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Prevention and treatment of vascular asterisks on the face

Vascular asterisks on the face The beauty of a woman is a unique gift that a woman seeks to preserve, extend and improve. After all, the feeling of youth and attractiveness ultimately affects both the mood and the worldview. Therefore it is extremely important to know what condition the skin is in, and what care it needs. Loss of skin elasticity, its thinning, associated with age-related changes, eating disorders, stresses, poor ecology often lead to the formation of vascular asterisks or to couperose.

Better prevent than cure

The problem is further exacerbated by the onset of cold weather. Changing the temperature regime negatively affects both the face and the skin of the entire body, drying it, narrowing and widening the vessels. Especially it is subject to a thin light skin, which requires special care. Properly selected caregivers and procedures will help strengthen blood vessels. Preference should be given to preparations containing a complex of vitamins and minerals, with the mandatory inclusion of vitamins P, E, C and K. Caution should be given to drugs containing alcohol and other substances that dilate the blood vessels. Traditional medicine offers a huge storehouse of natural remedies for the maintenance of beauty and prevention of couperose.

In the daily diet should be included fresh herbs - parsley, celery. Based on freshly squeezed aloe, sea-buckthorn, gooseberry, cowberry, raspberry, you can make face masks. Every day, you should wipe your face with ice cubes from the decoction of chamomile, calendula , yarrow, green tea. From the already appeared vascular asterisks, modern medicine offers effective methods of disposal. This is carrying out in specialized clinics sclerotherapy, laser photocoagulation, ozone injections, mesotherapy.

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