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Types of Acne

Irritation after shaving There are different methods of depilation, but the most popular remains hair removal with a razor. This is due to the fact that this procedure, almost painless, it can be carried out independently and without much expense. However, after depilation with a razor, small pimples, a rash or red spots may appear. They are localized on the face, on the legs, on the pubic area or in the armpits. Both women and men are subject to this problem. To get rid of the itchy rash and inflammation, it is recommended to first familiarize yourself with the causes of acne, and then change the technique of shaving, use a special cream after depilation or replace the machine.

love Many have heard that the cause of acne and acne can be, oddly enough, sex. Indeed, at first glance, a special relationship is difficult to find between the satisfaction of sexual desire and cosmetic ailment. But this is only for people ignorant, because sex and pimples are two concepts that have a connecting chain, called hormones. The hormonal balance in the human body is reflected in the state of not only internal organs, but also the outer shell of a person - the skin. Moreover, this fact is mostly related to the fairer sex.

If a person has a predilection for cigarettes, which does not look attractive to any gender, the probability of manifestation of acne lesions and acne increases tens of times than that of a non-smoker. So, having made its choice in favor of nicotine addiction, all efforts to eliminate skin problems become futile. But everything is logical. Cosmetic procedures are aimed at deep cleansing and antiseptic action not on the surface, but in the deep layers of the dermis, where the inflammatory focus lies. Smoking just simply blocks the free flow of medication into the pores because of their strong slagging.

Acne and gastrointestinal tract Scientists have found that the appearance of acne is very closely related to inflammatory processes in the intestine. First, it is necessary to restore microflora and eliminate problems.

Acne vulgaris Vulgar acne has long been a scourge of boys and girls. Unaesthetic acne can significantly poison the life of anyone. Can I fight them and what causes the formation of comedones and acne?

Acne and hormones Specialists have long established a link between the altered hormonal background and the formation of acne. What is the reason for such dependence and how can you achieve a clean and matte skin?

Sebaceous plugs on forehead Sebaceous plugs bother not only adolescents and youth, but also most adults and representative citizens. What is a sebaceous cork and how to get rid of this non-aesthetic defect of one's own appearance as effectively as possible?

Rosacea on the face Rosacea is a very common disease that affects the skin. It is characterized by the presence of vascular asterisks, purulent foci, as well as a significant thickening of the skin. In men in severe stages, a rhinophome or pineal shape of the nose can be observed.

White eel squirrels A patch is a white hard pimple that is not of an inflammatory nature, nevertheless it causes considerable damage to the exterior. Since this type of pimples, in fact, is a consequence of the blockage of the sebaceous glands, it is very difficult to squeeze it out, so it is worth to turn to a beautician, or to be treated with home remedies, but without mechanical removal of the periage.

Rosemary rosacea Rosacea is a serious skin disease that consistently goes through three stages. It is difficult to cure it, and the result is quite long. You will find out at what signs it is necessary to go to the doctor to minimize the consequences of the disease, "intercepting" it at the very beginning. Therefore, at the first sign, do not delay the visit to the doctor!

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