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Why do they appear and how to remove the greens under the eyes?

Липома на глазу There is a huge number of diseases that can give our appearance is not an aesthetic appearance. Despite the assertion that the main thing in a person is inner beauty, the overwhelming majority still attach great importance to appearance. And it would seem, minor cosmetic defects can poison a life practically to any person. So, for example, a wen eye on an even small size becomes the cause of depression and nervous breakdowns. This is one of the most common types of neoplasm. What are the causes of the appearance of fatty glands under the eyes and what methods of treatment are used?

The causes of lipoma

Weners are one of the most common diseases associated with adipose tissue. However, despite their large number and wide distribution, scientists have not yet come to unanimous opinion about what causes cause the appearance of lipoma. There are several theories, each of which has a right to exist, as it is supported by a number of facts.

  • Violations that occurred during embryogenesis. There is a hypothesis that this is caused by atypical adipose tissue cells that were laid before our birth.
  • Disturbances in metabolic processes, some of which occur in adipose tissue, can lead to the formation of a neoplasm.
  • Violation of the hormonal background can also cause the appearance of adipocytes. This is especially evident during hormonal changes in the body of a woman ( menopause ).
  • One of the probable causes of their occurrence is allegedly called damage to the liver and pancreas, as well as a decrease in the level of activity of such glands as the pituitary gland and the thyroid gland.
  • Quite a large percentage of lipoma is observed against the background of alcohol dependence, diagnosed with diabetes mellitus. Malignant neoplasms located in the upper respiratory tract can also cause them.
  • The genetic factor should not be discounted. In medical practice, cases are described where, in several generations, the amount and location of the linden were repeated with astonishing accuracy. This once again proves the possibility of autosomal inheritance of this disease.

How to get rid of zhirovikov? There are several methods, each of which has both significant positive moments and negative factors present. A direct decision on which treatment method should be used is decided by each patient independently. However, it is always necessary to realize that the organism does not forgive negligence and, as a consequence, can respond with a completely unpredictable reaction.

In order to answer the question "how to remove fatty eyelids under the eyes?", It is necessary to understand how one can get rid of lipomas in general!

Examination in the presence of a tumor

For an accurate diagnosis of the disease, a number of manipulations and material sampling should be carried out:

  • Palpation. As a rule, the tumor is soft and mobile, not delivering painful sensations;
  • Laboratory research. General and biochemical blood tests, determination of the hormonal background;
  • In some cases, a cytological examination of the material obtained using a puncture may be required.

All these studies are performed with one single purpose - to diagnose the lipoma from a tumor of a carcinogenic nature.

Treatment of lipoma

Surgical intervention

Experts call surgical removal as the most successful way of treating lipoma. As a rule, only large, obstructing normal vision, lesions are subject to removal. Painful or dangling, interfering with the normal closing of the eye - they do not lend themselves to other methods of treatment.

In order to make an operative intervention, it is necessary to pass a test for the presence of viral and venereal diseases, provide laboratory tests and expert opinions indicating the possibility of an operation.

As a result of the operation, under general or local anesthesia, depending on the surgeon's decision, not only the wen itself will be removed, but also a connective tissue capsule partially ingrown into the surrounding tissues. If you leave it untouched, then the probability of re-formation of the tumor increases several times.

After all the necessary manipulations, the doctor sutures the wound and applies a sterile bandage. The rehabilitation period is about two to three weeks. It depends on the regenerative activity of the body.

Laser removal of wen

This method is becoming more popular, thanks to its complete painlessness. Just as essential advantages can be named as absence of blood, exact and small place of tumor removal. Especially patients are pleased with the complete absence of scars and traces from their removal. This is a non-contact method of treatment, since the effect on the tumor occurs with a precisely directed beam of high energy. Thus, unpleasant sensations are reduced to a minimum, and it is possible to remove the wen quickly.

Drug method

In the event that the lipoma is relatively small in size and does not exceed three centimeters, it may not be a surgical, but a medicamental solution to the problem. This method assumes after hospitalization of the patient's hospitalization and under sterile conditions a puncture is performed, followed by the introduction of a drug solution into the tumor. Subsequently, after 2-3 months, a gradual resorption will occur. The method is effective in approximately 78-82% of cases.

Folk methods

If a person categorically does not want to go to a medical center and undergo surgical interventions or laser exposure, the only measure of struggle that remains for him is folk remedies. Traditional medicine rejects this method of treatment, calling it out-of-date and ineffective. However, in some cases it is the only possible one. This happens when the patient has HIV infection or syphilis, which automatically negates the chances of gaining access to a private clinic or operating room. Either diagnosed chronic diseases do not allow the operation ... Variations are actually quite a lot.

Traditional medicine offers a wide selection of masks, compresses and tinctures, which you can prepare yourself, after spending a few minutes. Many are attracted by the relatively inexpensive price of potions, as well as the painlessness of the method. One of the most significant disadvantages of this method is a long period of treatment and an unstable therapeutic result. It is worth noting that the human body is a complex structure. It is difficult to predict how he will react to this or that effect. That is why, choosing non-traditional methods of treatment nevertheless it is necessary to be periodically surveyed at experts. Thus, you can monitor the condition, size and dynamics of the disease.

  1. Olya May 18, 2014 21:59

    "Medication: In the event that the lipoma is relatively small in size and does not exceed three centimeters, ..." Of course, I apologize, but maybe it's about millimeters? It is difficult to imagine a wen (especially on the eye!) Exceeding 3cm. It's the whole eye swims and the eyelid will not be able to pick up.

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