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Mud Soap of the Dead Sea Naomi - great reviews and low prices

Soap Soap Naomi For a very long time among the developers of cosmetics went rumors about the beneficial properties of Dead Sea mud. It's only with a head to dive into the production of cosmetics with this untested component, no one dared. Of course, there were attempts to gradually add this very dirt to the masks and facial scrubs, but no one noticed the miracle effect. And only recently, cosmetic scientists from Israel, abandoning their efforts to develop a cosmetic with the main ingredient - Dead Sea mud, created a therapeutic mud soap from acne Naomi, advertising which are full of pages of the Internet. Of course, before going on sale it went through a whole series of clinical studies. Scientists have noted that 95% of respondents noticed a complete disappearance of manifestations of acne. The remaining 5% noticed a significant improvement in the skin condition. Only after receiving favorable forecasts, this Israeli soap was released for sale to a wide audience. And now the best evaluation of the quality of the product is the positive feedback from users who have experienced its effect.


The secret of its effectiveness lies in its composition, which includes only natural components:

  • Dirt of the Dead Sea is the main component of the product, which has disinfecting and purifying properties. It also helps to get rid of inflammation, acne, fights bacteria;
  • Natural oils. These components moisturize the skin and saturate it with vitamins, creating a protective barrier for microbes and other external stimuli;
  • Aloe vera has long been known for its bactericidal properties, so it was included in the composition of black soap.

Despite the fact that all listed components of natural origin, this does not exclude the risk of side effects. Therefore, in order to prevent negative manifestations, potassium chloride and magnesium chloride were added to the product. They not only smooth out the effects of other components, but also have anti-inflammatory properties and a cleansing effect.

Unlike other cosmetic products sold in lots and large sets, soap from the dead sea mud Naomi acts at all levels of dealing with problem skin and no additional means of care is needed.

What is its effect?

  • Skin cleansing:
    1. Clears the top layer of the epidermis from dust and bacteria that appear as a result of the external environment;
    2. Clears from clogging pores secretions of sweat and sebaceous glands;
    3. Performs deep cleaning of the dermis, penetrating into the pores and clearing them of black dots ;
  • Decontamination, elimination of swelling and inflammation;
  • Renewal (regeneration) of epidermal cells:
    1. Thanks to the fine granules, which are part of the black soap from acne, the product acts as a scrub, relieving the upper layer of the epidermis from dead, keratinized cells;
    2. The massage effect, created by the soap granules, heats the upper layer of the dermis, which, in turn, strengthens the inflow of blood. Together with the new influx of blood, your skin is saturated with oxygen. This is the catalyst for the formation and maturation of healthy cells;
  • Fighting the manifestations of acne:
    1. Beginners mature small pimples, removed during the washing of granules that act like a scrub;
    2. Dries and "inhibits" the further development of ripened pimples.
  • Moisturizing the skin and creating a barrier to bacteria.

Positive effect in a few days!

The undoubted advantage of therapeutic soap Naomi soap is that it can be used every day without any restrictions. In this case, after a few applications you will notice positive changes:

  • The existing pimples will become less noticeable;
  • The appearance of pimples will become much rarer;
  • Disappearance of the inflammatory processes of the dermis;
  • The effect of "black spots" will disappear;
  • Pores will become less noticeable;
  • In place of the greasy shine will come a healthy shine and complexion.

To the above listed merits of the product should be added its availability. The price is not high, but if you compare it with your current spending on cosmetics, it turns out that using it is much more economical and more profitable.

Where to buy it? You do not need to torment yourself with grueling shopping. It is enough to find in the Internet the announcement of the cosmetic company and order the facility online.

Recommendations for use

It is not addictive, so do not be afraid that after you stop using the product, your skin will start to fade.

You can use black soap not only to combat problem skin, but also for the prevention.

A lot of good things have been said about the product, but it should also be noted possible side effects. Like any other new remedy for your skin, soap can cause an allergic reaction.

There is such a thing in medicine as hypervitaminosis, that is, when the body has sharply started taking a large amount of vitamins, to which he is not used. To avoid over-saturation of the skin with the drug, try not to abuse them. It is advisable not to use it for washing more than twice a day. This amount will be enough to get a positive effect. Cosmetologists are advised to complete a course lasting 30 days. Throughout this course, use the remedy daily to get rid of skin problems. At the end of the course, you should use soap once a day, once / two days for prevention.

No matter how good it is said about the product, its quality can be judged personally by user feedback. Thankful and admiring reviews of the beautiful half of humanity is the best estimate for the creators of the cosmetic product and the best quality mark that can only be. Use soap Naomi with pleasure!

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