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What should I do if you have a little fat on your neck?

Жировик на шее Wen (lipoma) - a benign formation, consisting of adipose tissue and most often located under the skin.

It is a painless mobile ball. : But if it forms on the neck, it can give the person the following disadvantages :

  1. Cosmetic defect. With age, the size of the lipoma can increase, but with such a noticeable location - this is an additional reason for concern.
  2. Discomfort when wearing tight clothes.

Causes of appearance

The causes of lyme formation have not been fully established . : But the most reliable of them are the following factors :

  1. Heredity. Genetically programmed metabolic disturbances can cause disruption of the sebaceous glands;
  2. Primary damage to the hypothalamus. It often occurs as a result of a brain injury or an infectious disease of the central nervous system (eg, meningitis). Against this background hormonal regulation of fat metabolism is disrupted;
  3. Menopause. It also leads to a hormonal imbalance in the body of a woman and can provoke the appearance of adipocytes .

As a result of these disorders, a limited growth of adipose tissue occurs, and lipoma is formed.


Despite the fact that zhirovik is not dangerous for human health, the disease requires appropriate treatment. Many people trust people's prescriptions, and various means are used to eliminate this cosmetic defect (cinnamon, aloe juice and celandine , baked bulbs, etc.). But do not be foolishly experimenting with your body. Only a specialist can effectively and safely eliminate this problem.

It is important to remember that rapid growth of lipoma is an occasion for an urgent call to a doctor !

Modern medicine has ample opportunities in this area. But regardless of the chosen method of treatment you need to undergo a small examination. It consists of only 2 procedures:

  1. Puncture (diagnostic puncture) of the adipose;
  2. Ultrasound of the lipoma.

These studies are needed in order to finally make sure that education on the neck - it's wen.

Ways to remove wen

  1. Classical surgical. To carry out this operation, with a small size of the adipose, local anesthesia is chosen, and for larger ones general anesthesia is chosen. The surgeon squeezes out the contents of the lipoma through a small incision, and then carefully scraps the capsule. The disadvantage of this method for treating a fatty gland on the neck is the presence of a scar. After the operation, patients are recommended to undergo routine preventive examinations 2 times a year.
  2. Laser operation. This bloodless method allows you to remove the wen almost painless. The wound after such intervention heals in the shortest possible time, and after 2 weeks no visible defects remain in its place. Therefore, operations with a laser are widely used to remove the fatty glands on the neck . Another advantage of this method is the absence of relapses (re-formation of lime at the same place).
  3. Puncture-aspiration method. A special needle is inserted into the lipoma, and all internal contents are removed through it. The main drawback of the method is associated with the leaving of the capsule, and this can cause the subsequent growth of adipose tissue in it.
  4. If the size of the lipoma does not exceed 3 cm, then conservative treatment is possible. Under the ultrasound-control in a benign formation through a thin needle introduce a special absorbable drug. The effect develops gradually, and the lipoma disappears completely about 3 months after the procedure.

If treatment is carried out in a timely manner and professional doctors, then there will be no adverse consequences for the body.

  1. Vita1977 02/16/2012 9:42 PM

    I am most likely to trust surgical removal in treatment with lime, but with an experienced surgeon and after an appropriate examination. When I was in practice in the surgical department, I repeatedly saw how the lipomas are removed, the operation is not complicated and fairly fast, after the operation there remains a small, barely noticeable scar.

  2. Elena 19.02.2012 05:47

    I've never heard of conservative treatment with lime. I wonder who is involved in this technique, surgeons or oncologists? And is there a risk of relapse after treatment?

  3. Hope 02/20/2012 11:35 AM

    My friend had such a fatty, she was all worn out. since the first time he was removed surgically, and he again appeared there. True, the second time everything was successful. At any раскладке-diagnostics first of all, and only then treatment.

  4. Сергей 16.07.2012 07:58

    A few years ago I had a wen on my neck. Once I got cold, and he began to get very sick, red and swollen - I wanted to go to the doctor, but my wife tried to talk to him - she whispered a prayer and heavily baptized her neck. The next morning the fatty man completely disappeared from me, but it appeared in her place, in the same place as I had. But after a few days she disappeared from her.

    • Katerina 28.07.2012 11:18

      you could not find out from your wife what she was reading? very necessary..

      • катенька 07/04/2013 23:18

        Katenka, what kind of prayer did you read to your husband in order to remove the wen on your neck?

        • Natalia 06/16/2016 11:07

          And what kind of prayer did you read?

  5. evgeniya 01/13/2014 5:47 PM

    Today was at the doctors, the surgeon said - delete, the oncologist advised to apply ointment - Vishnevsky, ichthyol, aloe. I do not know what to do, it grows fast and it hurts.

  6. Irina 02.05.2014 03:38

    The first operation was done to me in October 2013 (neck lipoma). The narcosis was local and the doctor said that he would make an incision, squeeze everything out, but after making an incision, "ordered" - we sew it up! I asked why we sew up? The answer was: "it was necessary to make ultrasound," cut off "the histology, we'll see the result. April 2014 - repeated operation under general anesthesia. (there was an ultrasound and an x-ray). We removed everything that is possible, but again not all. The third operation will be in the fall (if I agree!), They will clean what's left and my neck will be like "new one". And I can (I can already !!!) wear things with an open neck, and not hide it under a kerchief or collar. Believe your doctor and everything will be fine.

    • The anonymous author 10.07.2015 11:08

      Has anyone done laser surgery?

  7. feeder nicholas 08/22/2014 11:58

    I have about six years on the back of the zhirovik. During this time, he is a little grown up, now a little less than a pigeon's egg. Give advice - how to reduce the discomfort that occurs when turning the neck. The doctor was - they said nothing terrible.

  8. Light 03/13/155 13:14

    Katerina, What kind of prayer did you read to remove the grease on the neck of your husband ???

  9. marina 05/16/2015 18:52

    Lipoma of the neck on the right, leaving and coming

  10. Love 09/13/2016 09:46

    Hello! At my husband zhirovik (the surgeon has told or said) on a neck behind (the big tumor), now arms or hand and muscles on arms or hand have hurt, treatment which has appointed or nominated the doctor does not help or assist. Please give advice, to which specialist to apply.

  11. Anonymous 11/01/2016 18:09

    I have a 15 cm dummy, what should I do?

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