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Free cosmetology rooms - now in every clinic

Бесплатный косметологический кабинет в российской поликлинике The Ministry of Health of Russia has developed, adopted and launched a decree according to which cosmetology rooms will be installed in all regional polyclinics in Russia . Cosmetologists working in such offices will conduct a free reception.

Now the inhabitants of Russia can get advice from a cosmetologist, the necessary examination and treatment in their clinic, and not go to a private clinic.

The list of cosmetology services has already been established. A person who has applied for help in a cosmetology room, specialists will have to conduct examinations, diagnose and prescribe treatment and, if necessary, monitor until complete recovery.

In the near future, cosmetologists are equipped with cabinets, appear in most of the polyclinics. Such offices will be equipped with the necessary medical equipment for the analysis of such procedures as mesotherapy, cryomassage, cryotherapy, medical massage, peeling . Also in the offices will be installed ultrasound machines for the diagnosis of vessels of the skin, epidermis and superficial muscles.

All the services of a cosmetologist are available earlier only in paid clinics, Russians will be able to get free of charge.

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