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How to quickly remove sebaceous plugs at home


Sebaceous plugs on forehead The sebaceous plugs on the face are capable to deliver to the owner quite serious troubles. Most know how unathetic is the appearance of a person who has several black dots or a whole scattering of small clogged pores on his face. What is the reason for their occurrence? And also whether it is possible to achieve a clean and matte surface of the skin, if you are predisposed to the formation of such plugs? Experts with confidence state that it is not only possible to change the situation for the better, but it is also necessary!


In order to develop the most effective ways to combat greasy stoppers, you need to understand the reasons for their formation.

  • Secret. Blockage of pores occurs when excess production of sebaceous glands specific secret.
  • Purity. The contaminated skin surface and its insufficient purification become predisposing factors for the development of this condition.
  • Exfoliation. Excess keratinization of the upper layers of the skin leads not only to its thickening, but also to the narrowing of the lumen of the pore. As a result, there are difficulties with the removal of sebum.
  • An unbalanced diet with a predominance of fatty and high-calorie foods leads to an additional load on the digestive organs.
  • An unstable hormonal background can also cause them to form.
  • Nervous breakdowns and unstable psychological background.

All these causes lead to a systematic blockage of the sebaceous gland passages. How to get rid of sebaceous plugs? It is necessary to eliminate as much as possible all predisposing factors. Active sports, cosmetic procedures at home, as well as in beauty parlors, a balanced diet and compliance with the regime of the day will not only get rid of the clogged pores and keep the skin in perfect condition.

Basic principles of skin care

More often sebaceous fuses are formed on the face: cheeks, on the nose or chin, and also on the head near the hair growth line. Those. in those areas where there is an increased accumulation of sebaceous glands.

The main and most effective method of fighting greasy stoppers will be maintaining the skin in perfect purity. You can use the most suitable for your skin type cleansers: milk or tonic, facial cleanser or gel. After using the remedy, there should be no feeling of contraction. Also, there should not be burning or flaking.

The use of scrubs specialists recommend only if the face has no inflammatory reactions or there is no pronounced vascular network. In the presence of inflamed acne, the use of scrubs and exfoliating agents is strictly prohibited. Thus, it is possible to spread the infection along the adjoining parts of the skin, only aggravating the process.

Visiting cosmetologists can also help improve the skin condition. In the conditions of the salon it is possible to carry out a mechanical cleaning of the face , during which the specialist will remove all comedones with the help of tools. At the end of cleaning, the cosmetologist can apply a soothing or tightening mask, depending on the skin condition.

The use of professional cosmetic products will be an excellent addition to complex skin care. Excellent results can only be obtained with regular and systematic care. One-time use of corrective pencils can only improve the situation for a couple of days, and the skin condition can be radically improved only by revising your lifestyle and using professional facial care products.

Good results are given with regular use of traditional medicine. There are several excellent and effective ways to bring your face to an ideal condition:

  • Gelatine masks with the addition of activated carbon. Thus, it is possible to get rid of more clogged pores in a short time.
  • Honey massage is becoming an increasingly popular way to get rid of sebaceous plugs. The only disadvantage of this method will be a high allergenicity of the main component.
  • Steam baths not only soften sebaceous plugs, but also contribute to the preparation of the skin with subsequent procedures.
  • Peeling. At home, natural coffee became the most effective and affordable means. The sediment is mixed with an ideal gel for your skin or a facial cleanser. And it is this scrub that removes the dead layer of the epithelium.

But experts argue that only a regular and complex treatment of the skin leads to the cleansing of clogged pores. A change in lifestyle and diet reduces the chance of blockage of pores.


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