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Do you have bumpy and uneven skin? Do not rush to drop your hands!

Types of skin unevenness and causes

Uneven skin of the face The enemy must be known in person. Therefore, first learn about various skin diseases , which are accompanied by a structure breakdown, deformation of the surface layer of the dermis and the formation of bumpy skin of the face.

  1. Expanded pores - through small points on the skin (pores) flow channels of sweat and sebaceous glands. With an excess of production, the pores stretch, become inflamed along the edges, and form rollers of dense tissue.
  2. Acne rash and its consequences - it is proved that the main cause of acne is hormonal imbalance. The body has an increased sensitivity to the sex hormone testosterone, it corresponds to an increase in fat production by sebaceous glands. As a result, the gland ducts become clogged, and a dense, enlarged formation appears on this site. If an infection gets into the ducts, there is a rapid infection and development of the inflammatory process with abscesses and dense cones on the surface. To such consequences leads demodekoz . This disease is caused by tiny mites that penetrate the enlarged pores or sebaceous glands.
  3. Scars and scars - arise as a result of cuts, injuries, face burns, prolonged inflammatory processes. In places of scars, the skin loses its collagen, elastic tissues are replaced by dense fibrous inserts. They deform the surface, violate all functions of the epidermis.
  4. Hyperpigmentation - ultraviolet rays in elevated doses cause sunburn of tissue. As a result, not only gross spots appear, but also the production of its own hyaluronic acid, and, consequently, the synthesis of collagen. All the processes of skin repair are broken.
  5. Inflammation - any inflammatory processes require gentle treatment. "Itself will pass" - means that the process can result in the appearance of scars and undesirable deformations.

These are the main reasons. You can calculate them yourself, but you can not do without additional diagnostics, so do not neglect the capabilities of modern laboratories in cosmetology.

How to deal with uneven skin: home remedies

Firstly, it is necessary to adhere to a strict diet: food is excluded from food, which contributes to salon formation. Limit fatty, sweet and flour dishes , all kinds of salinity and marinades, spicy seasonings, alcoholic beverages. It is allowed to eat dairy products, eat lots of vegetables and fruits. Showing vitamins A (contain vegetables and fruits of red and orange color) and E (all nuts, except peanuts, the best - almonds).

Masks and lotions from folk remedies are comfortable in home use with bumpy skin. They are aimed at softening the tubercles, moistening and nourishing the epidermis, normalizing the work of the sebaceous glands. Here are the most popular and tested recipes.

  • Lotion of aloe leaves - pre-leaves to stand for two hours in the fridge, then a tablespoon of crumbled leaves pour a glass of hot water, insist for two hours. You have to wipe your face every day several times a day.
  • Tincture of petals of a white lily prepare so: densely to lay the full bank of petals, to fill in with vodka, to clean in a dark place for two weeks. Lotion is used daily at night for face treatment.
  • To eliminate demodicosis, it is recommended to use water infusion of juniper berries or herb wormwood (one tablespoon for a glass of boiling water to insist for four hours). After degreasing the skin with some alcohol-containing remedy, apply the lotions to the hillocks.

Professional methods of treatment

  • Laser peeling or face polishing - the property of a beam of laser beams is used to stimulate the production of skin by its own collagen. This allows you to remove shallow wrinkles and scars. The procedure lasts twenty minutes, painless. After the termination or ending the skin reddened. It takes seven to ten days to recover. The method can be carried out only in a clinic checked by an experienced doctor. To eliminate deep loops, penetration of rays should be sufficient. Doctors know the capabilities of their apparatus and recommend the regime and frequency of procedures.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning - with the help of hardware ultrasound, the damaged functions of the skin are restored (inflammation is removed, allergic reactions are eliminated, the synthesis of collagen and elastin is enhanced). Cleaning removes dead skin cells of the epidermis, smoothes it, promotes the penetration of active ingredients from masks and creams. As a cleansing procedure is recommended for relatively unexpressed skin tuberosity.
  • The method of disinfestation with the help of galvanic current makes it possible to carry out purification at a deeper level, eliminating old seals. First, an alkaline solution is applied and the treatment is carried out first with a negative current, after seven-ten minutes the charge changes to a positive one. It relaxes the ducts of the sebaceous glands, makes it possible to withdraw the accumulated secret, relieves inflammation.
  • Mesotherapy - the active substance is one of the drugs based on hyaluronic acid. It is injected with a fine needle into the tissue according to the scheme. In this case, under visual control, the skin is returned absent means, responsible for the reconstruction of the tissue, moisturizing, elasticity. There is a fight against inflammatory changes. Six to eight procedures are necessary for the course of treatment. You need to repeat it twice a year.
  • Chemical peeling . Deep grinding - a procedure at the level of surgical intervention, is performed in stationary conditions once in a lifetime. It takes quite a long recovery period. In cosmetic hospitals, surface chemical peeling is widely used with the help of acids (milk, almond, glycolic, salicylic). Allows you to remove unnecessary cornified cells. Rejuvenate tissues and spread the tubercles, activate its own regeneration processes. Before the procedure, preparation with the use of products with weak fruit acids is necessary. This improves the effect of chemical peeling. It is recommended in the autumn period, since the thin skin becomes extremely susceptible to sunlight.

How to deal with uneven skin and achieve meaningful results? Do not hurry. This will be the main mistake. If you decide to take serious medication, use the advice of professionals. Do not apply all at once, overload the skin: so you just weaken its protective properties. Begin with home care and be patient, with the right approach, improvement is mandatory.

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    to me, no remedy helps, how will get rid of this disease?

  2. Alina June 30, 2014 00:44

    I have been suffering for 7 years :-(

  3. Alexandra) 07/23/2014 23:06

    Nothing helps, and your advice is babbling!

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