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Smoking and acne on the face - is there a connection?

Skin is a mirror of the state of the human body. The signals she sends, the first bell, indicating that you need to radically change your lifestyle and bad habits. Cigarette smoke, nicotine, tar and toxins ruthlessly poison the body and affect not only its internal processes, but its outer shell, causing the formation of acne. Pimples from smoking - a common phenomenon in women, as well as in the strong half of humanity. And many do not think that the reason for ineffective treatment is not in the means used, but in a pernicious habit.

Vicious circle

How does the poisoning of the skin through nicotine, why smoking and pimples on the face are often associated with each other as a cause and symptom? So, inhaling the poisonous smoke of cigarettes, caustic substances quickly penetrate through the lungs into the circulatory system, where they begin their artful deed: to poison with carbon monoxide all the organs of human life. The skin is not an exception. Harmful compounds mercilessly "burn" oxygen, which provides the body with vitamins necessary for healthy and clean skin. With each puff, this process is more and more gaining momentum, not to mention the long-standing addiction to the nicotine drug. Result: the skin begins to "choke" without oxygen and vitamins, which eventually leads to their deep intoxication and corkiness. And this, in turn, becomes the root cause of the appearance of acne.

If the power of habit is stronger ...

Speaking about whether there can be pimples from smoking, from a medical point of view, everything is crystal clear. How to help if the dependence is stronger than the desire to say goodbye to eels forever? Carrying out constant caring cosmetic procedures and the correct regime of the day, which is inherently the minimal contribution to the beauty that can be done. These include:

  • sufficient use of pure water, it will help cleanse the blood of toxins and more likely to remove them from the body;
  • the use of as much fresh vegetable food as possible (fruits and vegetables), it will contribute to the removal of toxins and feeds the body with vitamins;
  • physical education to eliminate oxygen starvation;
  • external application of cleansing lotions and regular application of cosmetic masks, cleansing pores, examples of compositions of masks from acne :
    1. banana, honey, tea tree oil;
    2. mask of crushed parsley;
    3. honey with mashed potatoes.

In practice, when a person deliberately said goodbye to a pernicious habit, often the opposite problem occurs, when the skin begins to react to the cessation of smoking by rashes in the form of acne. What happens and why, in fact, after all, the body becomes cleaner, and therefore the skin condition should improve?

Acne after quitting smoking is a fairly common pathology, most often of a temporary nature, as a result of a sharp blocking of nicotine intake. It is known, nicotine - the most that there is a drug that causes dependence not only on the psychological plan. The organism, from day to day, receiving a poisonous substance, willy-nilly gets used to even the bad, its biological rhythm is changed, there is a reorganization and a change in the vital activity of the organs. Everything changes: the composition of blood, the hormonal index, the state of blood vessels and organs, metabolism, etc. When you cancel the intake of toxic substances, there is a certain stress, in other words, a restart into the correct mode. Now the entire body system must be completely cleansed and get used to a new rhythm.

They quit smoking. Where did the pimples come from?

The appearance of acne in the refusal of cigarettes is due to a number of reasons, among which:

  1. The moment of epithelial compensation. It is known that smokers differ from healthy people by a symptom of narrowed vessels, which causes a decreased secretion of the skin. With the abandonment of the addiction, the sebaceous glands in the epithelial tissues begin to work with excessive activity, releasing too much fat. This leads to clogging of the pores and the formation of acne and blackheads.
  2. Hormonal disbalance. The endocrine system is closely related to the nervous system. With the abolition of smoking, the nervous system starts to work uncontrollably due to non-receipt of the drug. It turns out hormonal imbalance: the content of these or other hormones deviate from the norm in the direction of their strong increase or, conversely, decrease.
  3. An allergic crisis. A fairly common cause of exacerbation of chronic allergic dermatological diseases, which is also characterized by a rash and inflammation.

The negative impact of cigarette smoke on the skin is not a random hypothesis, but has long been studied, which is fully confirmed by dermatologists, an axiom. Can there be pimples from cigarettes, both during smoking and at the time of giving up a bad habit? The answer is one: they can. How to help the skin get rid of cosmetic ailment? Getting rid of addiction forever is the first condition on the way to clean, perfect skin. Hygiene and healthy lifestyle, the next stage. And after 2-3 months, not only will the skin improve, but the whole body will feel an unprecedented strength, vigor and lightness!

  1. Sergey S. 03/02/2016 09:28

    But I had everything exactly, but vice versa. While not smoking (and I started smoking relatively late, at 22-23), there were constant problems with acne, especially on the face. Started smoking - disappeared all to one, and from the face and from the back. Is that how it is? You see, not so terrible devil, as it is painted?

  2. Passer 04/05/2016 16:43

    Pure coincidence. Only a fool is unclear that cigarettes destroy the body.

  3. reasllib 05/23/2016 01:58

    there were acne and when I smoked, and after 3 months there were also, the truth when I smoked more

  4. Zhenya 09/16/2016 05:47

    That's such a garbage I have now, on the 5th day acne went, around the mouth, PPC. But what to do, health is more important than my kind now, I hope, all to be corrected.

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