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Why do fatty glands (lipomas) appear on the body and how can they be treated?

Жировики на теле This type of neoplasm under the skin of a person in the people is usually called a wen.

In medical terminology, it is a lipoma . The wordform is formed from the combination of the Greek roots "lipos" and "om", which can literally be translated as a fatty tumor. If more precisely, then a tumor of adipose tissue.

To be frightened it is not necessary - to cancer tumors zhirovik has no relation and is a benign neoplasm .

What is Wen?

Sometimes, and in recent years is not so rare, a person suddenly discovers a small seal under his skin. Soft to the touch, it has certain boundaries and can slightly shift, if you press it with your finger. According to tactile sensations, this anomaly is a small pea, the size of which increases with time.

Part of the gyro is like an inflamed lymph node, but only externally. : The remaining symptoms indicate an absolute difference between these two concepts :

  • The appearance of a fatty gland for a long time may go unnoticed, since its existence is not associated with fever or pain.
  • Lipoma, even with pressure, does not cause painful sensations.
  • It can be located in any part of the body - from the head to the limbs, and only where there is fat tissue. There are often cases of their appearance even in the abdominal cavity.

The only trouble that the lipoma delivers is its appearance. Or rather, swelling on the surface of the body, which looks unattractive. Especially if it is not possible to hide under the clothes a constantly increasing seal in the dimensions.

What is the reason for the formation of Wen

The food of the XXI century leaves much to be desired. It contains many ingredients not of biological origin, the presence of which disrupts the normal cleansing of the organism in the process of its vital activity.

In addition, a sedentary lifestyle, not observing the regime of the day and the diet, leads to a decrease in the motility of the gastrointestinal tract, which chronically does not have time to remove the decay products and they are shoved by the body along the corners of the body, including its peripheral zone, which is the subcutaneous adipose tissue. It is here that the so-called "slags" are stored, an overabundance of which, in the final analysis, can block the sebaceous gland ducts.

What are the dangers of adolescents

Zhirovik, as already noted, is a benign neoplasm. However, there is (albeit a small) probability of its mutation. This occurs in the case when the old internal wen-gum is encapsulated and, inaccessible to protective antibodies, becomes a nutrient medium for the development of pathogenic microflora.

It is also dangerous in the case of radical self-medication: it is impossible to squeeze out or puncture the lipoma at home under any circumstances, as this can lead to infection . In addition, gross interference in the structure of adipose tissue can cause its abnormal growth.

How do you get rid of the new fat on your body?

A small fat seal can be tried to remove with the help of long-known and absolutely safe folk remedies, whose action is aimed at enhancing blood circulation in the zone of lipoma localization.

  • Often apply a compress of freshly cut Kallisia leaf fragrant. It is applied to the tumor and tightly bandaged for 10-12 hours (for a greater effect, the sheet is covered with a polyethylene film). What is this plant? It is known to everyone as the Golden Us.
  • Strengthen the blood circulation and gruel from garlic, carefully rubbed with a few drops of vegetable oil. This compound should be rubbed daily into the affected area of ​​the body.
  • If a dense compress of films of raw chicken eggs is applied to a fat pad, after some time the skin under it will turn red and become swollen. This indicates the inflow of blood to the affected area. Then the compress is removed and the tissues are given time to recover. Continue treatment only after removing the puffiness and restore the natural color of the skin.
  • In an open area of ​​the skin, devoid of intense hair, a more radical method can be used: to drop a drop of fresh juice of a plant called celandine on the lipoma. It is poisonous and its effect on the skin will cause its ulceration, that is, the appearance of a hole in the wen. After that, you can use any available means to remove the contents of the seal. It can be a compress from the well-known Vishnevsky ointment , from baked onions, from freshly cut aloe leaf or from plantain leaves, ground to a gruel-like condition.
  • To increase the body's resistance during treatment, it is necessary to eat 0.5 to 1.5 large spoons of cinnamon powder. This is a well-known spice, which can be taken with food: hot milk with cinnamon, coffee with cinnamon, cinnamon can be added to cereals and soups.

If the taste of food in the presence of cinnamon does not cause pleasant sensations, then you can simply take it before eating and drink plenty of water.

Surgical methods for removing adipocytes

Large enough adipose cells no longer respond to treatment with folk remedies, and to get rid of them, one has to resort to surgical removal.

  1. Removal by injection into the interior of a special solution, resulting in resorption of accumulated contents. This method is good because it does not leave scars on the skin , but it is only suitable if the compaction dimensions do not exceed a couple of centimeters.
  2. For zhirovikov, whose dimensions exceed 3 cm, surgical removal is used. This type of treatment is performed under anesthesia and leaves behind unattractive scars on the skin surface.
  3. The most progressive method for treating lime in a clinical setting is laser surgery. Carried out with local anesthesia, it does not take much time to heal and does not leave noticeable skin defects.

Как Вы избавились от жировика? Participate in the survey: How did you get rid of the zhirovik?

  1. vell 05.02.2012 20:54

    Thanks for the useful information. Especially if you take into account the prevalence of the problem. And as a solution for resorption of lipoma called? My husband got such a wig on his face, the scar remained. About the solution did not even stutter.

  2. l_n 02/27/2012 15:03

    I think it's better to see a doctor, now it's easy to cope with it. Scars after surgery, if not run, can be smoothed. Good help essential oil of cedar, only it should be planted in fatty oil and lubricated daily. But with a celandine, it's dangerous to experiment.

    • Julia Sokhnova 04/09/1955 21:30

      but what if I have it near my eye?

      • lorry 07/27/2015 05:34

        I removed the laser

        • petr 07.11.2015 12:31

          How much does a laser remove a lipoma?

    • Olesya 05/10/2015 14:08

      aged scars well resorb contractubex

  3. natalishoklova 01.03.2012 10:39

    I agree today on the topic of adolescent men and women and a sick topic, how many people turn to the surgeon. The theme is straight universal. Basically, doctors do not treat, only cut, but some recommendations give: not to re-freeze, do not eat a lot of fat-containing food, one Once a year, women will be checked by a gynecologist, fruits can be consumed in the diet, and vitamins can also be taken.

  4. Andrey 01.03.2012 11:22

    Undoubtedly, you need to see a doctor! There were, of course, cases of resorption of zhirokov after the use of folk remedies, but in my opinion, it is better not to drag out experiments and consult a specialist.

    • The Anonymous author 09.11.2016 03:31

      And what kind of doctor is needed?

  5. Larisa Martynyuk 04.09.2012 16:47

    I applied for numerous lipomas to the doctor. She directed me to an oncologist. Confirmed that surgical removal of lipomas can lead to their spread throughout the body. I took cinnamon and enjoyed films of chicken eggs. It helped me, the problem was removed. All of health! Thank you for the current topic.

    • Света Wednesday, 14 October 2012 04:28

      Larisa Martynyuk, but could you tell me more about your treatment? Thank you in advance)

    • lyudmila 03/31/2013 13:51

      I also have a lot of limes, is it possible to recover in this way? At me from a film egg the skin at all did not redden !! I hope for an answer. Thank you!

    • The Anonymous user 12.06.2015 15:36

      hello, and about the film from the eggs can be in more detail, please.

      • Elena 15.06.2015 09:23

        How many eggs does it help?

    • Bahá 24.06.2016 08:45

      Yes, tell me more about how you treated with egg and cinnamon films

  6. Michael 06/01/2013 15:51

    Larisa Martynyuk, you could write to me how you did the procedure correctly?

  7. dmitry. 01/06/2013 20:23

    tell me please, you can take alcohol after you cut out on his head zhirovik?

  8. Michael 08/01/2013 16:47

    I've cut one of my wives on my hands. Years through 12 on the same hand on his finger began to grow again. Treatment with celandine did not help. Then I began to massage him, or maybe better to say, roughly rub it. Gradually noticed that the skin over the wen began to thin out, and after about a month of such procedures the integrity of the capsule was broken. Through the formed tear squeezed out the liquid and covered with iodine. The wound has healed. It's been half a year already, the deformed form of the nail has begun to recover. Such a method in my opinion can not always be applied, only in certain parts of the body and when the skin over the capsule is not very thick. All successful treatment.

  9. Andrey 21.04.2013 14:38

    Prompt method more effective in house conditions of treatment zhirovikov.

  10. evgeniya 06/02/2013 17:42

    Hoz.mylo and onions rub on the grater, and attach.

    • The Anonymous user 22.04.2015 07:15

      Yes!!! And do not forget to salt abundantly, sea salt.

  11. vladimir 05/06/2013 18:08

    I do not know, maybe it's a coincidence. On his arm was a small wen, into which, of course, a mosquito bit by accident. After a while the adipes disappeared. So far, has not appeared. That's interesting and a bee sting can help? It's easier to make it sting.

    • Vladimir 08/08/2013 5:28 PM

      Hello, I had two large and old zhirovik, but I did not want to cut it out, as my father read that you can cure a bee sting, decided to try it and voila! After a while the zhirovik became inflamed and left himself.

  12. The cat 11/06/2013 18:42

    There was a surgeon about the linden on his head, his verdict: do not interfere, do not touch, any surgical intervention is a stress for the body. If it is inflamed and it hurts, then surgery, but relapse is always possible. Did not begin to delete.

  13. Natalia 07/07/2013 7:14 PM

    I had a solid tumor on one lyashka, and another one had a tumor and a hole in the other. Has addressed to the surgeon he has told or said, that without concept that it and that did not meet that ... Has asked is there are painful sensations, and at me they are not present. In general, I sent him home without a diagnosis ... What to do now, and where to go I do not know. Advise.

    • The Anonymous 08/07/2013 09:10

      Go to another doctor. Do not know, go to the next, do not delay the time.

  14. Antonina 08.28.2013 07:42

    I had a small wen on my head for a very long time, then began to increase. Surgically, I was removed, he does not bother me anymore.

  15. Sashko 09/24/2013 14:39

    Somehow the wen became on his shoulder. A friend squeezed out - now a small hole in that place remained.

  16. Tatiana 11.10.2013 17:56

    At me zhiroviki since the childhood. With an increase of 164 cm, I weighed 53 kg and did not eat much fat, and flour at all did not eat. There are a lot of Zhirovikovs, it's impossible to cut everything and all sorts of lotions can not be done, too much surface.

    • Xenia 10/17/2013 18:49

      Fat is not to blame.

      • Xenia 10/17/2013 18:52

        I also have this zhirovik, and they told me not to touch it until I was 40, and I was 25.

  17. Svetlana 11/29/2013 17:07

    And I have lipomas all over my body, they grow with me, they multiply all the time and already it seems the whole body is covered with them, they hurt when I go to bed in those places where they touch the bed, they can not all be removed. But how can you at least stop their growth? How many doctors have passed - no one knows the answer, can someone tell me?

    • The Anonymous author 03/15/2015 00:35

      Hi Svetlana, I also have the whole body. I went to doctors in general, nothing terrible, but how about you?

  18. Maria 06/12/2013 14:10

    I had some kind of neoplasm in my armpits and it hurt, I turned to the surgeon I was told, Lipoma was advised to do a compress with Betadine (povidone iodine)! It helped.

  19. The Anonymous user 12/19/2013 16:46

    And at me zhirovik jumped up yesterday (to me of 12 years), he does not hurt does not blush, simply usual shishka. I touch it and can move it! (

    • The Anonymous user 14.04.2015 17:27


  20. Andrew 08/01/2014 06:15

    It is necessary to eat the right food.

  21. Julia 31.01.2014 14:58

    There was a big wen on the back. She made salt bandages. I took a 10% solution of a large salt. 10 grams of salt per 100 grams of hot water, moistened gauze in 4 layers folded, applied to a fatty gland, on top of the sponge and stuck with adhesive tape. Did or made for the night of 2 weeks. Everything came down absolutely, there was not a trace left.

  22. Olga Stupnikova 13.02.2014 06:19

    At the husband zhiroviki "melted" on the hands and feet are quite significant, we glued plasters Chinese Tianhe, heating. They did not notice how they disappeared.

  23. The Anonymous user 14.02.2014 16:48

    At me it is very close to an eye lipoma .. To delete very much I am afraid, It is sick ??

  24. Elzara 17.02.2014 04:55

    People help get rid of zhirovik on hand !!! At home

  25. Ruslan 02/17/2014 09:40

    The same trouble, zhiroviki all over the body, but small. Kolyat constantly.

  26. Daria 09/03/1945 17:40

    I was recently removed adipose, it was an armpit, it was opened and sewn up, it hurts not much .. At first it was thought that it was a bitch udder, but then it turned out that the fat was ... The autopsy was not very painful, but it grew very quickly for a week of 10 mm in 5 centimeters .. it is better to immediately contact the surgeons and do uzi)

  27. nadir 04/04/2014 06:52

    I also have a lot of zhirovikov on my chest, the biggest one is 2 cm. Tell me how to treat, please!

  28. Oksana 04/05/2014 08:03

    I deleted a small grain in the upper eyelid ... the horror was painful, but I held the needle over the fire, then rubbed it with alcohol and let it gently ... twice I performed the procedure at intervals of a month ... well, everything went well but do not repeat yourself!

  29. cel 07.05.2014 07:14

    At me all over again on a hand there were two zhiroviki, in due course they began to increase in sizes then it was removed surgically. Now I have about a hundred adolescents on my body ...

  30. Alla 06/26/2014 08:56

    Hello everybody! Wen should be surgically removed.

  31. abbos 08/14/2014 07:06

    I am 21 years old and 25 lipomas of different sizes, what should I do to remove them?

  32. Alex 24.08.2014 06:26

    Many people write: rubbing, warming, etc. The surgeon told me not to warm up, neither baths nor saunas should not be taken categorically! I also noticed people write about different weners, they are not like acne, there is no pus, just a hard piece of fat, how can you squeeze it out I have no idea?

    • natasha 05.27.2016 11:28

      I also do not understand how you can squeeze them! the doctor told me that it's better not to touch them and not operate them, and even more of them will appear. Only if they interfere.

  33. Sasha 11/16/2014 11:44

    I would like to ask if the adolescents increase, there were 5 on the body, 7 became, and so on, what would you advise? why there are many of them? Thank you.

  34. Galina 11/24/2014 10:54

    When I was about 50 years old, I had four zhirovik: on the shoulder, on the back, on the spine and on the head in the form of a round pea, which was removed when the finger was not pressed hard. The remaining adipose was removed surgically under anesthesia. Unfortunately these 3 wenewomen are growing again. What now? I do not know, Surgical way was very painful, especially on the spine.

  35. natalia sverchkova 03.12.2014 04:39

    lipomas throughout the body ... at the age of 20 removed 2 lipomas on the hand and after that they went to grow. to get rid of surgery - it's unrealistic, there are too many of them.

  36. Alexander 17.12.2014 19:39

    Hello Everyone !, I'm already cutting out lipomas for the third time, and for 5-7 pieces for each time, already as a terminator all on scars, tell me please what should I do that would not appear new?

  37. The Anonymous 03/3/2015 14:45

    Hello! There was a lipoma on the right hand, did not bother at all, everyone was interested in how to get rid of, not beautiful. Some advised not to touch, others go to the surgeon for removal, decided to adhere to proper nutrition. In one day it just did not become and for a year there is not even a hint. But the friend removed surgically, the procedure was biting, but after a couple of months, another one appeared in centimeters 2-3 from the previous lipoma.

  38. Aigerim Atalikova 03/06/2015 23:39

    Hello! On February 28 I removed my wen with surgical help, everything is fine!

    • Igor 07/01/2016 08:20

      Surgically, the problem is solved temporarily. then you need to repeat the procedure. The surgeon said so, will grow up again, come.

  39. Ivan Rogovsky 12.03.2015 23:23

    Large zhirovik around his neck did not interfere with life for 10 years, but to others he was nasty. The surgeon dispatched me from him out-patient for 15 minutes. Now I like it myself. Thanks to the surgeons!

    • The Anonymous 03/14/2015 00:41

      The wart should be surgically removed with a capsule, because if even the smallest part remains, it will appear after a while again at the same place.

    • The anonymous author 04.28.2015 09:49

      IVAN, where you removed the zhirovik please tell me

    • valentine 05/29/2015 19:17

      the oncologist has suggested me to remove or take out zhirovik, in June I am afraid, under a local noce

  40. The Anonymous 03/14/2015 20:46

    I do not know how to get rid of my cheek at the bottom.

  41. Elvira 03/25/2015 07:04

    I had a wen eyebrow. For a long time I thought that the pimple tried to squeeze out. Then she switched to iodine. Zero result. Angry, she burned the celandine. On the trail. night I applied a compress from Vishnevsky, then I tore off the crust, and ripped it, and all the cases. Only the hair on the eyebrows burned, too, but I hope will grow back).

    • The Anonymous user 03/25/2015 10:28 AM

      At me small zhiroviki on an intimate place on labiums, very much koljat, I tried to pierce, they broke and passed or took place, but it is most inconvenient there to do or make. I still have a few left, can anyone suggest how to remove them. Went to the gynecologist, she says do not need to touch, so they bother me.

  42. Anonymous on 03/28/2015 3:38 PM

    And I have a lot of them all over the body, 50 pieces. I do not know how to get rid of it. I removed once Surgical way and after there were even more 10 zhivrovikov near this place where they removed. I tried everything already. and went to the doctor tablets prescribed ska. I eat only useful food, vegetables, fruits, etc. What to do, please tell!

    • kristina 31.05.2015 14:45

      Proven way !! Once a day, 1 teaspoon propolis, a half teaspoon of calendula, 1 tablet of vitamin AEvit, half a glass of water (but pleasant to drink with milk) 15 minutes before eating. Vitamin C for 10 peas during meals or after. Drink two months, break 10 days and repeat again. But we had 1 course.

  43. Nadia 10.04.2015 14:42

    At me about 2 months ago has jumped up on a thorax - it is direct under a clavicle zhirovik. today cleaned up in surgery. until I see that with seams or scars, because the dressing is superimposed. I was told on the contrary that the laser would leave a large stain burned (three cosmetologists said), although the article contains other information.
    and just the shovchik from the surgical incision can then be ground with a laser or used contractubecks. By the way, there were also zhiroviki on the arm and leg-pricked el-carnitine and caffeine. on the leg passed, on the hand there (barely grows).

  44. Alexander 05/06/2012 19:22

    6 years ago, after surgical removal of 75 pieces out of 150 ... Vobschem now there are about 700 of them, even hard to count, I'm desperate.

    • love 11/06/2015 22:59

      All is already passed, not in any case it is impossible to be operated, there will be them ten times more to appear !!! It is necessary to go to the grandmother who speaks and they will all disappear forever

  45. love 11/06/2015 23:04

    Go talk to your grandmother and you can not operate them, there will be even more

    • Alain 26.06.2015 22:14

      Love, what city are you from? Do you happen to know such a grandmother?
      At me zhirovichki have appeared about 7 years ago, three pieces nearby, three years ago have dripped celandine (in a drugstore bought), now them nemerenno in district of a humeral belt ...

    • Akkaky Akkakievich 01/19/2016 12:11 PM

      Lyuba, you from what Middle Ages came from here? Give your stupid advice to people not to turn to specialists, and go "talk" ailment to illiterate grandmothers ?! Truly all the women are fools, not because they are fools, but because women!

      • Olga 03/18/2016 18:57

        Akaky, do you have problems with women? I agree that the advice is stupid, but not all women are fools! Men give no less stupid advice! Evaluation should be out of sex!))

  46. Vlad 06/26/2015 11:21

    For several years in a row little little fatty dots popped up on the eyelids - they opened them with a needle dipped in alcohol and pulled out white little balls. Then they ceased to appear there, but jumped a few on the abdomen, the left forearm and one - on the right arm, in the triceps region, from below, the largest. I tried to treat him with celandine, aloe, onions (I applied compresses a whole month for the night), but nothing helped - he turned blue, increased, but did not break.
    As a result, I came to a familiar surgeon and he, in 15 minutes, under local anesthesia, removed this muck along with the bulb. 2 years have passed, there are no relapses, but the scar, or rather, the stain from the scar, remained.
    Other wen surgeon said not to touch, showed that his very full, and - nothing.
    I will try to remove the remaining either celandine or warming plasters, as advised here. I lead a correct way of life, I do not eat greasy, I run, I go in for sports, but business, probably, not in it ...

  47. marina 10/13/2015 23:09

    I have them multiply, what to do !!! Help !!! I wanted to delete, now I read the reviews, I'm afraid

  48. Irina 04.11.2015 19:00

    I had an eye, I removed it for 3 months, the surgeon did not hurt by way of pain, I went to the sea and thought that the scar would dissolve from the salt water, but I still do not see it, but I just jumped up over the eyebrow, I applied the frame at night, , when she took off the adhesive plaster, pressed, and from there pus mum does not grieve. Well, I do not know when he heals, but I'm glad at least strangled, and it was no longer comfortable

  49. Sergey 13.11.2015 17:01

    About 7 years ago there was a wenewrist on the wrist height of 8 mm circle in 1.5 cm bluntly massaged in his spare time during the month, he passed, there is still no, I eat everything and then and now, do not start zhiroviki just guys.

  50. Race 01/21/2016 16:06

    Zhirovik large, passed the tests, go to the removal. unsubscribe ...

  51. Oksana 01/24/2016 20:05

    I read all the comments and want to tell you about my experience with the fight against lipomas: I cut lipomas 2 times in 1996 and 2004. Both times the lipomas completely formed symmetrically on those parts of the body where they cut out (the other hand, the other leg). When I came to the surgeon for the third time, the doctor advised me to find a grandmother who would help me, since there is no reason to cut them any more. We found my grandmother, but, to my great regret, I received the answer that after the surgical intervention, no conspiracies will not befall. I have a whole body in lipomas and last year I also got a tremendous lipoma on my shoulder. For a whole year, I think, to go to cut, or did some kind of remedy appear? For 20 years I have tried all-and surgeons, and cinnamon, and egg film-all in vain. And I am afraid to cut it, because I do not want to get a few dozen more limes ((((Is there really nothing invented ???

    • Vladimir March 15, 2016 16:27

      I also deleted myself, but I did not help myself as much as I wanted. Of all the readings, it's more suitable, for my purely discretion-I want to try tampons with salt (solution), bees also have to help. More should be done (sport is desirable), saunas are not bad . Each person for different reasons appear: hormonal failures, poor nutrition (fatty, fried and all that), low mobility. All good luck in treatment)

  52. Tatiana 03/03/2016 12:40

    Now I put the beets. Wen on the back

    • s 03/07/2016 11:06

      they did not try the bee, like they say, no one complained.

  53. Valentine 03/25/2016 22:04

    The lipoma was removed under the knee, after 1 year, 200 grams were grown. It was deleted almost 3 months. The wound does not heal, lymph flows. on the other leg has already grown lipoma. What should I do?

  54. Masia 04/16/2016 11:34 PM

    Already twice I'm doing an operation, I have a zhirovik in my hand, after the removal of the wen in 3 or 4 months again, both scars are left and the wen also, what should I do?

  55. How can I remove the adipose 17.04.2016 16:19

    all I advise hot baths 30 minutes 2 times a week and 2 times a week of clean good vodka + oil is not refined 1 table spoon to have a snack of vodka 50 grams can and 100 only 2 times no more than the bath will not go again hot baths for 20-30 min 2 times a week and everything will be ok.

  56. Pep 04/30/2016 23:03

    Somewhere in 25 years I caught the first zhirovik (under my arm). Malnutrition, stress. He did something stupid-he went to the local polyclinic to see a doctor. He cut it. After 3 months in the same place, again cut. In half a year he jumped up under his arm and on the cheekbone. Cut did not, sat on a diet, put a baked onion (I do not think that helped) passed himself somewhere in 2 weeks. The most important thing was to endure the first few days of inflammation (painful) with time under the arm dissolved, on the cheek bow did not apply, also passed.

    Now jumped up at once 3, and two it's there under the mouse and there on the cheekbone and in a new place. What to do. Again wait a month, I will not go to uvt.

    People who have dms or money, do not delete surgically, this treats the consequence and not the cause. Better wave therapy or body cleansing.
    One more thing, I immediately feel that a wen or wart will soon spring up.
    For example, he alone crushed a packet of 200 grams of chips with soda and ice cream and after a couple of days you feel that something's wrong and a week later jumps up.

  57. The anonym 02.05.2016 14:44


  58. Vadimovna 05/28/2016 08:45

    yes, I read, now I will not sleep, but there is only one plus, the problems are worse. but I have it near the eye. I liked only about the bee, (it's hard to imagine what the eye will look like after such a method) is jokingly said. :)))) decided that I will not touch, it only hinders: (((

  59. Sergey 05/30/2016 16:02

    They sat me like a bee on a wen, the result is zero

  60. Alexander 21.06.2016 20:38

    Hello ! I read you here and in shock. Today he removed the wen below the cheek. I hope everything will be well the experienced doctor, said everything was cleaned ...

  61. Eugene 06/24/2016 06:15

    Council with celandine is poor. After him, traces remain on the skin, and the result is zero. I tried this stupid 4 years ago. Purity corrodes the skin.
    Surgery and normal nutrition are the best options.

  62. BHA 03.10.2016 21:19

    I have a fat on both hands and feet, which I do not know what to do.

  63. The Anonymous user 01.11.2016 19:58

    I would like to know the answer of a specialist.

  64. The Anonymous 08.11.2016 13:25

    I'm also with this topic I'm worried! In the summer, I can not undress, although I regularly exercise and have a good figure, but these fucking lipomas deliver such complexes that it makes them sick to live. Removed in 2009, 4 pieces on the arm now have 30 of them all over the body. Went to the doctor said that if I delete 30 then there will be 100. I sent an oncologist! In short, what a curse! Any kind of lotions and bees I think only aggravates their situation will become even greater. In short, we need to live with this, we do not live forever. Maybe in the next Life they will not be!

  65. Irina Ivanovna 10.11.2016 13:39

    There was a zhirovik on his shoulder, very large, the size of a hand. Did not cause any inconvenience, but decided to remove it because it is ugly visually. Ten years later, there was no repeated zhirovik in that area. But there was a little-little on the top of the buttocks. Then suddenly he became inflamed and became painful. The surgeon opened and cleaned, everything was fine. But he warned me that a small pea of ​​a zhirovik is present on the area of ​​the spine. It is necessary to be careful: do not freeze and do not injure. Otherwise it will become inflamed and need to be opened and cleaned. Seven years passed ... Inflamed, increased in size to quail eggs and broke as chiri ... A girl squeezed out pus (I do not know if all ... but tried). I applied aloe ... I'll wait a couple of days, if I do not, I'll go to the surgeon.

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