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How to remove a lipoma on a century: to treat or to delete?

Eyelid Today, many attach great importance to their appearance. Spoil the first impression of a person can acne, comedones, traces of acne , birthmarks, or zhiroviki, called in medical circles a lipoma. As a result of studying the special literature we learn that this is a benign neoplasm, fortunately, not able to degenerate into a tumor. What is it, what are the symptoms and what can be done to successfully get rid of this problem?


The main reason for their occurrence, according to the results of medical research, is the uncontrolled proliferation of adipose tissue. Despite all the efforts of experts to clarify any additional factors that contribute to the formation of lipomas or are provoking the accelerated growth of an already formed wen, there is no confirmed data yet. Presumably identified are some of the factors that contribute to their formation:

  • Disturbed metabolism;
  • Constant overeating, which has become a habit;
  • The patient has diabetes;
  • Diagnosed hormonal disorders;
  • The presence of diseases of the genitourinary and renal area;
  • Lifestyle is inactive with partial or complete lack of exercise.


Most often, adipose tissue is located in places where there is fat tissue. On the face of the favorite place of localization are the lobes of the ears, forehead and eyelids. The newly formed lipoma has the appearance of a small tubercle, initially not delivering any unpleasant sensations. Subsequently, a wenroot on the eyelid can take quite large dimensions, completely ruining the appearance of its owner.

Essential size education, located on the upper or lower eyelid, not only introduces a change in the aesthetic nature, but also over time begins to interfere with the normal functioning of the eye.


It can be confidently asserted that the adipose initially does not interfere with the normal vital activity of the body.

  • Soft and mobile swelling does not cause almost no inconvenience.
  • With pressure, there is no clearly expressed pain.
  • Rapid growth or vice versa, a slowdown and a lack of development of the neoplasm.

Despite the pronounced mobility of the tumor, specialists categorically do not recommend constantly checking how easy it moves or presses on it. This can disrupt the capsule, which contains the contents and cause negative consequences. Also constant pressing can provoke tumor growth, as touching, as a result, can create a massage effect and increase blood circulation.

In some cases, it may be observed not a single adolescent, but a cluster of two - three or more pieces, located very close to each other. This phenomenon is called lipomatosis. And with soreness during palpation, it is diagnosed as painful lipomatosis.

What is the danger of zhirovikov?

The statement of specialists that the lipoma can not be regenerated into a true tumor is only partly true. In most cases, this neoplasm, indeed, remains benign. But it is extremely rare to turn a normal lipoma on the eyelids or other places into a malignant lymphosarcoma. As a rule, this occurs as a result of the complete formation of an impermeable capsule. As a consequence, vital antibodies are no longer able to penetrate through the connective tissue surrounding the adipose and inside it begins the process of active multiplication of microorganisms, as well as other processes that can lead to the appearance of cancer cells.

It should also be noted that the methods of home self-treatment that are actively used by people are no less dangerous. Removing or puncturing lipoma at home can significantly complicate the process of recovery. The likelihood of infection in the wound is increased several times with insufficient sterilization of the instrument and disinfection of the hands. The consequences of an independent puncture of the adipose can also be manifested in the uncontrolled proliferation of surrounding tissues, as a result of which not only the aesthetic appearance of the patient is disturbed, but also purely mechanical disturbances are observed (difficulty opening the eye).


There are several ways to get rid of a wen. The success of treatment is assessed by everyone, but it is also difficult not to recognize medical statistics, which is the most objective way to assess the effectiveness of manipulation.

  • Herbal medicine. In this way, people who do not have a special education tend to be cured. It is worth noting that in only a few cases it really helps. However, taking into account the state of the patient or the degree of growth, individual intolerance of the medicinal plant, the effect can be diametrically opposite. Incorrect use of herbs can lead to a rapid proliferation of adipose tissue.
  • Puncture or removal at home is also capable of causing quite the wrong effect that the patient expects, and failure to comply with aseptic and antiseptic rules will cause infection of the wound.
  • Folk methods in the form of masks, lotions and compresses. They are particularly attractive because there are no scars from surgical intervention, the methods are painless and they can be produced at home. Sometimes they are effective, but the percentage of favorable outcomes is very small.
  • Experts recommend to quickly remove lipomas. You can also use the laser removal method.

Removal of neoplasm

How to remove the wiener on the eyelids surgically? For their prompt removal it is necessary that in the patient's history there are some of the following:

  • Rapid growth of neoplasm;
  • Inability to close the eye;
  • Painful sensations;
  • Presence of cosmetic defect;
  • Pressure on other organs.

If a patient has one or more symptoms, then this is a direct indication for removing the lipoma. Before removing it, the doctor conducts a patient examination, collection of tests. This may take a certain amount of time. Then, morally preparing a person for surgery, they take a puncture and in case of tumors of a sufficiently large size, an ultrasound examination is prescribed.

After all the necessary examinations and analyzes have been performed, using local or general anesthesia, depending on the size and amount of the lime, it is possible to remove both her and the capsules, the edges of which grow into the tissues of the body. If you do not perform this procedure, then the probability of re-formation of the tumor is high. The rehabilitation period is two to three weeks.

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