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Soap from volcanic ash - the newest remedy for acne

mylo_iz_pepla Cosmetology does not stand still, developing constantly something new and quite effective. Especially it concerns skin problems, such as acne, acne and various rashes, which affects a large number of people regardless of age. Recently, a new unique drug appeared on the market, favorably differing from its analogues and really bringing the result. This means is volcanic soap from acne, which has a cleansing property. It was actively used in South Korea, where you can clearly see its effectiveness, as Koreans can boast of cleanliness and healthy appearance of their skin. Properties and ingredients included in the composition will say everything for themselves, leaving no doubt and a fraction of its healing and healing effect. And an easy way to use makes this tool the most affordable way to combat acne.


At the heart of this cosmetic skin care product, as mentioned earlier, is ash, taken from the volcanos of Vaunata. This product, obtained in the process of grinding magma, can be characterized as the most effective natural absorbent. It is like a sponge absorbs in itself superficial pollution and surpluses of hypodermic fat which act on a skin surface, hammering in pores and by that provoking occurrence of spots. In addition, at the moment when the soap comes into contact with the face, the cells begin to be saturated with useful microelements and the necessary substances. As a result, the complexion improves, and the dark and pigmented spots begin to lighten. Volcanic ash helps the skin integrate with the infection and spread of acne. Harmful bacteria almost instantly die under the influence of this substance. The cells are renewed at an accelerated pace, swelling and severe irritation. Increase the effect of ash and other important components that make up soap:

  1. Volcanic clay - it is an excellent assistant in the fight against skin rashes and acne. With its help, soap becomes an anti-inflammatory drug. The irritated skin softens, and the centers of an inflammation are blocked, not giving the chance to new pryshchikam again to be formed on a surface. In this case, whitening of the face occurs, which is also important, given the tendency to the appearance of significant redness at the time of acne attack.
  2. Coconut oil is a healing component and helps to avoid small scars that remain after a run-on form of rash. And coconut oil in the composition of soap from acne from the ashes of the volcano prevents the rapid aging of skin cells, prolonging their youth.
  3. Black cumin - gives the skin smoothness and velvety. Strengthens the walls of the vessels, making them supple and strong, enriches the skin with saturated fatty acids and essential amino acids. It also helps to clean the pores, penetrating into the deep layers of the dermis. Black cumin has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action.
  4. Aloe vera juice is a wonderful natural antibiotic that heals the injured epidermis, relieves unpleasant itching, dries pimples and prevents the onset of an advanced form of rash. In addition to the main ingredients, the Arabic soap from the volcano's ashes contains useful salts and oils that tone and refresh the skin helping to get rid of various kinds of rashes.

Action and method of application

Soap should be used twice a day during the morning and evening water procedures. First, a little soap in the hands to the state of foam, which is then applied to the face. At this moment, several massage movements are performed within five minutes (avoiding the area around the eyes), and after that, it is washed off with water. It is recommended to apply moisturizing cream on face. Noticeable visual changes can be observed after the first application.


Its regular use allows achieving the following results:

  • forever forget about the problem of acne and acne;
  • the water and fat balance of the skin is normalized;
  • the pores gradually narrow;
  • increases the elasticity and elasticity of the epidermis;
  • small wrinkles (especially when it comes to facial wrinkles) will soon begin to disappear and smoothen;
  • pass foci of redness;
  • the skin is moistened and vitaminized, increasing its protective functions;
  • Removing residual scars and scars ;
  • slowed down the general aging of skin cells;
  • dark circles disappear under the eyes;
  • exfoliate keratinized cells;
  • black points disappear instantly;
  • passes excessive fatness and greasiness of the skin, eliminating the surface from unnecessary shine;
  • face gets matte beautiful shade.

  1. The anonym 05.12.2015 15:19

    How to order?

  2. Anonymous on: 01/28/2016 17:40

    At me a question I have bought or purchased volcanic soap and it round and not as a mask black and it is direct as soap usual me to use further?

    • The anonym 21.05.2016 13:47

      The same thing ... it's round and black. When we ordered I was told that one soap was 200 g. Well, we bought 4 soap. But each soap weighed 40 grams. Very upset. Well now I will try ...

  3. I on 02/27/2016 08:49

    How to order this soap?

  4. Moldir 02/03/2016 05:36

    I bought volcanic soap, it did not help at all. I advise you not to waste money and time in vain.

  5. Anastasia May 23, 2013 16:12

    She ordered two soaps, paid for, and in the parcel was one. It is a pity spent money and soap round small is not such as in the photo. I will try

    • Anonymous on 06/03/2016 05:42

      Soap really helps it does not have to be round. Soap is square and weighs 100 grams of soap.

  6. Lena 09/29/2016 00:15

    I ordered this soap.
    It does contain ash of the volcano, it does not foam like ordinary soap - foam is like a liquid dirt, I think it should be so when mixing ash and water.
    I do not have acne, but there are pores filled with greasy plugs and black dots on the nose and chin. Expectations were the most positive-get rid of all these shortcomings ....
    After 3 days of use, I physically sensed how much the skin was dehydrated ... although after each washing the cream was used.
    In the instructions to the soap it is written to wash 3 r per day. It turns out 3 times I dry the skin, then I fill the pores with cream. Sebaceous glands understand that the skin is dehydrated and begin to actively moisturize it by producing its secretion ...
    As a result, the entire face is flaky, clogged with gums and black dots ... more than before.
    Maybe someone soap really helps, but it turned out to be a waste of money ...
    I regret buying!

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