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Is it possible to cure demodex at home?

Treatment of subcutaneous demodex mite Demodex or demodecosis is a disease caused by a subcutaneous mite. Demodex treatment is not an easy task, but if you approach it seriously and methodically, you can achieve excellent results. Methods of treatment depend on the individual course of the disease, the degree of skin damage, as well as the diseases or condition of the body, which caused rashes on the skin. For example, if demodex was a consequence of a decrease in immunity in pregnancy , then it will be necessary to use more sparing means, as a consequence, getting rid of it will be quite long. On average, the timing of the treatment depends on the type of mite that struck the skin. The term of treatment of the disease associated with lesions with a long demodex (folliculorum) is, on average, 4 months, and a meek (brevis) - 6 months. The course is necessary to pass to the very end, although in 2 months there will be visible changes - the skin will look more healthy, even.

General rules

Before choosing which means to get rid of demodex, you need to know simple rules that will help make its treatment effective and in general will be able to ensure the operation of all drugs and supporting procedures.

First of all, it should be noted that with demodecosis, there is always a sharp decrease in the body's immunity. Therefore, the use of immunomodulating drugs, as well as the means that normalize the intestinal flora, will be necessary in the complex treatment of demodex. To identify and get rid of the accompanying pathologies, you must also make an appointment with an endocrinologist, neurologist, gynecologist. In the treatment complex, specialists also prescribe antihistamines, since the demodex skin mite often causes allergic reactions in humans.

The main thing - hygiene

In the fight against it, one should strictly adhere to the rules of hygiene.

  1. It is necessary to reduce the time spent at the computer, as working with a computer reduces immunity.
  2. It is necessary to monitor the purity of the skin. The skin should in no case be sweaty, dusty or oily. To do this, it is often necessary to wash the affected areas, avoid baths, tans , smoke, dust, etc. It is recommended to use not warm water, but warm water.
  3. At the time when the treatment of demodex on the face is in no case necessary to use cosmetics and creams, try to somehow cover the pimples . The fatty basis of many cosmetics is a very favorable environment for the development and reproduction of the tick.
  4. If you use a feather pillow, change it to a synthetic pillow. Pooh can be not just a filler, but a warm house for a parasite. A pillow case or a natural cloth cape on the pillow should be changed every day. Before use, it should be ironed on both sides.
  5. Try to lead a healthy lifestyle. Do not eat fat, spicy and sweet food. Let your diet abound with foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Give up tobacco and alcohol, and avoid stress and emotional breakdowns.
  6. Do not touch your face with dirty hands and avoid unnecessary touches of objects. Eyeglasses and shaving accessories should be treated daily with alcohol. Scarves and scarves will have to be washed and ironed regularly.

Methods of treatment


Traditionally, drugs that contain the active component - metronidazole - have been used to treat demodex. But recently it turned out that over the years of using drugs containing metronidazole, it has developed some resistance to this component, so their use does not always have a positive result. More often today, specialists prescribe, for example, ornidazole.

Very good results showed the use of drugs that are part of Demodex-Complex, as well as medicines manufactured in China by Xin Fumanling (XFML) and Manting. It must be remembered that during treatment with these drugs, the skin is contraindicated with intense sun rays, so it is best to begin the process of fighting the skin mite in the autumn. Approximately two weeks later, the patients have a visible exacerbation of the disease - new acne appears. This is a normal reaction and confirmation that the treatment process is in the right direction. Acne, in fact, is the larvae of dead mite. In no case should they be put under pressure , since an infection can be introduced that will provoke the development and growth of larvae.

We treat at home

In addition, there are many ways how to treat demodex at home. This treatment is also complex, it consists, first of all, of cleansing the body, and then-the application of ointments and lotions. Purification of the body can be carried out in various ways. One of them is to use magnesium, vegetable oil and citrus juice throughout the day.

A solution of magnesia (calculation of 100 g per 100 kg of medicine weight per 1 glass of warm water) should be drunk at 5:30 in the morning. At 9.00 - drink 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Then, from 10.00 to midnight, drink self-prepared juice (5l per 100 kg of weight) and in intervals - olive oil (100 g per 100 kg of weight). This is all that can be consumed on this day. Juice is prepared very easily 1/3 freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, 1/3 - orange juice and 1/3 - distilled water. Such a one-day diet will thoroughly purify the body of toxins. Six months later, it must be repeated. The next day it is better to eat liquid porridge and mashed soup.

Gadgets can be carried out with a solution of the buckthorn bark. The solution is prepared from 3 tablespoons of buckthorn bark, which is boiled in 300 g of water for 3 minutes and insisted for 3 hours. Lotion should be done 2 times a day. In a day on the inflamed places for 10 minutes you need to apply birch tar. It can be washed off with soap.

Complex treatment

In parallel, treatment with ointment "NM" , which can be purchased at a veterinary store or pharmacy. Ointment should be applied a thick layer at night 10 days a month for two months. In the morning, the ointment is washed off with soap . At this time it is also recommended to drink tablets " Trichopol " (3 tablets a day for 7 days). When the mite begins to die, a profuse exfoliation of the skin is found on the face. Do not try to get rid of it, using creams or ointments, which can only contribute to a kind of "resuscitation" of the parasite.

  1. yaalal 03/20/2013 11:06 PM

    To me the dermatologist has explained, that demodex is almost at all, but it is far not at everyone he is shown by rashes on the face. Treated me and antibiotics, and ointments different. I want to add about "Yam". It smells disgusting, it needs to be washed off with oil (olive, peach, etc.). If you keep on your face for long, it can cause skin damage.

  2. Fedor 05/19/2013 21:02

    The best option is ointment benzyl benzoate 10% and gel metrogil. For a month I got rid of.

    • The anonymous author 02.09.2013 06:25

      To me the dermatologist has written out too most)

      • Ole 07/25/2015 17:45

        Hello! Once this topic is touched upon, I will write about my experience. Certainly doctors are more visible; they are, after all, professionals.
        But I believe that drinking 5 different drugs, each according to its scheme, changing every day pillowcases and rubbing yourself with some other three means only drives you into unnecessary stress ...
        My first treatment was exactly this (I drank a lot and did everything), but it almost did not help, maybe it just got worse.
        Appealed to get the so-called "second opinion" to another doctor. She prescribed 2 times less money and offered a different approach .. In the end, I was helped
        -to minimize skin contact
        -Wipe the face with a solution of Chlorgixedin - no washing during .. it seems like a couple of weeks (long ago it was)
        In the morning and evening, apply a thin layer of Metrogil gel
        I do not seem to pay much attention to the diet, I did not change the pillow cases, and I overcame myself - I did not put any make-up anywhere. She was like a pimple at work, she told me at work, with whom she communicated closely, what foolishness I suffer :)) As a result, a month and a half later it became much better! Many said that I look half as young (probably because of the lack of cosmetics, including). Several years have passed, sometimes there are slight worsening - I use Metrogil and I am afraid to give my skin more rest, I do not use any creams or tonalnts at the weekend. And so for a long time again I use :)
        Of course, everything is individual, think logically, use common sense - and you will succeed!

        • Ole 07/26/2015 18:52

          Oh yes, I forgot to mention (perhaps) an important point. I also changed the toothpaste - on the advice of a doctor - and began to use paste without fluoride. I understand that fluoride kills bacteria, which in turn control the demodex population. Only pick up the paste without fluoride, you need to carefully, because. cheap / angry led to some kind of absurd raid, that is, they may be ineffective. But maybe at least for the time of the demodex mutiny, it's worth doing this =)

        • The Anonymous user 01/30/2016 14:27

          And what tablets did you take?

        • Natalia 09/23/2016 20:12

          I was treated for three months metrogil, there is no improvement, only stress has worked.

  3. Alexander 12/30/2013 11:45

    Demodex is treated 3-5 days with streptocid powder. Wash your face for the night and clean it all over the face with this powder, especially in the affected areas. The result is visible already on the trail. day. It helped me.

    • Anna 10/24/2015 13:26

      And how to rub more in detail you will tell or say?

    • The Anonymous user 04.11.2016 11:57

      where to get it?

  4. Hope 02/15/2014 10:10 PM

    Ointment BENZOTAL, in the beginning in a proportion 1: 1 with ointment belepin. Apply on freshly washed, dried skin in the morning and always in the evening. In the beginning, an exacerbation is possible. Ointment is very strong, causes burning, if the skin is very inflamed. This must be endured. First results in 2 weeks. Then the sick skin should completely come off and be refreshed. I had a very neglected case, but a year later the disease left no trace, and the skin, as after visiting the beauty salon-fresh, updated. If any pimple appears, I immediately lubricate it with BENZOTAL ointment (already without bepantine). Believe me, really good tool! After 15 years of walking around the doctors and useless throwing of money, this ointment brought me back to normal life! And I sincerely wish you!

    • Elena 15.04.2015 23:34

      And creams cosmetics used during treatment?

    • Maral 03.05.2015 13:03

      It really helps. Please help me. I'm very afraid of complications

    • The anonym 07.06.2015 08:13

      Benzotal is the same benzyl benzoate only imported

    • Mayra 11/10/2016 18:41

      Hello, can you help me. Before treatment at me 3-4 pryshchikov then I have begun treatment (treatment my cosmetician has appointed or nominated) soap tar and benzilbenzoata ointment and here only 2 weeks only I look these pryshchiki became more and more they what that red and from within inflamed but without a head. Did you have a red sore from inside too? Is that something I'm worried about right? I'm worried that the inside is red with sores only without a head. Thanks in advance.

  5. Svetlana 04/04/2014 19:01

    I also ran into this problem, suffered for three years !!! From the beginning, the doctors found nothing, they all spoke with one voice that you have dysbacteriosis, rosacea, allergies, parasites, etc. Who is in that much, until one day my whole face is blown! All face and part of the neck inflamed, reddened, there were terrible pustules. I ran once again to Kozhvendispanser, made a scraping from the skin and there I was pleased with a subcutaneous mite. Have registered a treatment, which by and large did not help much. Next, I found on the Internet Chinese cream, pleasure is not cheap, thanks to them, it began to go through inflammation and slowly recovering in the skin (I spent 8 months and a lot of money on this process). I did not fade in place, I was looking for another way of healing. And so, at last I found it !!! I was helped by Cryomassage (nitrogen treatment) 10 sessions and another cosmetologist's advice to wipe the face every evening with a solution of calendula + aspirin + levomycetin (1 bottle of calendula, 5 tablets of aspirin and 5 tablets of levomycetin, grind and mix well. 4 months I live in peace. Good luck to everyone and speedy recovery from this muck !!!

  6. екатерина 05/15/2014 10:53

    I'm now treating demodex with tar soap and sulfuric ointment, it dries the skin very much. What to do, tell me please?

  7. Valentina Tula 31.07.2014 10:51

    Demodex cured with the drug GLIKODEM!

  8. The Anonymous 08/18/154 22:01

    Hello! My husband has a demodex mite. He's like, infectious? And how can I cure it?

  9. anonymous on 09/20/2014 07:17

    Tell me please, how many individuals were found on your face?

    • наталья 10.12.2015 21:53

      I have one unit ... but a panic, as if 100 ... ..Gest !! last time he treated for 9 months ... .tolko money gave.uzhas ... .a procedures ...... mom dear !!!!! Liquid nitrogen is very helpful ...... .the face, like an ass at a baby becomes !!!!

      • Larissa 06/30/2016 15:20

        Natalia, tell me, please, are the procedures with nitrogen painful? How will it be prepared? expensive?

  10. zalina 09/26/2014 09:52

    drink the oil of black cumin and everything will be type-top! it is checked up on itself.

  11. The anonymous author 10.10.2014 11:36

    Hello. I can help to cure demodex. This method of treatment is tried on oneself.
    In a bowl, pour a pinch of calendula, celandine, St. John's wort, chamomile (any herbs that you have) and brew it. Put a hot broth in front of you, cover yourself with a towel and hold your face above the steam until the broth cools. After bathing, rub your face with salicylic acid. On the face, apply a mask with cosmetic clay for 15 minutes. For each clay can be individual. I was approached by white clay. After 15 minutes, wash your face with warm water. Remove the broth through gauze in the scoop and then wash them face.
    Get well!

  12. ElenaBbbb 11/07/2014 17:46

    The problem is familiar. I share free of charge))).
    To me too in KVD after the analysis the dermatologist 1st time has written out: to drink Trichopolum 3 weeks on 2 t 3 times a day + Enteros-gel 14 dn. 1 st.lozhke 3 times a day + Likopid 1 ml 14 d. 1 t once a day + 1 month. ointment Rosamet (or gel Metrogil) 2 times a day after cleaning the face Chlorhexidine + diet (refusal of salty, spicy, fatty, fried foods) + daily change of pillowcases and towels or ironing with hot iron.
    It helped. But three months later - unfortunately at the dacha she could not always hide her face from the sun, red spots on her face appeared again. The analysis confirmed the presence of a tick. The treatment was different: 14 days. Ornidazole at 1 t 2 r / day + 10 d. Zodak 1 ton 1 r / d + 14 days. Calcium gluconate 1 t 3 r / d + 14 d. Lactofiltrum 1 t 3 r / d + 3 weeks. externally gel Demoten 2 r / d. The first option was palpable. The second is not. Now the redness increases, then it decreases. From time to time I externally grease the face with a leaf of Aloe + Rosamet - it does not help much. But stress, a mistake in eating or a decrease in immunity returns a problem. Alas!

  13. The Anonymous author 18.11.2014 16:29

    I drink trichopol tablets, smear ointment with meteorite plus benzyl benzonate. And a streptocide. In the beginning there was an improvement, now everything is the same on the face !!!!! Who will tell you why? Maybe my mite has already adapted to treatment ??? !!!

  14. Ludmila 11/19/2014 12:50 PM

    I suffer this problem more than one year - who has treated this muck with ointment Vishnevsky?

  15. Svetlana 11/23/2014 08:46

    Thank you all for your advice, very interesting. I also just recovered from a tick. The diagnosis was Rosacea, then the mites were sown. Recommendations of doctors to examine the stomach for the presence of helico bacteria, the thyroid gland, for the presence of an allergic reaction. Failures in the stomach, thyroid gland can be reflected on the face in the form of such rashes, impaired vision. I smeared with "Metrogil" ointment in the morning and a bolt from 5 components for the night (included Trichopol 2.5, streptocide aa 2.5, other components in Latin are not legibly written: lactomycetini, Sp. Acthylici 70 deg - 50, Hycerini, Ag purit aa 10.0). Chatte very well helped me immediately, immediately visible improvements. Doctors said that either ointment or talker 2 times a day to lubricate, to whom that better helps. But the talker leaves a visible white coating and you will not walk all day. Also prescribed an ointment for eyelids based on ichthyol at night. But the gel for blepharons "Blefarogel" with sulfur in composition is better, it is on sale only in Russia. Also 3 times a day drip the eyes with drops (in the soda and boric acid). It is recommended to treat the eyes for 1.5 months and again after 2 weeks to take an analysis for ticks ... Also during the treatment Trichopolum was prescribed for 1 tablet 3 times a day for ten days. I wash my eyes and face in the morning and in the evening with tar soap. Now, after repeated treatment, the mite was not found, the treatment helped, but periodically the rashes appear, it seems depending on the food. Vision also became better, but periodically it's like a film before your eyes and it's hard to watch. Hygiene is needed all the time. Maybe someone will come in handy ... I wish good luck !!!

    • The Anonymous 08/28/2016 16:47

      Thank you very much for your comment. I work as a massage therapist in the salon, I observe hygiene. After a day's work, the skin began to itch and itching is unbearable, the eyes are covered with a veil. I myself have a thyroid gland 8 years and even thrombocytopenia. Analyzes are normal in the eyes, the allergy does not pass. The doctor the dermatologist has appointed or nominated treatment did not help or assist. I will follow your advice

  16. Deer 11/24/2014 23:51

    I was sick for 23 years. Treated benzyl benzoate, which bakes so that the tears protrude. And after it the skin became very dry. Went to the skin. Dispensary, where they discharged me liquid. Mazala, nothing helped. And Trichopolum drank and did not help. And smeared with ointment "Yam". This ointment is so fat and smelly to nausea. I drank antibiotics, nothing helped. Then I bought a Chinese cream with metronidazole. She smeared for two years, the skin became better, cleaner and even the black points were gone. The cream bakes only at first, then it's gone.
    After two years of using this cream, pustules appear sometimes, but I am happy with the skin condition. But God completely healed me of this problem. Recently, abscesses have crawled out and I prayed and a miracle, my face is clean. Glory to God !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! End of my torment. I feel very, very sorry for all of this myself.

    • anonymous on 03/25/2015 10:15 PM

      Name of the cream please write

    • The Anonymous 11/07/2015 09:13

      Which kind of Chinese cream?

    • Eugene 27.06.2016 15:18

      Tell me please, where did you buy Chinese ointment and how is it called?

  17. The anonym 05.12.2014 06:27

    In short, I also have demodex on my face for more than ten years. I do not know what to treat it, too, tried all sorts of things. but one thing I know as soon as I spread cream face everything starts to itch and sprinkle both neck and face. nachitalas. but I think that this is not it. son page

    • The anonymous author 03.25.2015 05:08

      Read on the Internet about Delex acne cosmetics. Gel and lotion helped me much better than benzyl benzoate! It is inexpensive, sold in pharmacies and online.

  18. Sabi 07.12.2014 04:38

    During the teenage period, she bought her expensive cosmetology products in the complex (usually 3-4), but what was my surprise when he said that the fastest and the longest, what I prepared myself is a soap and lotion lotion. , taking a recipe from the literature on cosmetology. His recipe is rather simple .0.5 water, 1 piece of baby soap (with decamethosis I think you can apply tar), 0.5 tsp. borax, 1 teaspoonful of toast, 1 tablespoon of camphor oil. Wet the grater on a shallow grater, gradually adding boiling water to the foam. Add the ingredients, peroxide and camphor to the post. Alternately, store in the refrigerator sk. Lotion cook trace. for 200 g of vodka -05.h.L. drizzle and squeeze there juice of half a lemon. the effectiveness is that cleansing with soap cream penetrates into the sebaceous follicles, spontaneous secretion from the pustule occurs. And the lotion dries and contributes to the creation of normal.slobo-kis.RN skin balance. The sanitation occurs due to the borax. Try it, this is a complex air, because. I'm in the past a veterinarian microbiologist and an epizootologist. and I know very well about bacteria, mites, fungi. And as an acaricide, you can use vet.preparat, as mentioned above, m. in breeding. Try to think logically the mites like lard, alkaline medium, hotter, sunshine, therefore, these moments should be minimized. and ointment fatty-find an alternative (gel or liquid). And in the body for the assimilation of fat meets the gallbladder and liver, when they can not cope with the body secretes fat from the skin (that's good) .Individual, Any pleasant means for drinking, containing lactic bacteria. In addition, once a month or a quarter, cleansing enemas will help to help the body cleanse itself of toxins. Make the mood positive and overcome the complexes, because of the temporary inconveniences associated with the appearance. To aspire to Accept and love yourself without conditions. A few young people with whom I had to face life for various reasons and who were strained by problems with acne of any etiology (bacte, or acaricidal) usually they are in the complex. my recommendations helped solve this problem in a short time.

    • The Anonymous author 04.24.2015 13:15

      When preparing a soapy cream, you write "peroxide and camphor in the latter. queue". But in the composition of peroxide you did not mention. If it should be, how much is it?

    • The Anonymous user 07/18/2015 14:07

      From your recipe it is not clear how much to take water (you have 0.5 water) and how much peroxide

  19. Mika777 12/14/2014 14:25

    In the morning and in the evening, wash twice with tar soap.

  20. ira 12/24/2014 17:57

    I cured the food as. I tried a lot of things but the dermatologist suggested: we take benzene benzoate ointment in the pharmacy and begin to smear two weeks in the morning and in the evening, while not washing at all, of course, the head is washed gently so that the face can not be wetted, makeup does not use any powder creams, etc. ointment! a pillow stroking every day and washing, a week later the result will appear you it will please it is a fact, in two weeks go to zenerit Well I already bathed and washed in the morning and in the evening with tar soap, the skin will slazil peel and be smooth, hard of course ointment bake a little, but the result is worth it, try it.

  21. Inna 03.01.2015 14:55

    It is advised to go to the kozhdispanser. I was also sent to him and the doctor of sciences watched. and they did not say anything concrete. and they did not know what was wrong with the skin. as a result, I was discharged two small creams. and this is without a single survey, to which they should have sent me. these creams certainly did not help. these are the doctors ....

  22. Yuri 11/01/2015 10:40

    First you need to do a scraping from the affected area and make sure it's a tick. I did not have acne-just the redness of the skin. (a couple of years) I bought an acaricidal drug "Amit" in the vetaptek. Mazal 10 days (unpleasant sensation) washed with bactericidal soap and wiped his face, and after shaving, tincture of calendula. In a short time, everything passed. Good luck everyone!

  23. Masha 01/13/2015 17:14

    The doctor prescribed a solution, in the pharmacy, illiterate pharmacists confused him with Lugol's solution (the handwriting was really illegible), well, in a few days, by mistake of the seller, I got rid of a tick, whose treatment, according to the dermatologist, had to last several months) ) For my doctor this was a discovery) I advise!

    • Evgenia 06/08/2015 12:15 PM

      And how did you use this solution?

    • olga 08/13/2016 18:26

      Please tell me how you applied it?

  24. Valeria 28.01.2015 16:24

    Trichopol, may, and reduces immunity, but Metrogil is definitely not, it's a gel for the skin. And Trichopol is from the category of means that harm, but it still brings more benefits. What is there to do? There are no special means here. It is necessary to google about this treatment for Demyanovichu google.

  25. Marina 10.02.2015 21:50

    I read a lot of things on this site, but you can tell something else ..
    After all, each different hardening .. some say it helped other things ... What is being treated?

  26. Javel1n 11.02.2015 21:12

    I was advised "Activated charcoal", did you try or not help?

  27. The Anonymous user 02/16/2015 17:59

    Does the demolan help?

    • Elena 08.09.2015 21:06

      The demolan does not help at all, a lot of drugs have been tried, and a hundred doctors have bypassed, now they have got to the parasitologist. I just share the prescription how to treat this infection: Spragal 5 times a day for all affected places face, back, Vormil 2 weeks. Folic acid, Hepaval, Cycloferon, any antihistamine, creon, live bacteria for the intestine all this for at least a month, except Wormil.

  28. Inna 24.02.2015 10:24

    I was in the kozhveneorologicheskom dispensary, I saw three doctors, also a doctor of science. But to my surprise they did not tell me anything on the way, and they did not even say that it was a tick. They gave me two small creams, and that's it. And they did not even examine me. These are the doctors ....

    • Madina 02/26/2016 00:28

      Here, right now I'm being treated, only in my arms I have a demo, I drink trichopolum 3 times a day, linex too 3 times, what vitamins, and at night when I lie down, klaritin. 5 days smeared sulfuric ointment, at night and in the morning, right now Sprigal splashes on the damaged sites. Helps

      • Tanya 15.07.2016 23:41

        And in what places do you have demodex? And how was the treatment? Already summer, what are the results? Please reply. Thanks in advance.

  29. Ahmedova Leila 02.25.2015 19:49

    And if the allergy or side effects of Trichopolum, what to do?

    • Аноним 03/23/2015 04:51

      Antibiotic withdrawal urgently

  30. vseok 03/8/2015 16:43

    I have a question for Mary about the treatment of Lugol's solution. describe the procedure for treatment please !?

  31. Olga 08.04.2015 20:48

    Help people good! I do not know what to do with all the creams, the face is even more red and in the area near the nose and chin it seems to burn! Without tonalki, do not go out! Morally very uncomfortable. How to deal with this?

    • Alissa 04/14/2015 08:58

      After all the fruitless attempts with traditional medicine, I turned to Chinese medicine. Mites discovered another 11 years ago. Naturally, for the first time it was all like everyone: treatment of the stomach, intestines from the inside, and talkers, metrogil, trihopol - directly against the tick. My mother was very worried and was constantly looking for something else. And in one Chinese store she was told this cream (or ointment) "King of Skin". All the "fear" of this ointment cleans up for three uses, but I think it's not worth using. Some write that this thing is hormonal, and that "ketoconazole", the main active ingredient, is a hormone. Solve yourself. Exacerbations, like in everyone, in any case happen every 3-4 years. I start to treat always according to the standard scheme of our dermatologists, believing in a miracle, then after 1.5-2 months, when everything is already beginning to thoroughly podbushivat, smear it three times and everything goes away.

      • Irina 17.11.2015 18:29

        And what does this ointment look like? Where can I buy it?

      • Irina 16.05.2016 14:20


    • Tatiana 23.05.2015 21:34

      30 years ago I was sick with demodicosis in St. Petersburg. Long and tediously treated with all sorts of ointments and talkers, no use. I went to the Institute of Beauty to the professor, she sent me to cryomassage and prescribed an ointment. Cryomassage helped, but I'm not talking about this, I'm talking about ointments. The composition: sulfur-3 g., Ichthyolka-3 g., Zinc ointment-100 g. There was also sulfatiazole in the composition, but it was long ago removed from production. I recently had a relapse demodex-nothing helped (about the ointment somehow forgot). I found a prescription, I ordered it in the pharmacy without sulfatiazol and very quickly everything went away. There is still a Russian drug, I did not try, but it's praised. But it is desirable to pass to the ointment in parallel cryomassage 10 sessions. Ointment dryish, I added a little baby cream to make it easier to apply. If my advice will help, I'll be glad.

  32. Natalia 04/21/2015 17:11

    Thank you all for your advice! Found a lot of interesting things. He treated demodex twice in his life. Both are successful. The last time was 17 years ago. Both times medicamentously: 1) the Demnanovitch talker (levomycetin + sulfur + salicylic or boric c-ta + alcohol), 2) the antibiotic (there was kanamycin and levomycetin inside), 3) diet, 4) hygiene of linen and clothes. But streptotsid, tincture of calendula with aspirin and levomitsetinom, kvass pure according to Bolotov, cream Dexodem, tar soap - this is new for me. I want to try, because this muck returned to me, and also my son infected. And also eucalyptus oil (capna also in mascara and treat all cosmetic brushes and sponges).

  33. Eka 04/25/2015 11:30

    Dear ones, keep always the tar soap. Periodically, she suffered for 20 years, sometimes pustules go out, immediately fear that this muck is again. A couple of days I wash my face with tar in the morning and in the evening. It is also necessary to maintain immunity. I have been drinking a glass of water + lemon juice + a spoon of honey for several years.

    • Vasya 01/10/2016 02:27

      There's no sense of soap, I'm already washing them all 2 times a day. I'm helped by the talker, from the beginning I thought that the next bullshit, but then I saw the result. The scheme is as follows. Degod on the face for 2 hours, then wash off and immediately can black ointment for 2 hours. The sulfur ointment starts to burn. We remove sulfur, I just wiped it with my cotton discs from my face. And we put the talker the same for 2 hours. The composition is as follows: 1 vial of glycerin + 1 ampoule of sodium thiosulfate + 1 tablespoon of vinegar 70%. Shake up. Sensations will be very hard from the talker. The skin will burn and tears flow. Total for all 3 stages takes 6 hours. The skin will be ragged with rags the next day. I did this 10 days in a row, the talker turned into the torments of hell. But most importantly, it helps. My face has completely cleared the axis. This is not fantastic, it works.

  34. Evdokia 28.04.2015 11:59

    After 28 years, they began to worry about pimples on my chin .... Mama advised me to wash with tar soap, everything went away, but recently rashes began to bother all over the body! I bought benzene benzoate ointment. Interestingly, compared with the emulsion, it is less effective, tell me who used it and whether it is necessary to smear children and her husband? And about the tincture of lyugol, Maria, I'm also interested! Tell me the scheme! I am amazed by this fact: I have a very clean family, we do wet cleaning 2 times a week, my everything, and we boil, because the children are small ... But how is it !? all the rubbish is pouring ... then deprive me, then this ... demodex .. it must be like in the village ?! all natural !!? and nothing, probably, does not cling to ..

    • Maya 05/05/2015 17:48

      I recommend trying to treat demodicosis with the products of the club system "New Life". It helps me.

    • Tatiana 28.12.2015 19:39

      Maybe this is the whole problem? When it's too clean, sterile is also bad. Look at the gypsy children, before the frosts run barefoot, eat with dirty hands, food is often from under your feet - and at least some contagion has stuck !!! Immunity, however.

  35. Maya 05/05/2015 17:44

    I work as a secretary in the village council for 10 years. Acquired a lot of sores including weakened immunity, the nervous system also suffered, acquired gastritis and a couple of chronic diseases. Three years ago there was demodecosis. Has addressed in KVD have appointed or nominated treatment, has helped or assisted but not for a long time. Now I am saved from this ailment by the products of the club system "New Life". It is necessary in the nearest office to undergo diagnostics of the organism and there the valeologist will make an appointment. I recommend everyone who is tired of the ordeals of hospitals and pharmacies. I began to use only this product and it helps me.

  36. Alla 05/29/2015 12:59 PM

    I was helped ordinary levomitsetinovy ​​alcohol externally. In the morning, at lunch and in the evening during exacerbations.
    Better than 3%.
    At me a fat skin, transfers or carries an alcohol fine - no peelings and so forth of the negative moments. However, if you use acids in the care, or scrubs, or somehow injure the skin - dryness and flaking may appear, at the time of application - a slight burning sensation.

    Means inexpensive, but effective. Antibiotic, yes. But outwardly, and not internally - lesser evil.

  37. Alla 15.06.2015 12:27

    Maybe someone will help my experience, and so, it began in 20 years, sprinkled the entire chin, how many I have bypassed these clinics, how much money was spent, everything was confused and treated at all incomprehensibly why, even the droppers that some did and the acne crockers drank, awful a drug for the general condition and the result of a short-term. Trichopol, sumamed, various talkers, helped for some time. I was tormented for 5 years, for me it's hell. Nobody said that this is demodicosis. A couple of months ago I went to private honey. The center to the gynecologist-endocrinologist, she to me without analyzes has told or said, that it at me a hypodermic tick or mite .. Aaaa which mate and eggs on the face postpone ... .. Sounds of course horror as ... In general she has recommended me to smear with demazolum for blepharons, the person, ears , diet a5, iron every 3 days a pillowcase and so 2 months. The result I will say surprised .. But not until the end and I was reading in the Internet about benzene benzoate, I decided to use it. More shortly, abruptly, 6 day has gone, red these shishki resolve !!! I hope it will help me)) Good luck !!!!

    • Irina 16.06.2015 12:03

      I treated the dog with folk remedy for demodicosis, as the drugs help for a very short time and very badly affect the liver. Recipe learned from another "doggie". he cured his dog. Recipe: spice cloves pour triple cologne (I poured vodka), took arbitrarily, but more cloves to be about half with the liquid, and insist in a dark place until a dark brown liquid, smear in rubber gloves - do not get your hands dirty. The dog tolerates well, the smell is pleasant, Yes, you do not just smear it, but rub it a little longer, applying several times. It helps surprisingly well. It can be combined with external anti-maltreatment drugs, it kills adult mites, and cloves, I suppose, eggs that the mite lays in the skin - and this gives a relapse after usual treatment.

    • Zhadyr 19.03.2016 13:20

      Hello. Thanks for the advice, but you only used ointment did not take anything else? I already chronic, I do not know what to do.

  38. Julianna 07/16/2015 16:22

    Hello everybody! 1,5 years ago, he treated this muck ... even injections 10 days in veins and at 5 points pricked ... about tablets and talkers, too, did not forget ... but a month ago at sea (from the sun probably) everything appeared and worse still ... I work in a cosmetic company , I spend SPA-care and I can not be with such a person ... a woman who once faced this case suggested a simple way. And, you know, something is in it. I tried it for 2 days, but the result is already noticeable. This toothpaste. Keep it until it dries. To wash the face with decoction of celandine. If it is useful, I will be glad

    • The Anonymous user 08/18/2015 20:41

      Hello, all tell me please how to treat this muck. I right now on treatment, to me the dermatologist has written trihapol and benzilbenzoat, soap seigarb and carvalol. and change the pillowcase and iron. But I do not see this improvement.

      • Olga 08/20/2015 21:35

        I was helped by the ointment "Yam". I was ill for 1,5 years, lay in the hospital (because missed metrogilom 3 days, I received another and terrible rozation), drank a lot of drugs, and used "Demoten" and "Demazol" and recommended in the Internet chatters. Nothing helped. Has reached hormonal preparations. Improvements were, but only temporary. Then it all began again. Since June 3, I risked (because the skin is prone to irritations and allergic reactions), and began to smear with ointment "Yam" 2 times a day. She held for 30 minutes, then dabbed with a paper towel. She did not wash herself, she put "ointment on ointment" (this was expressed by a nurse in a hospital). Of course, I did not go to work at that time. I suffered a burning sensation, which is drying over the dried skin. But after 2 weeks the face began to clear. Then 3 more weeks it was smeared once a day (for the night). Then for prophylaxis in a day, then after 2. Now everything is clean, but the fear has survived, and for prevention once a week. The skin has got used. So try it.

    • Anonymous on 06/03/2016 13:24

      More details tell

  39. Svetlana 08.29.2015 10:50

    Good afternoon everyone! I began to suffer this problem 3 years ago after Mary Kay cosmetics. Everyone said to go check your intestines! I checked all the restrictions on everything that is possible, I was twisted by the temple and said go to treat the head with pimples you can live. I'm in such stress now, I used all sorts of creams, I did peels including. and chemical (helped for 6 months), helped metronidazole tablets for months. 4, after doing mesoteria face 5 times (more or less cured forehead). I've been on a strict diet for 3 years already. I also had a little help from the cream with slime snails from Aliexpress and everything, but I smeared it every day for the night there were improvements! Nevertheless, small rashes are shed on the cheeks without end. Tried special American cosmetics and the basilon in its pure form helps for a while and nothing happens, everything again pours out. The skin became terribly greasy pores widened even more. I think that I will take advice about kvass. And I want to say that the infectious diseases specialist prescribed to drink the vermox by 4 tablets. 1 month anti-parasite (the most killer drug after which the liver is restored only after 6 months) and the same did not help

  40. valentine 12.09.2015 17:11

    My tick demodicosis tortured me how to fight, I do not know, I drank trichopolum, smeared it, tincture of calendula. nothing helps, tell me how to get rid

  41. artem 27.09.2015 23:37

    The doctor has written out a solution, has redeemed in a drugstore when I smear strongly burns, and should or it is not normal?

    • anna 09/03/2016 21:32

      Artem please tell me the name of the solution that you were discharged

  42. Elena 29.09.2015 08:29

    There was a problem with the eyes 3 years ago. Sensation of sand and burning. They pulled eyelashes and found a tick. The ophthalmologist has appointed or nominated treatment: to wash with tar soap 2 times a day, to grease eyelashes with a cream for blepharons Демазол disposable cotton wand. Change the pillow to synthetic, every day iron the pillowcase with a hot iron. Wipe off with a disposable napkin. The course is 45 days. It helped. Now a new outbreak: a few small adipocytes appeared on the century, one tried to remove with a needle, at first it could not, then noticed that it began to dry out. Easily tossed and burned the hole with iodine. After a couple of days I felt a sharp itch in this area and a little later I again felt the sand in my eyes and carved, lachrymation. It looks like these mites, having lost their place moved to the cilia. I started a second course of treatment. Immediately withdrew acute symptoms, but while between the morning and evening toilet eyes they arise, but only 4-5 days have passed. I hope that helps. The main thing is to observe hygiene and iron the pillow. The iron stands on the nightstand next to the bed. She got up, immediately ironed. And a napkin led a special on the pillow-her, too, ironing and washing often. Nothing difficult, just patience and not be lazy. I hope someone will help. Recommendations from the doctor of the consultation center at 15 hospitals in Moscow.

  43. Anastasiya 10/22/2015 14:06

    Tortured with this tick. So many tears were shed, so much money is thrown out. Denomizan, Metrogil, klindomitsitin, mirrors ... .. the list will be INFINITE !!! And what do you think?! I saw a lumen in this problem in a remedy for 30 r - synthamycin ointment. The remedy is as old as the world! And he heals even spots from acne-acne!
    I would be happy if someone I helped! All of health!

    • The Anonymous user 04.11.2015 14:59

      Anastasia good evening, I would like to know how and how much time you applied ointment?

    • Viktoria 07/14/2016 19:37

      Thank you, Anastasia is great! Shintomitsinovuyu ointment namazala-an inflammation has removed or has taken off instantly, the skin on the face was aligned! I will smear continue! Only please write how many times a day you have to smear and how many days will the treatment last? Thank you in advance!

  44. Аноним 02.11.2015 18:43

    I wish everyone good health

  45. Svetlana 11/05/2015 07:39

    ... tell me how to treat during breastfeeding ... .mazi are allowed ????

  46. victories 11/21/2015 2:17 PM

    I am 21 years old. I have been sick of this filth since I was 12 years old. Went to the dermatologist 3 times and all to no avail. I am pregnant and very afraid for my baby so as not to infect him. I've read many useful tips, but I'm afraid to treat. I beg, advise what to do.

  47. The Anonymous user 18.12.2015 20:26


  48. Tatiana 12/22/2015 21:26

    The pensioner the doctor has told or said to put or render on veki a thin match with vatkoj zelenku ordinary Now I go to work. They think that these are shadows. Helps a lot.

  49. Sergey 02/28/2016 8:22 PM

    Use a complex product based on natural ingredients, which also smells nice - I'm talking about the Demodex Complex series. One complete course of treatment with these funds - and forget about the demodex FOREVER !!!

  50. Natalia 03/03/2016 9:32 PM

    Do not believe anyone that this infection is not transmitted. I contracted from my boyfriend, who had a red face with tubercles, and also scratched his face in the nose. Helped me by the head of the veterinary laboratory, so to speak Kulibin. I cooked some kind of ointment and said to smear it 10-15 minutes 2 times a day. It happened all in a week. But after a few years there were a little spots again, now and then. But I noticed that I began to scratch my body in several places . I'm on the 1st of November. It's much better, but still I can not cure myself to the end. My body sprygalem. In the morning I rub my face with tincture of calendula, or eucalyptus, or wormwood. Then in the morning I apply blepharogel-2, and in the evening demazol.Ne forget about the nose and ears. I consider Metrogil gel to be ineffective, the trichopel was bad, so I had to give it up. I was dumped with benzyl benzyl benzoanate, it helps a bit. It is probably again to go to Kulibin, or rather, to go to the Voronezh region. He treats even the most severe cases of skin diseases. luck. I will write to everyone.

    • Nata 07/05/2016 13:31

      Please tell me the address of Kulibin

  51. Anastasiya 03/11/2016 00:07

    Finer-cleanses blood and demodex plus-cream for the face-changes in the course of an hour are visible-they are not always in the drugstore, but it's worth searching

  52. Natalie 03/18/2016 10:59

    Instead of trying to make masks from the leaves of the money tree, it contains arsenic. Read on the Internet.

  53. Mari 03/26/2016 5:26 PM

    I have a small rash of flesh-colored pimples, before this was not, went to the laboratory told demodekoz (tick), the doctor prescribed ointment pits and trichopol tablets, but I have very sensitive skin I can not use sulfuric cream, after ointment pits I have very strong redness and if you touch the face of the blood, I'm afraid to use this ointment, but I do not know what to do. Can someone get rid of this disease in a softer way?

    • The Anonymous user 04/25/2016 11:59 PM

      Only liquid nitrogen will help get rid of all

  54. The Anonymous user 04/25/2016 11:56 PM

    Try acyclovir ointment Acry, it helps well even the scars heals are cheap, but you have to wave it every day to avoid acne, how to stop waving, start to show up a little, but not too ... in the course of not forever heals, I think for a long time already at the expense of liquid nitrogen to get rid of forever only it will help.

  55. Nick 11.05.2016 13:13

    Good in the treatment of demodex helps wipe the skin with "Capricorn water." Several times a day. Thus it is recommended to address to the good gastroenterologist, since. demodex is just an effect.

  56. Tatiana 06/06/2016 18:39

    I came here in the hope that you will help, and no one has really said the sequence of treatment, time and guarantees that they themselves have been eliminated from the tick, especially those who have been sick for 10 years and that they have not used it, I will tell you so you did not look well !! I'm a fan of God, I do not get sick with such an infection, I'm looking for a man and find him for my husband. As a child, I suffered from dermatological skin disease, which reddened and red wounds appeared, and eventually I found all the suitable means and recovered and now I do not return to this, and when you really cure help other people and unsubscribe from A to Z course of your treatment, and not a brief review through the comma, thanks to all that I have all the same found, but I would like one treatment from one particular person.

    • Anonymous on 07/06/2016 21:02


  57. Andrey 27.07.2016 11:51

    The first red speck the size of 1 penny coin got out on the cheek, closer to the nose. Before that, there was severe dandruff. Then the spots captured all the cheeks, wings of the nose, forehead and hands. The polyclinic prescribed ointments that did not help or helped for a short time.
    I deducted that it helps the birch tar. Took it like this: the first day (always in the evening before going to bed for an aftereffect, at least 2-3 hours after eating) The first day 1 drop of 50 gr. slightly warmed milk, the second day of 2nd drop, 3 and -3 and so on to 15 drops. Then 10 days we drink 15 drops. And on the 11th 14 drops and so reduce to 1 drop.
    Already half the cycle begins to show results. By the end of the whole face is clean, the hands passed% on 60-70. 10 days after the end of the first cycle, I repeated, so to speak for fixing. But a couple of weeks after the second cycle on the face again began to spill stains :( I went to the 3 cycle but no longer to 15 drops and to 30 and not 1 and 2 through 2. 2-4-6-8 ... 30 .. 28..26 .. Already I come to the end of the 3rd cycle, but the spots on the face do not pass though and not such terrible as before treatment.

  58. Inna 08/01/2016 17:20

    Guys, I'm an experimenter in life. At me the truth not the started form, is simple in a panic the beginning at once treatment. The complex from logical considerations and thanks to the comments came up with itself.
    1.Tehtyarnoe soap foaming on the hands and foam on the face for a couple of minutes.
    2. After wipe with chlorhexidine and after 10 minutes a thin layer of metrogyl gel.
    3. Table. metronidazole 2 pcs. 3 times a day and tincture of ginseng 30 cap. 3 r. etc. and echinacea 30 cap. 3 r. etc. All the medicine is about 200 UAH. The result in two days itself is in shock. I wash and I smear if there is an opportunity more often. I will be happy if anyone can help.

    • galina 04.11.2016 16:18

      Hello! Tell me please, this mite lays eggs. And really you have cured your method. My friend suffers from this kleshchem.Prochitala your recommendations, I advise her. Thank you.

  59. Natalia August 12, 2016 08:01

    Yesterday I went for the results in KVD. Surrendered soskob on a tick. Confirmed. I'm 12 years old. On the back and now on the face around the mouth and on the eyebrows. Have written out: 10 days to take Ornidazole 1 t - 2 times a day, apply tar soap densely for 3-5 minutes on the affected areas and then rinse with warm water 2 times a day all the time. And 10-14 days at night rub the face and back with a mixture of levometsitinovy ​​alcohol 100 grams + 5 tablets Trichopolum. Keep refrigerated. And after 10 days of treatment, go through 6 sessions of Cryomassage. So I started treatment yesterday, I'll unsubscribe.

  60. Ivan 08/25/2016 10:33

    The best ingredient killing demodex mites is Terpinen-4-ol, which is the most active element of the tea tree. The rate of poisoning ticks directly depends on the concentration. But concentrated oil strongly irritates the skin, so it is better to use 30-50% tea tree oil. You can bred with walnut oil or macadamia oil. Ticks do not have resistance to the tea tree, so they will all die soon. The life cycle of ticks is three weeks, so the course of treatment should be no less. It will be necessary to refuse to use nutritious creams and cosmetics for the period of treatment, ticks also like to eat it. If you have used carelessness creams, then most likely you already have them already populated ticks, you have to throw out. Try to find as much as possible means for a person with a tea tree: soap, scrub, cream, tonic, etc.

    • larisa 10/01/2016 16:35

      ... or add a few drops of pure tea tree to all skin care products

  61. Farangiz August 25, 2016 18:29

    People please give advice. Earlier I thought that the transition age but now I'm already 20 and my skin becomes worse the beautician said that the subcutaneous mite all tried it does not help without tonalki I can not go out. Please tell me an effective prescription. I do not even want to look at my face even in the mirror

  62. Ksu Sep 06, 2016 12:14

    2 months I have been at war with this infection. I burned all my skin to myself. I tried almost everything that I wrote above. Tolerance is zero! Something seems to be on the decline, then again renews.
    Now she started to drink Trichopol. If he does not even help, I do not know what else to do.

  63. Tatyana 12.09.2016 13:32

    Completely cured the long-term problem with tick activation by this method. Cleared the entire body for 10 days of starvation. then she drank the usual oatmeal to quit the hunger strike. To smear the face with such a mixture: powder of Indian wood BAT, powder cloves, sulfur colloid, streptocide powder, tea tree oil 5 drops per 50 ml jar of this remedy, salicylic acid-half teaspoon, 3 tables of metranidazole. Week to smear for the night. In the afternoon, if there is a chance, do not flush either. after rinsing-apply oil BAT. The effect of -100% disappeared all evil spirits after 3 weeks. sometimes here and there appears 1-2-the same it anoint and die creatures. By the way, then scrape off all the damaged places properly and then apply the next layer of ointment. All get well as soon as possible!

  64. marina 09/15/2016 13:07


  65. Ksu 09/23/2016 17:36

    In the common I cut a course of Trichopolum. With him, the Canadian yogurt and essense.
    Outer: blotter and syntamecin ointment.
    New rashes did not appear. But I did not notice any significant improvements.
    Now I continue to drink essential oil, vitamins, colloidal silver once a day.
    Outer: blotcher (calendula + salicylic alcohol), In the evening ointment "pit" for 30 minutes, then I erase with a sponge, I put a spray on top.
    In the morning I wash and rub my face with colloidal silver.
    After 5 days: there are no new rashes, the color of the old rashes became paler and they decreased in volume, as if they began to dry out.

  66. Elena 28.09.2016 16:42

    I had such an infection last year. Have written out metronidazolum on 2 t 4 times a day in current of 2 months. In addition, complex, mix sulfuric ointment 10% and birch tar 1: 1 this agent is applied for 30 minutes, then we erase with a cotton disc. The face burns with fire, I rushed headlong to the air conditioner and fan fanned me again, horror as it burned. In the morning we wash and smear a thin layer of benzyl benzoate. No soap and cosmetics! At me by the way also pigmentary maculae "have burnt down" for a while the truth))), I think here to repeat protsedurku, only courage is not present, I am afraid))). Now if the rash appears, I smear with rosemet, passes. (My mites appeared as a result of improper treatment of the allergy for 6 months)

  67. nelya 10.10.2016 23:36

    Help demecoz ...

    What to do

  68. Ivan 10/15/2016 00:43

    Once I got rid of acne with the help of Yam's ointment.
    A year later, acne recovered. Already two weeks every evening I put ointment on 2-3 hours on the amazed sites, and any effect. Can it be argued that the mite is used to it, and now it carries this ointment?
    Should I look for new methods?

  69. Vladimir 05.11.2016 19:50

    Helps sulfur beetle very well 100% heals from ticks makes 254 a pharmacy in Moscow. the prescription of the dermatologist in her is sour and the recipe is valid 15 days, the recipe write I shall send . In other cities do or do not know, itself hardly naesh a drugstore in Moscow

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