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Why do the greens on the face (lipoma) appear and how to get rid of them with folk remedies

жировики на лице Wen (or lipoma) is a flexible soft subcutaneous formation that does not cause pain and can grow to large sizes. Their growth is associated with an increase in the number of fat cells. The grease on the face usually has a diameter of about 1.5 cm , but large formations are often found. They can appear in any person, regardless of age, sex and place of residence.

The most frequent place of appearance of a lipoma on the face is the infraorbital region and eyelids. Together with this they are often formed around the neck . Usually such a tumor does not develop into a malignant tumor, and does not pose a threat to life. But this is finally confirmed only by histological analysis.

The main reasons for the appearance

  1. Disorders of metabolic processes - the result is a change in metabolism in adipose tissue;
  2. Genetic mutations, when the development of uncharacteristic fat cells is programmed in the DNA;
  3. Diabetes;
  4. Endocrine disorders, especially hyperthyroidism;
  5. Diseases of the liver, kidneys.

How to get rid

There are folk recipes for the treatment of adipose tissue on the face, but before using any of them it is necessary to consult a doctor. The purpose of the methods is to dissolve the capsule around the lipoma, but this process is labor intensive and requires special care, since it is possible to infect the infection.

Folk remedies from zhirovikov on the face

  1. Remove the top layer from the leaf of the Kalanchoe and attach its pulp to the wen. Fix the sheet with adhesive tape and keep it on your face all day. After 7 days, the lipoma begins to decrease.
  2. Take <several leaves of golden mustache and mash until the appearance of juice. Place the gruel on the grease and cover with a plastic wrap. It is desirable to insulate, for example, with a terry dressing. Fix the compress with a patch. After 12 hours, replace the leaf with fresh. Repeat 2 weeks.
  3. Melt a bit of lamb fat in a metal container, always on a water bath. Do not bring to a boil - you just need hot fat. Apply a lot on the wen and rub. This procedure should be repeated daily for 10 minutes. On the fourth day, he should start to decrease in size.
  4. Take the clove of garlic, crush it to the gruel. Mix it with any oil in equal proportions. Get an ointment, which you need to massage massage into a wen. Repeat daily until resorption of the neoplasm.
  5. Grind several grains of wheat and add pure water. This mass wrap in gauze and attach it to the wen. Top cover with polyethylene, do not remove 2 days. It will take 5-6 procedures to begin to disappear.

Attention! The self-removal of fatty acids does not exclude the possibility of the appearance of scars , as the integrity of the skin is disturbed.

If you decide to take this step, all the materials must be disinfected, and the hands are cleaned before each procedure and processed with alcohol.

You can not injure tissues in the area of ​​the lipoma, try to wear headgear without seams and rough folds, make sure that the hair does not fall on this site of the face - it is possible to become infected. Careful hygiene of the area where the tumor is located is necessary. For any accidental damage, medical care is required, since the formation is associated with subcutaneous fat, which is fraught with the emergence of extensive inflammation when entering pathogenic microorganisms.

In case of large formations, it is better to consult a doctor - otherwise it will grow and interfere with the work of other organs, not to mention cosmetic defects. Surgical removal of the wen is carried out under anesthesia. Before that, you will be assigned laboratory tests to determine the nature of the formation and clarify the diagnosis.

  1. Nady Wednesday, 24 February 2012 17:39

    I always pierce small adolescents with a disinfected needle - for now, without complications. But here is a minus - there are small scars. Hence the conclusion: it is best to turn to a specialist and not engage in self-medication.

  2. Love 02/25/2012 4:37 AM

    I always thought that such adipose can only be removed surgically.
    An unpleasant sore. About the golden mustache heard many good reviews.

  3. Elena 25.02.2012 18:50

    As far as I know, the most usual green tea revitalizes the skin of the face very well. It is enough to drink it up to 6 cups a day and apply a brewed tea bag to the pimples. They say it works well :) Of course, if the problem does not have a protracted or complicated chronic character ...

  4. Phobos92 26.02.2012 16:35

    At my friend too zHirovik was on a stomach or belly. After removing these reptiles climbed all over the body! They say that the removal of the first - entails the development of subsidiaries ...
    In general, all this is unpleasant ...

  5. Tomochka 01.03.2012 20:43

    My husband has a grease on his head and he frankly worries me. He inherited this from his mother, she also has such a problem. I do not know what to do and how to cut it is scary, it's better not to get to doctors nowadays.

  6. Diana 25.08.2012 06:55

    Imagine how many different parasites in us, and pimples jump up because the subcutaneous mites demodeks should be the orderlies, and when you do not eat properly, the LIVER responds (in this case it is called the SERIAL CARDINAL), then the liver begins to "swear" And demodexes, how to say shorter, they are riding a roof, and they start to drill down under our skin, and so we have all kinds of pimples. There is a good ointment, but it is necessary to consult a doctor. Ointments from the disposal of demodex and subcutaneous mites: Vidal's Milk, Sulfur Ointment, Benzene-Benzonate, Wilkinson Ointment)))) ALL CLEAN SKIN)))

  7. Elena 01/05/2013 17:26

    Yes.pochitala comments, which is only there net.Malenkie zhiroviki on the face can be removed most. Only so that everything was sterile. Poke a thin needle and gently squeeze out. There will be blood. There are no scars. I have already done so many times. As for large formations, it's better to turn to a specialist. By the way, about the appearance of zhirovikov, there are unambiguous reasons for not. Here, for example, the little ones pop up sometimes on the face. Although I eat right, I have clean skin.

  8. Ainur 05/04/2013 17:01

    After giving birth, there was an abnormal metabolism, all the skin on the face was covered with small wen, passed the tests, the doctors said that it was also a subcutaneous tick. Damn, Th for bullshit? Who knows how to get rid of it? I would be grateful for the advice.

  9. Julia 11/16/2014 20:14

    I have had little adolescents on my eyelids, I stopped eating sweets and everything went away, although they sometimes appear when I forget and strongly press on the yummies)

  10. The Anonymous user 07/07/2016 17:59

    Needless to say, this is not a pleasant thing, zhiroviki.

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