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Regecin - getting rid of pimples and wrinkles for little money!

Regecin-gel The gel includes sodium hydroxide, zinc chloride, carbopol and purified water. It is zinc that is extremely important in its composition, as it has healing properties and is very effective in fighting both small inflammations of the skin and serious rashes.

Typically, Regezin is available in tubes of 15 g, but you can find the packaging and 20 g.

How does the remedy work?

This drug is widely used to treat problem skin, as well as to prevent the spread of various rashes. This is an excellent anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, regenerating agent. Its constituent components interact with proteins at the level of molecules, because of what the dermis does not lose its elasticity and elasticity, maintains a natural water balance, accelerates the flow of pure blood, the skin regains its original, healthy appearance. Zinc promotes the formation of new cells and acts as an excellent antibacterial agent.

It should be noted that the gel has no unpleasant odor, and when applied to the affected areas it is quickly absorbed without leaving traces on the clothes.

Indications for use

Before using, you need to familiarize yourself with the features of its use.

  • Regecin gel is recommended by dermatologists for the treatment of various skin redness, acne, acne , dermatitis, seborrhea .
  • In cosmetology, the remedy is also used to repair damaged skin after laser exposure.

Indications can be extended after consultation of the cosmetologist.

Instructions for use

When the drug is used several times a week. After exposure to the skin with a laser, the gel is applied once a day for not more than one week. To treat the rash, it should be applied to damaged areas at least two times a day for 1.2-2 months. Apply it to dry skin until completely absorbed, then the effect will be fully achieved. Continuous treatment is not recommended for more than 2 months.

With a small skin problem, it is used as an independent preparation, which can completely rid the epidermis from damage. Reggetin from acne does not work right away, but after a few weeks the effect will be good. In complex and neglected cases, experts recommend its use in combination with other drugs, for example, antibiotics .

Sometimes the remedy is acquired to combat age-related changes. Regecin against wrinkles may not be as effective as the means specifically designed to eliminate such problems. However, if the goal is to refresh the skin, eliminate minor defects, you can try using it for a couple of weeks. A low price (just over 100 rubles per 15-gram tube) also attracts.


Be sure to read the main contraindications to use in order to avoid harm to health.

  • Do not use sick asthma, with hypersensitivity and allergic reaction to any of the constituents of the drug.
  • It is forbidden to use it for severe burns, especially chemical ones, in the presence of severe pathologies and incurable diseases of the body.
  • During pregnancy and lactation, the gel is prescribed by the doctor only in case of acute need, since there is no data on the exact influence of its components on the health of the mother and the child.

If in doubt, whether it is possible for you to use a remedy, it is better not to experiment - ask the dermatologist about this.

Side effects

This drug has no side effects for most people, but, possibly, the appearance of redness and itching. If they do not pass within 24 hours, the use of the gel should be discontinued. In rare cases, a severe allergic reaction may occur.

Shelf life and proper storage

This drug should be stored for no more than 2 years in a dry, dark place at a temperature not exceeding 20 ° C away from children and animals.

Benefits of gel Regecine

Regezin was developed by scientists and specialists of Russia as a drug for combating dermatological diseases of primary and secondary severity, as an antimicrobial, restorative and healing agent.

It is a worthy equivalent of Hungarian cream Curiosine . The price of Regecin is much lower than its foreign counterpart, and the effect from use is at the same high level.

The composition was specially designed for a specific country, which made this gel irreplaceable for most people who suffer from permanent or periodic skin problems.

The almost complete absence of contraindications makes this drug an excellent remedy for the elimination of seborrhea, dermatitis, acne, redness and acne. It has found wide application in cosmetology, where it is applied for skin smoothing, acne prevention and after laser correction procedures for the body to quickly and effectively eliminate inflammation, redness and small scars.

Regecine is an excellent preparation for solving skin problems, which has an ideal composition for the prevention and treatment of acne, seborrhea, dermatitis and acne, and must be a mandatory medicine in every person's medicine cabinet.

  1. Elena 04.12.2014 08:43

    I have a burn on my cheeks from this cream

  2. The Anonymous user 08/17/2016 09:29

    where you can buy?

  3. The Anonymous author 18.10.2016 07:02

    If we are from Bishkek, we do not have such a regexin ointment, how and where can I get it?

  4. Irina 04.11.2016 17:18

    Excellent, I like it so much, under make-up and treatment, I'm healthy that there is such a gel, there are only 160 in Kopeisk

  5. The Anonymous user 06.11.2016 06:49

    At me from this cream burns on all face

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