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Vidal's Milk: composition, instructions for use and a recipe for cooking at home

Vidal's Milk Most of those who used Vidal's milk from acne remained delighted with the effect, as evidenced by positive reviews. Many people note a noticeable improvement after only 2 weeks. When ordinary cosmetics did not solve the problem, Vidal's milk successfully helped to get rid of rashes and acne. The only drawback of the remedy is its not very pleasant smell, but for the sake of the result, all patients agree to wait a little.

Often pimples on the face are caused by demodectic or subcutaneous mites, which can affect fatty skin. It feeds on secretions of sweat and sebaceous glands, cells of hair follicles, fatty ingredients of cosmetics. With a decrease in the amount of fat in the sebaceous glands, the food of the tick disappears, and it disappears by itself without any treatment. Vidal's milk cleanses the skin and depresses the parasite.

What does the remedy consist of?

The composition of the drug is a mixture of medicinal components and is manufactured according to the prescription of a doctor in a pharmacy. It contains camphor, boric and salicylic acid, glycerin, precipitated sulfur. It is the latter component that has a disastrous effect on ticks.

Sulfur is characterized by a specific smell, which literally "strangles" parasites. In the process of fighting acne, this component also plays an important role. In addition to antimicrobial action, it normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands, has an exfoliating effect.

Camphor has a bactericidal and analgesic effect, glycerin is needed to soften the skin. Ethyl alcohol has an antibacterial effect. Boric acid cleanses the pores and reduces the production of sebum.

More precisely, the composition of this remedy reflects its recipe of preparation:

  1. Camphor alcohol 3% - 3 g;
  2. Salicylic acid 1% -25 ml;
  3. Ethanol 25 ml;
  4. Glycerol -3 g;
  5. Boric acid 2% -25 ml.

Usually, a doctor's prescription is required for the preparation, indicating the specific proportions associated with the features of the patient's skin. In some pharmacies already sold standard preparations are sold, which can be bought without a prescription.
Shelf life is 1 month from the date of preparation, to avoid irritation of the skin and burns to use it after this period is not recommended.

Accessibility and analogies

Vidal's Milk, whose price is only 200 rubles, is not inferior in properties to many expensive drugs and gives an opportunity to get an excellent therapeutic effect, while saving a lot. In addition, such analogs as Skinoren or Basiron in the process of treatment have a stronger effect on the skin. There are also cosmetic products that help fight acne - creams, gels, lotions, but they are much more expensive, and they contain unwanted substances for the inflamed skin - various fragrances and preservatives.

Many dermatologists consider this tool to be one of the most effective in the treatment and prevention of acne. Indications for the application of Vidal milk are as follows:

  • Acne vulgaris of medium severity;
  • Subcutaneous mite;
  • Pink lichen;
  • Inflammatory skin diseases.

That is, it can be used in all cases when it is necessary to degrease the skin and to act on it with antiseptics.

Instructions for use

Vidal's Milk is applied to dry and cleansed skin 1-2 times a day in the afternoon, and before bedtime. To wipe with milk it is necessary not all face, and only sites on which there are rashes. After washing, do not wash it off. Before use, the milk must be shaken. The duration of treatment depends on the severity of the disease and does not exceed one month.

You can not impose a wound dressing, bleeding pimples, scratches, moles and warts. In neglected cases, dermatologists advise to rub your face with mint lotion during the day, which increases the therapeutic effect of the drug. In severe forms of the disease, levomycetin alcohol is recommended instead of lotion. After 30 minutes after applying the product, it is recommended to apply moisturizing cream. This will soften the skin and reduce side effects in the form of dryness and peeling.

In rare cases, there may be allergic reactions, itching, burning, hyperemia. Therefore, the drug is not recommended for children under 7 years old, patients with too dry skin, suffering from bronchial asthma. With the development of one of these side effects, the use of the drug should be discontinued. When treating demodicosis, you need to give up decorative cosmetics, avoid baths and steam rooms, do not make face masks.

Want to know how to make Vidal's milk at home?
The remedy is a usual chattle obtained by mixing the original medicinal components, so you can prepare it at home. To do this, simply mix all the required ingredients, in the specified proportion and shake thoroughly the resulting mixture. Keep it, as well as the drug purchased at the pharmacy, is only necessary in the refrigerator.

There is also a more simplified recipe, which is convenient to use at home. It looks like this:

  1. Sulfur-3 g;
  2. Boric acid -20 ml;
  3. Distilled water -20 ml;
  4. Levomycetin-0.05 g.

Despite the simplified composition, the main components remain. As you can see, there is no glycerin, so use a moisturizer after applying the product is necessary.

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