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Pimples and irritation after shaving - effective ways of treatment

Irritation after shaving

Why do pimples appear?

The causes of the rash are the same for almost all places where it can appear. They need to be known and avoided whenever possible. Otherwise, the problem will remain.
If after shaving there appear acne on the face, on the legs or in the bikini zone, then the problem can be the consequence of the following reasons:

  • Mechanical damage. Experts believe that this reason is the most common. Most people do not notice small inflammations under the stubble, which when shaved are touched with a sharp blade. Because of this, microtraumas appear on the epidermis, which lead to a rash. This is due to the fact that in the scratches gets a different dirt, provoking inflammation.
  • Wrong razor. Some people use an electric shaver, others use a machine. It happens that a person simply does not fit the chosen razor, so there are red spots. It is enough to change the machine to an electric shaver, or, conversely, that the problem disappears.
  • Blunted blades. Many forget to replace blunt blades in time. As a result, the bristles do not shave completely, you have to do depilation more often and injure the epidermis more severely. As a result, mechanical damages occur, which have already been mentioned. That's why it is important to replace the blades in a timely manner, and not wait until they are completely dulled and covered with rust. Otherwise, then of course there will be acne after shaving in the bikini zone.
  • Unsuitable gels or shaving foams. The remedy should be suitable for a particular type of skin and not cause an allergic reaction. You may have to try several gels before you can find the right one. When choosing, one should be guided by how good a gliding blade provides foam, not on a brand or fragrance. It is also important that the ingredients in the composition do not cause allergies.
  • Wrong technique. It is important to adhere to certain rules and recommendations so that there are no after shaves. If the skin is tender, you should do depilation at a slow pace and do it carefully. Do not strongly press the blade against the surface of the skin, this can trigger the appearance of microtrauma.
  • Low-quality lotions. If a person uses after shave lotions, then he needs to take care that they are quality. They should be suitable for a specific type of skin and do not contain components that cause an allergic reaction or provoke inflammation. Bad lotions and moisturizers contribute to the appearance of the rash even on the untrained skin surface.

Important! Especially it is necessary to allocate an irritation after shaving "dry", without use of foam and water. Do not get rid of hair in this way! Doctors warn that in this case the case may not be limited to pimples and itching - if the procedure is done frequently, the risk of skin cancer is increased many times. The machine, removing hair from dry skin, much more traumatizes the tender surface layer, and such regular damages lead to pyoderma (pustular lesion of the epidermis) and neoplasms.

It is necessary to pay special attention to such a problem as the appearance of acne after shaving the intimate zone. The fact is that this area is very gentle and easily traumatized. It often happens that the hair follicles bend to the skin, provoking inflammation. Especially damages the state of the epidermis, repeated hair removal - experts recommend that you do depilation at least every other day, so as not to interfere with the described problem.

How to prevent the occurrence of a rash?

The appearance of a rash is much easier to prevent than to fight it later. It is recommended to follow certain rules that will help to avoid inflammation. To begin with, you need to remember that you can shave only well-moisturized hair. They should be soft, then they will be easier to shave, and the skin will not be injured. This will require depilation after a shower or bath. If you use an electric shaver, not a machine, then the hairs on the contrary should be dry.

People who use an ordinary razor, you need to buy a shaving cream. It does not allow the appearance of inflammation, and facilitates the process of depilation. Do not interfere with the regular use of scrub, which improves skin condition and eliminates cornified particles. Apply it shortly before shaving.

Some cosmeticians recommend to buy women is a male machine, it is considered more effective. By the way, a cream or gel can also be bought by a man. But for depilation of an intimate zone it is necessary to choose the means specially intended for it not to do much harm to the health.

Methods to combat irritation

If you can not prevent the appearance of a rash, it's time to start fighting it. Small pimples and red spots significantly worsen the appearance, can itch or even ache. That's why just waiting for them to pass is not the best option. After all, they can not disappear more than a day, and after the next time again appear.

First of all, after depilation or with the appearance of a rash, it is necessary to put on the problem area a cream for sensitive skin. It is desirable that it contains aloe, this component has a strong soothing effect. Suitable lotion based on witch hazel, with a minimum content of alcohol. These products perfectly soften the epidermis, make the skin smooth to the touch, eliminate itching and red spots.

If the product with an extract of aloe can not be purchased or it does not have a sufficiently strong effect, then you can use the plant itself:

  1. tear off a small piece of paper;
  2. rinse it under cold water to clean it from dust and dirt;
  3. squeeze out the juice from it;
  4. apply it to the inflamed area.

You can put pieces of avocado. It quickly removes irritation, and saturates the epidermis with vitamins. A good remedy for fighting the rash will be an ointment with an extract of marigold and almond oil, which can be used for acne, which appeared not because of depilation.
Some children are well helped by baby powders and creams from irritation and intertrigo (Bepanten, Desitin, Sudokrem).

In rare cases it happens that the appeared bumps and red spots do not pass within 2-3 days. If the fever keeps up, the irritated areas are swollen and there are purulent inflammations, then you should visit the doctor immediately. These symptoms may indicate infection. You may need to undergo a course of treatment so that this situation does not happen again.

In other situations, the rash is not considered dangerous, and it can be disposed of at home. The main thing is to follow the rules described above to prevent or quickly eliminate the problem that has already arisen.

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