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How to care for the skin with vegetables?

Овощи для здоровья кожи Do not forget to take care of the beauty and health of the skin, even in the insane rhythm of modern life? To spend extra money for the purchase of creams and masks there is no desire? Well, there is an ideal option for you! Remember the available and useful gifts of nature, such as cucumbers and tomatoes, potatoes and cabbage, strawberries and currants. They contain a lot of vitamins that favorably affect not only the general condition of our body, but also the health of our skin.

Vegetables that really help:


Many vegetables have strong cleaning properties . Very often used quite common and common to all potatoes. It can become a real wand-zashchalochka in case your skin is prone to rashes of acne, acne, if it has other imperfections and irregularities. The method of application of potatoes in this case is very simple: one should take the potato, cut it into two approximately equal parts. Then rub the skin and evenly pot it into the potato juice. Leave the resulting "lotion" should not: wash it after 15 minutes with usual warm water. You will see, the regular application of this recipe will pleasantly surprise you. Potatoes can also be thrown to fight dark circles under the eyes .

A tomato

Do not forget about the beneficial properties of such a vegetable as a tomato. It is not only a storehouse of vitamins, but also a wonderful cosmetic. Using a mixture of tomato juice and a small amount of lime juice, you can miraculously "revitalize" your skin. The recipe miraculously cleanses the pores and refreshes.


Do not neglect the cucumber juice, if you want to effectively cleanse and soften the skin. The procedure will be similar to the one that should be used with potatoes: rub the surface of the skin with juice, after 15 minutes, wash everything off. To achieve the maximum result, repeat these actions regularly.


No less useful vegetable - carrots. Its secret is that the vegetable contains a lot of carotene. This vitamin has a rejuvenating effect, as it is able to give freshness to your skin, and also help to maintain a healthy complexion for many years. If in doubt, try the carrot juice in action.


Another magical inhabitant of our garden is cabbage. In case you have experienced a sleepless night, but you need to look cheerful and relaxed at the same time, try to use cabbage leaves. You'll see - bags under your eyes, no matter how it happened!

Do not forget these tips, use natural skin care products. You'll see: friends who use expensive creams, even envy the beauty and health of your skin!

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