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Remedies for acne

Black Mask Fresh Face by Helen Gold Even the most beautiful face can ruin black dots and pimples. Small and numerous, they become a real problem for many people. Mechanical cleaning of the face gives only a short-term effect, a week passes - and the problem appears again. The cost of this procedure does not meet expectations. Special strips help to get rid of only large black dots. Girls try to hide hate points and inflammations with makeup, but as a result they become even more noticeable. It begins to seem that all means in the struggle against this problem are powerless. But this is not so, the mask from black dots and acne Black Mask Helen Gold is able to cope with skin imperfections.

Vidal's Milk Acne is a problem that worries not only adolescents, but also people of all ages. To effectively solve it, you must necessarily influence the causes that cause such a pathology. But the composition of complex therapy invariably includes preparations of external use that promote skin cleansing. One of the old, proven, but unjustly forgotten in our day remedies for acne and acne, is Vidal's milk, which does not need advertising because of its high efficiency.
This harmless drug is not inferior to expensive known analogs and allows you to treat inflammation of the skin of varying severity. With its regular application, pathogenic bacteria are destroyed, the old layer of skin is exfoliated, the sebaceous glands are normalized.

Acnekutan Acne and acne occur in many people during adolescence and become a serious problem. They require timely treatment with drugs, otherwise the face can form scars and scars from acne. As a medicine, doctors recommend the use of Acnekutan. The drug is available in the form of gelatin capsules of 8 mg or 10 mg (their color can be brown or white-green). Take it 1 or 2 times a day during meals. The course of treatment is from 16 to 30 weeks, depending on the degree of the disease. Repeated therapy is usually not required, since acne in most cases disappears within the allotted time.

mylo_iz_pepla Soap from the ashes of the volcano is the newest anti-acne remedy, amazing with its unusual composition. The main component in it is volcanic ash. An effective positive result will not make you wait long, changing and changing the face skin for the better.

Adaclin What is Adaklyn, which has been gaining popularity in recent times? This is a cream for external use, which, according to many, provides real help in the fight against acne. If you follow all the instructions for using it, then soon acne and small pimples will disappear, and the skin will rejoice with its healthy appearance. The price of the drug is available to most people. Adaklin has a thick consistency, due to which the product is economical and advantageous in comparison with analogues. Presented in 2 types: white cream or clear gel.

Soap Soap Naomi For high-quality facial care, it is not necessary to buy expensive cosmetics and try to try "grandmother's recipes". To the skin of the face looked healthy and well-groomed, it is enough to keep it clean and choose for itself the only suitable means that will not cause irritation and side effects. Conclusion - if you have a problem skin, you need a special black soap from acne. The best means for skin care and fighting imperfect sites are natural remedies and recipes. It is on the natural composition "make a bid" manufacturers of soap from the mud of the dead sea of ​​Naomi.

Azelix gel There are many drugs to deal with skin defects. Each of them has undoubtedly its advantages and disadvantages. Some drugs are contraindicated in liver diseases, are addictive, others cause allergies, are not suitable for use by pregnant women. Individual ointments have a specific smell and color (for example, Vishnevsky ointment), and can not be used in conjunction with decorative cosmetics. Gel azelik is devoid of these drawbacks and has many other advantages. The remedy is not only effective in combating acne, but also helps to cope with other very unsightly and unpleasant skin defects.

gel joins In the middle of the last century, the company Hildegard Braukmann began production of natural remedies for caring for problem skin. Today the products of this brand are also represented in Russia. Especially popular is the gel Jeunesse designed specifically for people suffering from acne. The remedy is based on medicinal herbs and is affordable.

Regecin-gel Everyone wants to be healthy, because success and beauty are impossible without well-being. The skin is very vulnerable, it should be well-groomed and clean, without scars, acne and rash. This can help the drug Regecin. This agent in the form of a gel is intended for the treatment of acne eruptions at all stages with different areas of distribution. Safety, fast effect, the minimum number of possible side effects - these are the main advantages of the drug. Reviews about Regecine are mostly positive. What are the features of the tool, how to use it, and to whom it can be applied?

Acne Treatment with Laser Everyone wants to have a smooth, healthy and elastic skin. Unfortunately, in our time, it is not uncommon for various dermatological diseases, and only a few can boast of beautiful skin from nature. Acne is one of the most common skin diseases to date. It occurs both in adolescence and in adulthood. Fortunately, modern dermatocosmetology has in its arsenal a lot of ways and methods of treating all kinds of acne, and laser facial cleansing from acne is one of the most effective means.

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