied, impregnated with 10% streptocid ointment . Continuing such procedures, you can get rid of tumors within twenty to thirty days.
  8. Also offer a technique based not on compresses, but on the use of tinctures. Fresh roots of burdock should be ground in a blender, then shifted to a sterile container, pour vodka in the proportion of 1 cup of burdock roots will require a half cup of vodka. The mixture must be put in a dark place for thirty days. After the tincture has acquired its healing properties, it should be drunk twice a day for half an hour before meals on a tablespoon.

Efficacy of Alternative Medicine

Evaluate, the effectiveness of treatment can be reduced in size or complete cure of the tumor. In a number of cases, alternative medicine produces excellent and lasting results, without re-growth of adipose tissue. In a number of other cases, therapy does not bring visible improvement and the tumor remains of the same size and shape. Despite all the patient's efforts, such recipes do not lead to the desired result. As deterioration of a condition of the patient after use of national medicine is as possible.

Very much depends on the general condition of a person, his desire to heal, and also the responsiveness of the body to herbal treatment and simple, affordable ways. If the patient decides to use traditional medicine to get rid of lipoma or lipomatosis, it is still recommended that you do this under the supervision of a specialist. It is enough to undergo a survey once or twice every three to four months to determine the condition and size of the lesion. Thus, you can use non-traditional methods of treatment and simultaneously control the development of the tumor, so as not to miss the moment when surgical intervention is required. If the patient manages to get rid of it with the help of garlic and a golden mustache, then the medical report will be a weighty confirmation. In this way, as a rule, it is possible to prove that the folk methods of treatment used by the Wenowiks brought the expected results!

  1. Julia 01/24/2015 18:06

    At me on a leg or foot the tumor (lipoma) in the size approximately from a sex of a fist was formed, as from it or her to get rid of national agents?

  2. TAMARA 03/17/2015 18:11

    And if the Lipoma is in an interstitial space! HOW TO TREAT?

  3. Love 08.10.2015 19:01

    Prompt an effective way to get rid of a lipoma. many times were removed surgically but they again appear again and again. Thanks in advance!

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