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Skin care

steam cleaning at home Every woman dreams of possessing the ideal skin of the face to look well-groomed and attractive. However, not everyone can boast of the absence of pimples or black spots. Deficiencies appear due to sebaceous deposits, decorative cosmetics, from dust or health problems. To combat them, women use different methods. Some go to a beauty salon to take advantage of professional services. Others prefer to cope with the problem on their own. An effective method of fighting pimples is the steam bath for the face. It can be done at home by purchasing the necessary inventory.

plasmolifting photos One of the problems of the skin, which in everyday life is called pimples, and according to scientific terminology sounds like "acne, acne (illness) or acne", gives a lot of trouble to their owner. There are many ways to combat this problem - from folk remedies to modern medicines. Each of them has different effectiveness and way of influence on the body. Traditional medicine suggests the use of antibiotics for the treatment of acne, hormones that, in addition to the therapeutic effect, have an undesirable concomitant effect on the body. In severe cases, surgical methods are used, chemical (median) peeling with the use of acids, treatment with the use of poisons.
More recently, in order to combat acne, the plasmolift technique has been successfully applied.

Nano-perforation of the face Remember the textbook question of the heroine A.S. Pushkin, turned to the mirror: "Am I any dearer in the world? .." Of course, like the fairytale queen, every woman wants to hear a daily confirmation of her own irresistibility. However, time does not stand still and with the years even the most beautiful features can lose their freshness and beauty. In this situation, effective techniques of modern cosmetology come to the aid, which, if you do not turn back time, then at least significantly slow down its running. The validity of such a judgment is confirmed by a unique procedure of the new generation - laser nanoporphyria of the face.

Vitiligo Vitiligo (from Latin Vitiligo) is an autoimmune disease in which individual parts of the human skin do not contain melanin substance. Treatment of vitiligo is quite a difficult matter, it is one of the hardest treatable diseases. Despite the high achievements of modern medicine, scientists can not explain the causes of this ailment. The disease can occur in men and women, the elderly and children, regardless of other diseases and other factors. It is believed that vitiligo is not dangerous to human life, but the presence of this disease indicates a malfunction in the human body. An important factor is the aesthetic side, especially for women, especially since women suffer from this ailment more often than men. If there is at least one dubious spot on the body, you need to contact a dermatologist.

Dezinkrustatsiya face A person is the first thing people pay attention to in society. Although the clothes only meet, everyone wants to produce the best possible impression on others at the time of dating. This will help beautiful, radiant skin.
It is very important to monitor your appearance, but for the best effect of home procedures is not enough, so it is advisable to seek help from professional cosmetologists.
With the development of scientific and technological progress in the arsenal of cosmetologists, a lot of new technologies have been used to care for the face skin. One of such methods is disincrustation.

Uneven skin of the face There is no need to prove how much the success of a person in life depends on the appearance. In an adult, mood and behavior are built subconsciously. If in the morning from the mirror looks a face with a clear gaze, smooth clean skin, this woman or man will be confident all day, kind to others. People with cosmetic defects, especially with bumpy skin, are closed, shy, limiting themselves in communication. Do not drink soothing packs! Help will come from the "green pharmacy" and modern cosmetology.

Photorejuvenation What is hidden under the term "photorejuvenation of the face"? Why do so many patients prefer this method of fighting aging skin? Everything is very simple! The high effectiveness of the method, combined with the absence of a rehabilitation period and complete painless manipulation, won the hearts of patients in cosmetology clinics.

Fruit peeling It can be stated with certainty that peeling with fruit acids has become most popular due to its effectiveness, availability and quite adequate cost of carrying out. It does not require long preparation of the skin, and as compared with similar procedures, it causes less complications. Natural components provide maximum efficiency and allow you to achieve tremendous results in the shortest possible time. Smooth, fresh skin, lack of dilated pores, reduction in stretch marks and removal of pigment spots are far from being the whole list of what can be obtained during peeling with fruit acids.

Dermabrasion of the face Microdermabrasion has become a very popular procedure that many cosmetic clinics and beauty salons offer. What is the effectiveness of manipulation and why are more and more willing to try a miracle technique that quickly and completely painlessly is able to return the young and tender skin to the patient?

Ozone therapy Ozone therapy was used as a very effective tool for many diseases and pathological conditions of the body many years ago. The rapid development of cosmetology coincided with the next discoveries of scientists who say that the use of ozone can not only remove signs of aging, but also significantly slow down the process itself.

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