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Remedy for acne Proactiv: price, testimonials, where to order

проактив от прыщей Since birth, the human skin exfoliates dead cells, and also secreases fat. Throughout life hormonal balance changes, and the speed of metabolic processes is determined by them. Acne occurs when there is a violation of natural processes, and the remedy for acne Proactive is designed to prevent the appearance of acne and adjust the changes occurring in the skin .

, испробовали на себе миллионы людей, и они теперь и не вспоминают о том, что значит, иметь плохую кожу. This unique cosmetic product, produced in America and received from Teen Vogue magazine the title of "The Best Remedy for Acne Removal," was tried by millions of people, and they now do not remember what it means to have bad skin. The project perfectly helps all those who live in conditions that directly contribute to the appearance of blackheads. For example, in summer in high temperature the pores on the face of people expand, and this makes it particularly sensitive. Minor pollution, wind and rain dry the skin and make it particularly susceptible to any bacteria. A new skin care product cleans, heals and makes it healthy. Therefore, those who entrusted their face to Proactive, were convinced that their choice was correct.

. Studies conducted in many countries of the world show that 60% of patients who decided to use this tool achieved positive results . And the positive result from its use was kept usually within two weeks. This means that in order to always have a good skin condition, you must use Proactive all the time.

How to order and what is the price?

Proactive price depends on which set is ordered . The basic set (scrub, tonic and cream) is designed for two months of daily use. If one of the additional funds is added to the minimum set, the cost of the complex increases.

You can order Proactive on the official website of its supplier in Russia. Having made an order, it will be delivered to you by mail or courier within a few days. You can find out the specific cost of delivery and the entire medical cosmetic complex when placing an order on the site. Buy Proactive in pharmacies is not yet possible.

The way from pimples to beauty

This method of treating acne is a special program, compiled individually for everyone. The main purpose of this system is the most effective cleansing and restoration of the epithelium with the help of a cleansing scrub, restoring tonic and cream, and also two additional products.

  1. Scrub deeply cleanses the skin. It contains microparticles of benzoyl peroxide, which penetrate into the pores and instantly destroy the bacteria that have settled there, because of which problems arise. Microscopic granules are able to effectively cleanse the skin of dirt, dead cells and excess fat.
  2. Tonic «Proactive», which has a restoring effect and does not contain alcohol in its composition, additionally cleans pores and removes irritation. It includes plant ingredients that can normalize the complexion and give it freshness.
  3. The regenerating and moisturizing cream penetrates into the skin already prepared for the final stage of treatment and, thanks to the medicinal components, does not allow the appearance of new inflammations.

In addition to the basic complex, there are also tools that additionally moisturize and control the work of the sebaceous glands.

Effects of Proactiv

: When using this cosmetic complex occurs :

  1. Deep cleansing with a gentle removal of contaminants;
  2. Cleansing and soft removal of pores;
  3. Destruction of bacteria that cause acne;
  4. Rapid removal of inflammation;
  5. Light exfoliating effect without drying the skin.

The preparation contains benzoyl peroxide and sulfur, which have a harmful effect on bacteria - pimples, and the plant components - panthenol, allantoin, chamomile and aloe, purify the pores and exfoliate the dead particles of the epithelium. Unlike many others, this drug does not differ aggressiveness of the effect - components are selected so as to minimize the likelihood of undesirable phenomena. In addition, Proactive can be used not only on the face. . Due to this, it is widely used and has the most positive feedback .

How to use Proactive

To get the expected result, you must strictly adhere to the scheme of using this tool, using it every day in the morning and in the evening.

  1. The cleanser should be applied in the morning and evening, gently massaging the skin . Then rinse with clean warm water, and dry without rubbing. The face needs only to get wet with a towel.
  2. The next step is the application of a health-improving tonic Proactiv. Wadded disc wipe the treated areas with a few drops of restoring tonic and wait until the tonic is absorbed into the skin.
  3. Next, apply a restoring gel a thin layer and wait until it is completely absorbed. Do not wash or rinse it.
  4. If you are going to go out in the sun, use an additional sunscreen.

Possible side effects

  1. Irritation;
  2. Redness;
  3. Itching itch.

If after 2-3 days of application, irritation, dryness or flaking appear on the skin, it is necessary to reduce the dosage and frequency of application. These manifestations are extremely rare. When used properly, the Proactiv very well helps with any kind of acne, revitalizing the skin and leaving it clean and beautiful.

Usually a side effect is observed after the application of a tonic having a restoring effect. Therefore, if you find this reaction in yourself, reduce the amount of tonic application and use it, for example, only in the evening.

You can find out the price of the drug, and also order it on the official website.

  1. Albina 18.02.2012 19:37

    Very good remedy for acne. I bought it because it did not help, the result is noticeable after 2-3 applications and cleans the face very well. The drug lasts for a long time. Although it is designed for 2 months, it has already been 3 months and has not yet ended. At whom problems with spots, I advise. You will not regret.

  2. allecsx 02/18/2012 10:59 PM

    Proactive has helped my sister get rid of acne. An excellent preparation, has no side effects, the skin becomes soft and clean, thanks to the presence of the vegetable components, the skin does not dry. I recommend to take advantage.

  3. Eugene 21.02.2012 20:27

    This tool has long been used in America, and in Russia it appeared recently. Thank God, my problem with pimples was bypassed, but my friend is suffering from this scourge from school. tried a lot of different means, almost nothing helped. Seeing the advertisement on TV, she could not resist and ordered the Proactive. The price, of course, is cosmic, but the effect exceeded all expectations. Fat disappeared after the first application, the shine also disappeared somewhere, and the red acne gradually disappeared. That's only the skin after such procedures has become very dry, but that's another story ...

    • Daria 12.01.2013 09:09

      The price for the set, which is enough for 2 months, so it turns out - not so much :) To the basic set, you can order another remedy suitable for your skin type - so that the skin does not dry much

  4. morbiger 02/28/2012 06:42

    Yes, it helps. I'm using at the moment. The effect is getting better and better every day. And the skin does not get dry. I even did not benefit from medication, and this is just my salvation.

  5. Irod 02/28/2012 10:10 AM

    Proactive. I suffered for a long time with purulent pimples on my face, tried a bunch of advertised drugs, and the result was small. But the pro-active has helped. The truth after the sun is not very comfortable. The skin is like zhzhet. And so I advise!

  6. Timur 31.07.2012 14:31

    I bought it helped!

  7. Irina 03.12.2012 22:13

    For three days, my fat skin dried up so that she wrinkled ... as if the upper layer of the skin was thinning and became very dry. The face is all red! I have not used it all day, but my face is still red. A nightmare in general!

    • Daria 12.01.2013 09:12

      You in vain stopped using, it was necessary to reduce the dosage a little and not to use twice a day, but one, since your skin is very sensitive. But in general - the skin is reconstructed, treated, in one day it is impossible, first time dryness and redness, even peeling - this is normal. But then - a clean even skin without acne, subcutaneous mites and black dots

  8. Aidana 03/14/2013 1:08 PM

    I have been using Proactiv for 3 weeks already! Alas, there are no obvious changes on the face! I do not know how to others, but this drug does not help me! While there are no miracle actions, as promised! It is unreal to overdry the skin! And even small wrinkles appeared on my face) Nevertheless after 2 use I reduced the dose, and I put on a face cream every day! I do not understand what's the matter! But in the hope I do not stop using it!

    • Daria 03/15/2013 10:27

      Well 3 weeks is not enough, in neglected cases up to 4 months people use proactivom and only then some improvements.

  9. Alina 03.21.2013 05:37

    Hello. at me on the face more than 20 years white zhiroviki. in the hospital they said that this is a subcutaneous mite. I did not pass treatment. my liver started to ache from the pills and I abandoned the treatment. decided to take a chance on the asset. I use not so long ago. but the result on the face is. The skin became not so rough and zhiroviki began to decrease on the sly.

  10. ASHAT 03/24/2013 16:00

    How much is?

  11. Angelica July 30, 2013 19:40

    Do the girls please tell me who used this line during pregnancy? Is it dangerous?

  12. The Anonymous 08.28.2013 10:35

    Yes, I have, my mother brought from Dubai. Used, but it did not help at all, on the contrary, all the pimples on the face got out and the face became terrible) But, I think to order a cream Quotlan , they say that it helps a lot. And I advise you to buy tar soap, already on day 2 was the result)))

  13. Nastya 08/10/2013 10:00 AM

    Tell me please, but how many years can I use this tool? I really, really need to know.

  14. Anonymous on 08/26/2013 9:31 PM

    How to order?

  15. Raisa 10/31/2013 03:11

    Where can I order?

  16. Lena 01/05/2014 20:40

    Has started to use. but I started to itch, redness and peeling of the skin. So not all fit.

  17. The Anonymous author 01.01.2014 05:43

    what is better than inoskin or proactive?

  18. Anatoly Valiev 17.01.2014 03:20

    How to order?

  19. mareta 01/21/2014 5:53 PM

    Just a super remedy for acne. I advise everyone. All the youth went through with this problem, but only this tool helped me very well

  20. Narima 10.02.2014 13:39

    Good afternoon, please tell me how you can order "Proactive"? Waiting for an answer.

    • Mafa 10/29/2016 12:47

      How can I order "proactive"?

  21. Aselek 03/27/2014 05:26

    I do not advise you to use this tool. The first 3 months probably will not be fat and acne and other things. But after the protective layer of the skin is so thin that the skin will be red, itching will begin. Unpleasant feeling. It is better to treat the thyroid gland, according to the female, either check and pass tests on the eggs of the worm. Our face is a mirror of our body, look for the problem inside, there is the possibility that there are violations of internal organs.

  22. Max 07.04.2014 12:17

    A cool tool. I have been using it for two years (once a day, at night). Perfectly heals the skin. But in order to get rid of the further appearance of acne, you need to get rid of the same and the causes.

  23. Vadim 11.04.2014 13:49

    I want to order and where to order?

  24. Fleur 04/23/2014 05:16

    Very good remedy for acne. Two years ago, I prescribed this drug for my daughter on March 8th. She is delighted! To date, the skin is clean

  25. gene 11.05.2014 13:01

    Where can I order a proactive?

  26. Anonymous February 16, 2010 5:35 PM


  27. din 06/03/2015 11:18

    At me too very problem skin here already throughout 5 years I suffer this rubbish. All has begun during pregnancy on a skin there were pustulous rashes, then reddening and then worse huge gumdonny.Govorili you will give birth and all will pass or take place but after a birth of the child, all has begun only worse. Since during pregnancy it was scary to take any medications and even ointments, and grandmother's recipes did not help. At one point the site collided with this wonderful remedy. The agent changed my face already on the third day of application. I could not get enough of my happiness, my face changed markedly every day. I remained happy with this drug. but after the expiration of my time my nightmare again appeared on my face. I passed a lot of tests with organs all right, suspicion of a hypodermic tick, but it did not come out. I decided again order a proactive result does not help, the skin is inflamed, all is flushed, the face is swollen, the nightmare is full and the agent ordered it on the official site. Even I do not know what all happened so.and I do not know which leave to give. Well, everyone has their own choice, well, I think it's better by robyvat than read the reviews, maybe this is your chance to dear girls, we all want to look beautiful, at such a young age.

    • Natalia 07/02/2015 11:52

      Prompt, and during pregnancy this drug can be used?

  28. Zarina 06/13/2015 21:33

    I use not so long ago, I can say that the result exceeded my expectations, the tool really helps, much less acne and black spots. The face dries, but they also have a cream moisturizing green tea, which perfectly moisturizes the skin of the face. I am happy and recommend this tool to others.

  29. Natalia 07/02/2015 11:54

    Tell me during pregnancy and lactation drug can I use?

  30. Moussa 03/25/2016 02:56

    I did not understand anything. I got kind of like how I stopped using it again, too.

  31. Marcela 05/06/2016 12:34

    How to order?

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