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How to treat rosacea or rosacea

Treatment of rosacea

Rosacea on the face In order to save a person from rosacea, there are several methods, the combined use of which gives very tangible results. It is worth noting that self-medication does not lead to the desired result. It is necessary to visit a specialist who will choose the most effective treatment regimen. So, how to treat rosacea? Rosacea on the face can deliver a lot of unpleasant minutes to its owner. Part of the therapy is aimed at eliminating symptoms . To reduce the intensity of the formation of acne, it is recommended to use preparations containing salicylic acid . Before using the drug, you need to consult a dermatologist.

Comprehensive examination of the body

Pink acne serves as a confirmation of the general disease of the body. It is necessary to undergo a comprehensive examination, paying special attention to the state of the nervous system and digestive system. Since the lesions of precisely these systems are included in the list of factors that cause rosacea. Gastritis, inflammation of the intestines or duodenal ulcer can be a prerequisite for the appearance of acne. Vegeto-vascular dystonia will also become a cause for concern. Improvement of digestion processes is promoted by enzyme preparations: mezim, digestal, solizim, nigdaza, panzinorm and festal. Similarly, in some cases, with diagnosed dysbacteriosis of the colon, the doctor may recommend the use of eubiotics: hilak-forte, acylact or bifidumbacterin.

Microcirculation in the skin

Violation of microcirculation processes is one of the signs of rosacea. The task of specialists is to restore natural inflow and outflow of blood from tissues. Achieving the best effect allows the use of vascular drugs, which include the presence of nicotinic acid. It can be a theonikol or sodium nicotinate.


The presence of a purulent process allows you to judge the attachment of a bacterial infection. To destroy pathogenic agents, doctors recommend using trichopol . The daily dosage is 0.25 mg twice a day for one and a half to two weeks. In the case of extensive lesions of the skin and the infiltration stage of the disease, the use of broad-spectrum antibiotics is recommended. The most effective in this case doxycycline , ampicillin, ampiox and others ...


In the vast infiltration form of the disease, corticosteroids, in particular prednisolone, are widely used. The daily dose is 25-30 mg, and the duration of the course is about one to two weeks, with a gradual reduction of the daily dose to zero. However, the use of such drugs should be carried out only strictly defined course and under the supervision of a specialist. Otherwise, the formation of a phenomenon called steroid rosacea is possible. It is characterized by increased tissue hyperemia, the formation of pustular foci on it and the asterisks of the capillary network. The abolition of corticosteroids leads to a short-term exacerbation of the disease.


With this disease, you must adhere to a balanced diet . It should be excluded from the acute, sour, as well as avoid the use of hot dishes. Do not enter into the diet those products, the use of which provokes an exacerbation of gastrointestinal diseases. If necessary, you can consult a gastroenterologist in order to choose the most suitable menu.


In especially severe disease, a specialist may prescribe the use of roaccutane or retinol palmitate. Roaccutane is administered in microdoses of the order of 0.1 - 0.5 mg / kg. This amount of the drug is associated with its teratogenicity and hepatotoxic effect. In other words, as a result of the application, the liver may suffer. That is why the specialist should explain all possible side reactions and discuss with the patient the expediency of using the drug.

Topical preparations

By this group of drugs means all drugs that are used as ointments, lotions and lotions. Local effects, often, are very effective, especially against a background of complex treatment. Widely used boric and resorcinic lotions, as well as pastes and ointments based on tar, sulfur, ichthyol .

Treatment with folk remedies

The main task of traditional medicine is to alleviate the symptoms. Actively used rubbing tonics, lotions, rinsing infusions of herbs. Some of the most effective recipes that give a visible result.

  • Trays from a lime-colored. This will require half a glass of lime blossom, which is filled with hot water and allowed to stand for thirty to forty minutes. It is necessary to strain the resulting infusion, to cool to a temperature of fifteen to twenty degrees and several times to immerse into it the face, previously cleaned of dirt and make-up. The procedure time is five to seven seconds. Number of dives from three to five. After the end of the procedure, it is recommended not to wipe, but simply to soak the face with a towel.
  • Compresses. For their preparation in advance, prepare the infusion of tansy and sage. Half a tablespoon of each plant, take 500 ml of water. Allow to stand in a warm place, and then cool to room temperature. Prepare the cotton-gauze compresses in advance and moisten them with infusion put on problem areas. The exposure time is no more than twenty to thirty minutes.
  • Mask of fresh yogurt. A very effective tool that allows you to saturate the skin with vitamins and normalize the production of sebum. Pre-prepared cotton-wool napkins are impregnated with warm kefir and placed on problem areas of pre-prepared skin. The duration of this mask is about twenty minutes.
  • Mint and marigold in the form of a decoction will be a great help in the treatment of rosacea. One spoonful of crushed plants is poured with two glasses of boiling water and kept on low heat for ten minutes. Then within thirty minutes they let them brew in a warm place, filter and drink half the glass twice a day. These herbs have an anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Cucumber. Traditional medicine claims that it is no less effective remedy for rosacea. Cucumber of medium size must be rubbed on a fine grater, and then applied to the face without dust, dirt and makeup. The duration of the procedure is at least thirty minutes.
  • Aloe. Used in the form of compresses. Juice fresh aloe leaf should be diluted necessarily warm and boiled water in equal parts. Then put the cotton-wool compresses moistened in the resulting solution onto the cleansed skin. The duration of the procedure is about twenty minutes, and the number of sessions is eighteen to twenty.
  • Compress from the hips. Prepared infusion, consisting of one spoonful of fruit and a glass of water, dilute at a concentration of 1:20. Then warm to a warm state and put on a clean face towel soaked in this infusion. The application time is 20 minutes. You need to repeat everything at least 6 times in a row. Such procedures are performed every other day for a month and a half.

Hardware methods of treatment

In addition to folk methods, no less visible results are given by procedures performed in the salon or cosmetology clinic.

  • Laser treatment. This type of exposure is possible only in a clinic and must be performed by a highly qualified specialist. The essence lies in the impact on the lesions, telangiectasia, as well as the effect of sterilization of tissues that occurs when processing unhealthy tissue. At the time of interaction of the laser beam with acne, the temperature of the tissues rises, which is disastrous for many pathogenic microorganisms.
  • Cryotherapy. No less common method of combating rosacea. Local effect on the affected skin with liquid nitrogen is carried out. The technique of short-term contact with the skin either in the form of applications or as a jet of air is used. Cryotherapy has found wide application in the form of monotherapy, as well as in the complex effect on the lesion.

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