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Why do whiteheads appear on my face?

White eel squirrels Sometimes the skin develops small white seals that resemble acne, but do not inflame and cause no inconvenience, except for a not very aesthetic appearance. What is it and how can one get rid of unpleasant white formations? What are the causes of the occurrence?

This education specialists have several names: patsy, whiteheads, miliums ... In fact, this is a clogged duct of the sebaceous gland. As a result of the accumulation of sebum, the canal broadens and a large amount of secretion is collected. The mechanism is about the same as in the formation of comedones. The essential difference between miliums is the fact that the secret does not have an outlet to the surface. i.e. this subcutaneous formation. As a result of this process, the skin is stretched and the contents begin to shine through the thin top layer. Prosyanka on the face is small in size, often not exceeding the pinhead.

The reason for the occurrence of the

Specialists have established that the causes of whiteheads are similar to all dermatological diseases.

  • Seizure of sebum. It arises as a result of a change in the composition of the secret and its greater density.
  • Insufficient cleanliness of the skin. The lack of proper care contributes to the development of pathogenic microflora.
  • Use of scrubs. The dead particles of the upper layer of the epidermis must be removed, as they not only interfere with the development of young cells, but also make it difficult to remove sebum.
  • Cosmetics. Use of substandard cosmetics, including tonalok and creams, can lead to blockage of the ducts.
  • Power . The abundance of flour, sweet, as well as high-calorie food can provoke this kind of education.

Prevention of miliums

In order to maximally protect your face from the appearance of pricks, you must follow simple rules. They are very simple, but nevertheless give an excellent result.

  • Lifestyle. Observance of the regime of the day will not only give you a fresh and rested appearance, but also increase immunity, and, as a consequence, protective functions. Thus, the pathogenic microflora will be much more difficult to develop on the surface of the epidermis and inside the sebaceous ducts. Acne will be much less!
  • Ration. The composition of your daily diet depends much more than it may seem at first glance. Fruits and vegetables will saturate the body with vitamins and microelements, cellulose will accelerate the digestion process and strengthen peristalsis. Consequently, toxins will be excreted faster. But fatty and flour foods will increase the load on the liver and pancreas. As a result of abuse of such products, a person will acquire an unhealthy shade.
  • Timely and thorough cleansing. Daily procedures aimed at maintaining a person in proper condition must necessarily include washing twice a day (no more often and no less) using any suitable means: foam, gel or cream. It is selected individually, depending on the type of your skin.
  • Scrubs. Exfoliation is recommended to be performed once or twice a week with oily and normal skin. A dry type is more sensitive, so it will be enough once. A timely procedure for the removal of old keratinized cells allows not only to actively grow new young cells, but also opens clogged pores sealed with cells and sebum. Thus, the probability of development of the patter is significantly reduced.
  • Tonics. The use of cosmetic and home tonic allows you to moisturize the skin, close the peeled pores. The epidermis also feeds.
  • Cream. Choose the most suitable cream - a real art. It is necessary that it does not cause irritation, does not leave a greasy shine and does not create an impermeable film on the surface of the face.
  • Steam baths. For the greatest effect, use a decoction of chamomile , valerian, sage, calendula . All medicinal plants are filled with 500 ml of boiling water on one tablespoon, heated on a steam bath for fifteen minutes and then the previously washed face is steamed for ten minutes.
  • Cleansing masks. Especially effective after a steam bath. Use natural herbs, cottage cheese, sour cream, egg white, lemon .
  • Cosmetical tools. Manufacturers create not only therapeutic cosmetics, but also lotions, tonics and creams that have preventive properties. In them, the content of active substances is slightly less than in therapeutic, but it is sufficient to maintain the skin in proper condition.
  • Decorative cosmetics. You should choose only a quality and proven company. It is desirable that the package was marked on the hypoallergenicity of the product. In this case, the composition will be softer, and the negative effect on the skin is minimal.

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