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Psychotherapists help to get rid of acne

Психотерапевты лечат прыщи Skin on the face very often gives us serious grief. Almost everyone in adolescence encountered the problem of adolescent acne, which they tried to overcome in one way or another. However, skin defects appear not only in adolescence, sometimes acne persists people in adulthood.

Medical research in this area has found an interesting fact. The problem of skin defects should be solved in a complex way and include measures aimed at getting rid of stress.

Many patients with problem skin are treated by herbalists, nutritionists, homeopaths, dermatologists, and they do not get a positive result. Only complex treatment, including the help of a therapist, can solve the problem of acne cardinally .

: Scientists from Boston University have found that the cause of acne is :

  1. heredity (50%);
  2. way of life (30%);
  3. psychological factor (20%).

Therefore, overcoming negative emotions can give a significant chance to your body to overcome this unpleasant disease. Patients who received the help of a therapist, note a significant positive result. Especially effective are psychotherapeutic sessions in the process of treating age-related acne. Stress has a negative impact on the entire body, literally forcing it to work in the wrong way. This failure also manifests itself in the form of skin defects.

Human skin, as is known, performs a barrier function, protecting the entire body from foreign influences. Such factors can be unhealthy diet , poor regional ecology and especially stressful situations. Specialists - psychotherapists say that the skin is a sensitive indicator, reporting a significant malfunction in the body.

Psychological procedures aimed at treating acne, are a special kind of meditation, consisting of two parts. First you need to relax and enter into a calm, balanced state, and the next step is to adjust your body to fight the problem at the cellular level, while helping yourself with the power of imagination. These classes do not take a lot of time, some 15 minutes a day, and the skin looks much better.

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