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Cosmetology news

Acupuncture of face Acupuncture is better known as acupuncture - a method of treatment invented in China and is a stimulation of energy points on the human body through special needles. The article describes the use of acupuncture in order to rejuvenate the face, reveals the mechanism of the effect of this method on the skin of the face. The expert opinion of an acupuncture specialist from New York is described, as well as feedback from those who have undergone rejuvenation with acupuncture.

Fujitsu против прыщей The article tells about a miracle of technology, which was recently invented by a foreign company. This application to the smartphone will act as a device that tracks the condition of the human skin, and changes that occur to it over time. Producers argue that such an adaptation will be very useful for cosmetics manufacturers, cosmeticians, the owner of such a device, and here's how it works, read in our article.

Кожа - индикатор здоровья организма It's no secret that the skin condition is an indicator of health or, conversely, a disease of the human body. According to the state of the skin, some diseases can be identified and treated in the initial stage of their development. The article describes the most common signs of changes in skin condition, such as changes in pigmentation, decreased elasticity, acne and other rashes, and stomatitis. These signs may indicate certain pathological conditions of the body.

Бесплатный косметологический кабинет в российской поликлинике Joyful news awaits people who would like to contact a cosmetologist with their problems, but can not do it, due to lack of finance for admission to a private clinic. From our article you can find out what decision the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation has taken to protect the interests of citizens who wish to receive assistance from a beautician for free by providing only an insurance policy. The patient will be provided with all services that were previously provided only in paid offices.

Овощи для здоровья кожи The article describes the use of vegetables as folk cosmetics for skin care. Procedures with the use of natural products are suitable for those who carefully look after the condition of their skin and do not want to buy expensive cosmetic creams and ointments. The most effective are potatoes, tomato, cucumber, carrots and cabbage. Potatoes and tomatoes are easily cleaned, and carrots, cabbage and cucumber moisturize and tone the skin of the face. The article presents simple recipes for preparing ointments and lotions from vegetables.

Лечение прыщей может вызвать коньюктивит The article describes the study of the effect of medicines on acne on the human body. Gabriel Chodik, the author of a study in Tel Aviv, talks about the results, according to which drugs for acne negatively affect vision. The causes and mechanisms of side effects, as well as the degree of their seriousness, are described. And although acne should be treated, people who use different medicines should be aware of the possible consequences.

Психотерапевты лечат прыщи The article describes the psychological factor that affects skin health and how the skin condition is related to the health of a person's personality. Investigation of the causes of skin rashes on the face confirms the need for a comprehensive treatment of this problem, including the psychotherapeutic effect. The characteristics of the method of psychotherapy and the stages of the psychological session aimed at improving the skin are given. Use of this method will help to strengthen the effectiveness of the main treatment.

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