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Problems with the intestines and acne

Acne and gastrointestinal tract As a result of clinical studies, experts have determined that the intestine and acne on the face and body of a person are related much more closely than one might imagine. Therefore, if a patient who suffers from acne touches a dermatologist, the first thing to do is to be carefully examined in order to exclude the possibility of an inflammatory process in the digestive tract or a disturbance in the functioning of the stomach.

What examinations will the doctor recommend?

In order to identify problems with the intestine, it is enough to make a few simple but at the same time very effective tests:

  • Analysis for dysbiosis. The result will show the presence of pathogenic microflora, which provokes the development of inflammatory reactions. After the tests are done, it is necessary to consult a doctor who, on the basis of the data obtained, will prescribe the appropriate medicine for the intestine . From acne correction of the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract does not help quickly, but the effect of a correctly conducted treatment lasts much longer than from different creams and masks.
  • Gastroscopy. This method of research gives a clear idea of ​​the state of the stomach, or rather its mucosa. The presence of ulcers, lesions and foci of inflammation indicates gastritis. Consequently, the microflora of the stomach is disrupted, active development of pathogenic microorganisms is taking place and the result will be the formation of acne.
  • Laboratory blood tests. According to their results, it will be possible to judge whether the person has any problems with the pancreas, liver or gall bladder.

Only after the examination, the doctor will decide on which specific medication for the intestines from acne will be most effective. Depending on the treatment regimen, it may be necessary to use an antibiotic , and then a course of a drug that can restore normal microflora. The ideal solution will be the use of a comprehensive treatment aimed at eliminating problems with the intestines and drying out the pimples themselves.

Acne location map

Dermatologists have established that the location of acne can provide very reliable information about which organ the problem is with. A peculiar "map of pimples" will help you to orient yourself with what the specialist should pay special attention to. So, where were the acne?

  • Chin. The localization of acne in this place indicates problems with the digestive system.
  • Whiskey. Here it is a violation of the gallbladder.
  • Acne on the wings of the nose suggests that the patient is likely to have an inflammatory process in the bronchi.
  • Over the bridge of the nose between the eyebrows, acne is localized if the person suffers from various pathological processes taking place in the liver.
  • Cheeks can be affected when the patient is prone to regular colds or other lung damage.

This "card of acne" will help the specialist to direct efforts to search for a problem organ, which will cause the formation of inflammatory reactions on the skin. But what is the reason for such a close relationship between the intestine and pimples?

In fact, the answer lies in the elementary knowledge of microbiology. Pathogenic microorganisms in the process of their vital activity in the human intestine secrete toxins. It is toxins and cause poisoning of the body, a decrease in immunity and, as a consequence, a decrease in the protective functions of the skin.

After the natural barrier of the skin ceases to protect it from the invasion of pathogenic microflora and the secretion of the sebaceous glands is disrupted, the likelihood of acne formation is much higher. Clogging the ducts of the glands leads to a thickening of the sebum, and pathogenic bacteria use it as an ideal breeding medium. The focus of inflammation is formed first in one place, and then with a current of blood is carried around the surrounding tissues.

Patient nutrition

Only a long and complex treatment, combined with a change in the regime of the day and the correction of the diet will allow you to get rid of acne. Nutritionists recommend adhering to several principles in nutrition that will help alleviate the condition of the patient and will not provoke the formation of new acne. The introduction of foods rich in fiber in the diet will lead to an increase in peristalsis and rapid cleansing of the intestine.

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